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Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois: Investigate the Case of Ziyad Yaghi Who is Wrongfully Imprisoned

Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Al Franken must be made aware of and pressured to look into this case and mention it on the house floor.

(CHARLESTON, IL - Ziyad Yaghi Ziyad Yaghi, a 24 year old U.S. citizen from North Carolina, originally from Jordan, has lived here since he was two.

He has been accused of attempting to commit terrorism abroad by the U.S. government, in an indictment which appears to be based on an incorrect premise, namely that the US seek to infer that trips abroad were part of a terrorist conspiracy.

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EBRD ensure that Concrete Benchmarks in the Country Assessments for Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia

Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes, writes to EBRD Pres. Thomas Mirow about Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia.

(SALEM) - EBRD-President-Thomas-Mirow Serious, ongoing human rights abuse continues to plague Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco.

The continuance of these egregious conditions cast great doubt on the hope of the three governments remaining committed to multiparty democracy and pluralism.

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Great Job Wal-Mart!
Fifth Jordan Sweat Shop Rape Victim Goes Public- Scandal Steps Forward

The women manufactured clothing for the U.S. market, one victim from Sri Lanka now is covered with the scars of human bite marks... and it gets worse.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - These U.S. groups use products from the controversial sweat shop now in the spotlight for multiple rape cases. The fifth woman in two years to claim she was raped by a manager at a factory in Jordan making clothing for U.S. companies has come forward to call on Hanes, Macy’s, Target, Sears, Walmart, and Khol’s, all of whom make clothes at the factory, to take action.

The Bangladeshi national, called “Anowara” to protect her identity, gave video testimony (transcript here) of her rape by a manger at the Classic Factory while sewing clothes for Hanes. Anowara joins four other women who say they were raped at the factory.

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High School Students Tell Sears and Land`s End: End Sexual Abuse of Factory Workers

Students at high school near Sears headquarters demand response to campaign on; call for an end to sexual abuse at Sears factory in Jordan.

(CHICAGO) - Jordan is investigating factory sex abuse A group of high school students from Chicago, Illinois are joining a popular campaign calling on some of the biggest brands in America - including Sears and Land’s End - to pull their orders from Classic Factory in Jordan, where managers have been accused of serially raping young female workers.

The students launched a petition on following allegations that Sears has been buying garments made at Classic Factory in Jordan, where dozens of workers have accused factory managers of sexual assault.

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A Life Well Lived: Samer Farid Abujoudeh

While many find it challenging to find their way in a new country, one man let determination guide his success.

(SALEM, Ore.) - In every community within a community, there are leaders. It is these men and women who rise to the call of their neighbors and loved ones, that tie together the fabric of their daily lives. They usually spend a lifetime earning their estimable admiration.

Samer Farid Abujoudeh was such a man. Born October 11th, 1960, he lived in Jordan until he was 21.

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