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Kenya Declared a War Zone After Another Wave of Bloody Attacks

Tourists warned to avoid Kenya as militants in Mpeketoni kill non-Muslims in revenge for Nairobi sending troops to Somalia.

(MPEKETONI, Kenya) - Somali-linked Islamist militants killed at least 15 people and torched houses in a second night of attacks on Kenya's coast, a day after an assault on a town left almost 50 dead.

Armed men went door to door hours before dawn in Poromoko village, ordered people outside and made them recite the Islamic creed, said one witness.

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Before the Last Home is Torched...

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim says he wants to change the Bank. Let’s hold him to his word...

(NAIROBI) - Burning houses in Kenya Heavily armed police just burned 1,000 homes to the ground to force indigenous families out of the Kenyan forest where they’ve lived for centuries. This desperate community needs our help to save their homes -- and the forest -- before it’s destroyed forever.

The World Bank has given millions of our tax dollars to the Kenyan forest police who are annihilating this ancient community. And -- with new funding at stake this year -- the Bank has massive leverage over the government.

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First-Hand Observation

Kenya’s vibrancy
Is just a vibe
With little viability.

(UGANDA) - Kenya When you live in East Africa
In the vicinity of Kenya;

When you collate
Books like IT’s OUR TURN TO EAT
With what you see in flesh
Where democratically elected MPs
Pass draconian Bills
Just to piss of those
Who coveted their turn
To gorge themselves;

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The Big Winners in Kenya`s Oil Debut

In the next 12 months we can expect another 12 wells to be drilled along Kenya’s “string of pearls”...

(LONDON) - Kenya oil Kenya will start pumping its first commercial oil next year and begin exporting in 2016, but this is just the opening salvo: new discoveries in recent months and fast-track new well development make Kenya the darling of East Africa from an investor’s perspective.

Kenya is set to soar past Uganda, which discovered oil much earlier, but is now having a hard time getting it out of the ground and into the market.

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Documentary Explores Students Bringing Water to Kenyan Community

Prgram is a collaboration between OSU's College of Engineering and University Relations and Marketing.

(CORVALLIS) - Kel Wer documentary on Kenya water In July of 2012, a group of Oregon State University students traveled to the small village of Lela, Kenya, to help the community gain access to safe water.

The story of their journey will be told in Kel Wer ("to bring song" in the native Dholuo language), a documentary that will debut at Kearney Hall on Tuesday, April 30.

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