December 9, 2016
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Forest Fires Raging Across Palestine

The European pine tree, not indigenous to Palestine, is highly flammable.

(LONDON / BETHLEHEM) - Palestine fires Over 200 forest fires are raging in Palestine (now renamed the Jewish State of Israel including its occupied Palestinian territories).

Many countries are helping put out the fires including four teams of Palestinian firefighters (no body helped Gaza when it was being fire-bombed by white phosphorous).

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Mavi Marmara Court Case to Continue at Caglayan

10 innocent people killed, 56 innocent people injured, 700+ innocent people abused. The trial continues.

(ISTANBUL, TR) - mavi marmara On trial for murder are Israeli Chief of Staff Rau Gabiel Ashkenazi, Commander of Naval Forces Eliezer Alfred Maron, Air Force Intelligence Director Avishay Levi and Israeli Intelligence Amos Yadlin. An Interpol notice was issued for these four defendants.

The families of 10 martyrs killed on board Mavi Marmara flagship when it got attacked by Israeli military forces are following the trial. They will be present in the courtroom during this hearing as well.

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Artist Dom Martin Remembers the Plight of Palestinians on Land Day

Lest they be forgotten. 1.8 million people live behind closed walls, in Gaza.

(LONDON) - Dom Martin Gaza epitomizes the epicenter of the harrowing ethos and pathos of human conscientiousness — the thesaurus to every psychological algorithm imaginable or inflictable upon a dispossessed people.

For more than 60 years and several generations going forward, the people of Gaza — who were culturally and ancestrally uprooted from their homeland — have since steadfastly endured the abysmal scourge of survival and strangulated coexistence.

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Jordanian Regime Gives Heavy Jail Sentences to Dissidents

Jordan insists that it punished those responsible for mistreating and murdering detainees while in custody, but Amnesty International says otherwise.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Jordanian flag Amnesty International's annual report strongly criticizes the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for cracking down on freedom of speech, restricting political parties and opposition activists, and a continued pattern of violating basic human rights.

According to Administrative Detention Law, the regime in Amman has arbitrary arrested and tortured hundreds of its citizens.

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Could Khaled Masha`al Get Sacked?

Many have lost faith in the longtime leader of Hamas.

(OCCUPIED PALESTINE) - Hamas leader Khaled Masha'al Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip say members of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Palestine (Hamas) want to remove Khaled Masha'al as its politburo chief.

An inner-party schism between senior members follows the Hamas leadership's unsuccessful strategies concerning reconciliation talks with the Palestinian Authority.

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Intifada III May Paralyze Israeli Economy

The fear caused by the Palestinian insurrection is having a profound effect on the Israeli economy.

(SALEM, Ore.) - israel money The Central Bank of Israel issued a detailed December report stating ...the presence of tourists in this country is 65 percent below its periodic average, as compared to the first 9 months of the year.

Analyzing the economic situation of Israel, the report says: "These protests have a two-sided impact on Israeli economy; one is a sharp decline in tourism growth and the other one is psychological insecurity and pervasive concern among the people to get out of their houses, and both have a very negative impact on the economy."

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Israeli Academic Elite Mass Migration

One expert says preventing a university "brain drain" from Israel will take time.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Israel jobs According to statistics released by an Israeli migration service center, most Israeli academics are seeking jobs abroad.

According to the Tel Aviv Times, quoting the Arutz Sheva news agency, these statistics show that this year the migration of university professors, academics and experts in the field of superior technology increased 23 percent. These people are not getting due salary raise and hope to find a job abroad.

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Brazil Refuses to Accept New Israeli Ambassador

"This is the first time in the world that an Israeli ambassador is not accepted due to his ideological performance and positions and this trend is dangerous." - Tzipi Hotovely, deputy foreign minister of Israel

(SALEM, Ore.) - Dani Dayan After four months, Brazil still declines Dani Dayan as the new ambassador of Israel. Not surprisingly, this has caused a political crisis between Rio de Janeiro and Tel Aviv.

According to Times of Israel, Brazilian MP Carlos Marun considered the appointment of Dayan an insult to Brazil and said "Settlers have hijacked other people's lands and we do not accept their choice as the representative of Israeli as people and state".

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Zionist Regime & the Palestinian Authority Ministers to Meet Secretly

The talks were supposed to be held in Brussels but at the request of the Palestinian side, took place in Jordan.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Israel-Palestine flags The Minister of the Interior, Silvan Shalom, who is also in charge of negotiations with the PA, secretly met his Palestinian counterpart in Jordan to overcome current obstacles in the peace talks.

This meeting was held following Netanyahu's agreement with Mahmoud Abbas during a telephone call, according to the report. The following conversation between Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) marks the first time the two leaders have spoken in over a year.

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No Peace, No Security So No Reason to Choose Netanyahu!

Netanyahu's fabricated story about meeting of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler was a clumsy effort that he just did to strengthen his basic strategy.

(TEL AVIV) - Netanyahu In a recent article, Haaretz wrote, "In the 1996 elections, Benjamin Netanyahu made the campaign slogan common. Despite the record of explosion of buses and hearing ambulance sirens in any place, television showed these scathing words frequently "No peace, no security, no reason to choose Peres."

Now, where are Israeli left-wing activists to shout the alike slogan in present situation: "No peace, no security, no reason to choose Netanyahu!"

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Tribute to Palestine and to the incredible courage, determination and struggle of the Palestinian People. ~Dom Martin


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