November 27, 2022
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UN Must Take Swift Action for Peace in Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir are a flashpoint in the fast-changing global scenario.

(LONDON) - Jammu and Kashmir When someone mentions Kashmir, your first thought is likely a region with bloodshed, torture, mass graves, women rape, human rights violations, children losing their eyesight as young as 5-years old due to pellet guns, and the biggest prison on this planet.

But that’s not how Kashmir used to be known.

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The Conspiracy to Push India and China into War Must Be Thwarted

India's embrace of the Dalai Lama in 1959, coupled with an unresolved border dispute, created renewed conflict between India and China.

(DIASPORA /Tamil Nadu) - India India shares its 15,100 km long border with seven countries: Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Of these, India has a long history of border ties with China (3488 km) and Pakistan (3323 km). This is because after India gained independence from Britain, the borders between the two countries have not yet been properly determined. This has led to frequent clashes between India and China.

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India: Citizenship Bill Discriminates Against Muslims

CAA disregards victims of persecution based on religion and ethnicity.

(YORK, UK) - Dombivli, India I am William Nicholas Gomes, a British Human Rights Activist and Freelance Journalist. I write to express serious concern about the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA), passed by the Indian Parliament on December 11, 2019, and received President’s assent on December 12, 2019.

I believe that CAA not only violates Article 14 of the Indian Constitution and the draft law favors Hindus, Other Non-Muslim Immigrants. 

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India: Stop Harassment Against Human Rights Lawyers Ms Shalini Gera and Ms Isha Khandelwal

Is this an attempt to intimidate human rights lawyers and prevent them from exposing human rights abuses?

(LONDON) - I am William Nicholas Gomes, Human rights defender and Freelance journalist. I would like to draw your attention to the following case.

On 6 October 2015, human rights lawyers Ms Shalini Gera and Ms Isha Khandelwal learned about the resolution of the Bastar Bar Association, prohibiting any lawyer, who is not registered with the local Bar Council to practice in the Jagdalpur courts.

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Gas Pipeline Blast in India Kills 14

Friday's incident was the most deadly in the Indian energy sector since August 2013.

(NEW DELHI ) - India Gas Explosion Fourteen people were killed and 20 injured on Friday in a blast and fire at a gas pipeline in Andhra Pradesh, again raising safety concerns over the country's energy projects.

The fire broke out on a stretch of pipeline running through the village of Nagaram, engulfing buildings and burning victims to death, according to TV news footage and eyewitness accounts.

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20 Indian Students, 1 Professor Feared Dead After Dam Release

Whether warning signals were sounded before the dam released water is a matter of dispute.

(NEW DELHI) - Indian rescuers were searching on Monday for 20 students and a professor swept away by waters released from a dam while the group was bathing in a river in the mountainous northern state of Himachal Pradesh.

Rescuers found four bodies and officials say prospects of finding the rest alive are bleak after the students, who were on a college trip from southern India, were swept away when the waters of the river Beas spiked dangerously high on Sunday.

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Militant Training Camps on Sri Lankan Soil - L. Ganesan

On 5 May Central security agencies claimed that Pakistan’s ISI had plans to carry out terror attacks on two foreign consulates.

(CHENNAI ) - L. Ganesan, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member L. Ganesan, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member warned his party on 5 May 2014 in Tiruchi that Pakistan had chosen Sri Lanka as a base for organising arms training camps for terror outfits and was trying to send militants into India through coastal routes.

He said that Sri Lanka was aware of these illegal activities taking place on its soil, but had not acted upon them.

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Sri Lanka Had an ISI Hand in Chennai Bomb Blast?

Tamil Nadu has been targeted by ISI backed by Sri Lanka since Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is against the present regime of the island nation.

(CHENNAI TruthDive) - Chennai Central station Sri Lanka-based links to two suspects with ISI background nabbed by Tamil Nadu police in connection with bomb blasts in Chennai railway station has opened a new revelation to intelligence agencies.

Sources said that a person who was found hiding in the train even two hours after the bomb blast was of Sri Lankan origin. Further interrogation showed that he had links with ISI agent Jafar caught on April 29 by the police. The ISI agent had entered Tamil Nadu through Sri Lankan route.

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Netas Natter, Tamil Nadu Fishermen Suffer

Sri Lanka is an overwhelming presence here, as in every fishing village in the southern TN coast.

(DHANUSHKODI Times of India) - Dhanushkodi The sea at Dhanushkodi is a sheet of grey. With hardly any waves, it's quiet, merging with the bleak landscape that nurses the wounds of a cyclone that devastated Dhanushkodi town in 1964.

All that remains are the ruins of buildings that survived the storm and sea — an old church, railway terminus, port and jetty, a post office. Nearly 250 fishermen families live a bare existence, fishing near the shores or selling shell handicrafts to tourists...

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Statement from GTAJ (Global Tamil Association of Journalists)

"Currently there are very few credible journalistic associations, and with the many Tamil websites emerging with the development of technology there was a need to have a consistent approach to media coverage across the World Wide Web..." - Secretary of GTAJ Mr K.Kannan

(LONDON) - GTAJ (Global Tamil Association of Journalists) The World Tamil Web Conference 2014 (WTWC 2014) took place on Friday 4th April 2014 in London. With the aims of discussing the future of Tamil Media across the World Wide Web. The conference was attended by numerous Tamil Web based media.

With a diverse range of participants ranging from Tamil web-based editors, media journalists, researchers, analysts and activists and even artificial intelligence developers.

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