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Anger as Cameron Tries to Superglue Britain to Israel

Prime Minister is asking to be targeted by BDS

(LONDON) - David Cameron The other day I signed a 'Get Well' petition for Palestinian youngsters Adam and Johar who were viciously maimed and crippled by the British Government's 'friends' in Israel

The two cousins, 17 and 20 years old, were returning home from football training when they were attacked by Israeli soldiers who shot them in the legs then set their dogs on them. They were taken to an Israeli military camp and again badly beaten, and Johar’s knees were broken.

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Ukraine-Official Statement from Liverpool British National Party

What's going on - and what should Britain do?

(LONDON) - Ukraine With William Hague and other Westminster warmongers traipsing between TV studios to condemn Russian intervention in Ukraine, most clued-up nationalists instinctively reject the controlled media's propaganda.

They are, of course, right. As principled nationalists, we naturally sympathise with the desire of Ukrainians...

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New Spy Technology to Spawn Oil Revolution

The next step in technology takes us off the ground and airborne—at a much cheaper cost—according to Jen Alic, a global intelligence and energy expert for OP Tactical.

(LONDON - Oil Revolution The future of oil exploration lies in new technology--from massive data-processing supercomputers to 4D seismic to early-phase airborne spy technology that can pinpoint prospective reservoirs.

Oil and gas is getting bigger, deeper, faster and more efficient, with new technology chipping away at “peak oil” concerns.

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How Junior Companies Survive in the Exploration Wild: Interview with Blackbird

Garth Braun, CEO of Blackbird Energy, operates assets in Canada's high-value Montney Resource.

(LONDON - oil exploration Only the fittest can survive in today's market for junior oil and gas companies, which must demonstrate a great deal of ingenuity in the balancing of risk and reward.

Nothing but the most exceptional oil and gas projects will win capital...

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Boundless Natural Gas, Boundless Opportunities: Interview with EIA Chief

"The biggest hurdle that congress faces is just having good information on future trends in supply and demand..." - Adam Sieminski

(LONDON - Adam Sieminski The Energy Information Agency (EIA) has predicted that natural gas production in the US will continue to grow at an impressive pace.

Right now output is close to 70 billion cubic feet a day and is expected to reach over 100 billion cubic feet per day by 2040.

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Why is Britain Training the Burmese Army?

What is the logic in training soldiers about human rights when Burma's govt has them commit the same crimes?

(LONDON) - Burmese Security Forces Britain doesn't know if the people they are training have committed human rights abuses, and cannot monitor soldiers after they have been on the course.

Yet the UK is spending £87,850 on military training for Burmese?

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`Toothless` United Nations` Statement on Catholic Child Rape Condemned by ITCCS at New York Rally

“Holyrood Agreement” between Queen and former Pope Benedict cited as proof of criminal conspiracy.

(NEW YORK) - Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Benedict XVI. Outside the Canadian consulate in midtown Manhattan today, ITCCS Field Secretary Rev. Kevin Annett rebuked the United Nations for its “toothless” statement on Vatican crimes against children.

He announced the launch of a new international court case against institutionalized child trafficking.

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Hague, Sworn Enemy of Criminal Impunity, Still Soft on Israel`s War Crimes

Knowing his record, isn't that just another case of our brave Foreign Secretary shooting his mouth off? Judge for yourselves.

(LONDON) - Hague War Criminal A few days ago we were talking about Agent Willie Hague's self­proclaimed commitment to smoke out war criminals, bring them to account and support the International Criminal Court in its investigations.

“If you commit war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide you will not be able to rest easily in your bed,” he said. But knowing his record, isn't that just another case of our brave Foreign Secretary shooting his mouth off? Judge for yourselves.

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Is Rwanda`s Kagame Connected to the Sudden Death of Komla Afeke Dumor?
Was it Murder?

"Is Rwanda's Pres. Paul Kagame a visionary or a dictator?" - Facebook post by Komla Dumor

(SALEM/BERLIN) - BBC presenter Komla Afeke Dumor died suddenly on 18th January 2014 in London. BBC presenter Komla Afeke Dumor died suddenly on 18th January 2014 in London. On 20 May 2013, Komla Dumor asked Rwandan President Paul Kagame about allegations that his country was using proxy forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dumor died four days after his most recent interview with Paul Kagame. Dumor was not backing off from allegations that Kagame relies on M 23 rebel forces who conduct raids in the Congo.

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Purbeck District Council: Housing and Homelessness

Mr. Gomes says homelessness is big problem in the UK.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes William Nicholas Gomes, has addressed the Purbeck District Council with a number of questons about residents who are struggling to maintain housing.

Mr. Gomes asks a number of important questions about the racial and cultural breakdown of those who are struggling.

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