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Maryland Senator Corrects Police Chief in Hearing on Marijuana Legalization

Anti-Legalize-and-Regulate Cops Accidentally Highlight Own Ignorance of Drug War Issues.

(ANNAPOLIS, MD) - Marijuana death hoax The oppositional side of the hearing on legalization and regulation of marijuana in the Maryland Senate turned into a comedy of errors today.

The gallery erupted in laughter and outrage after Annapolis Chief of Police Michael Pristoop cited a hoax story about deaths attributed to marijuana overdose in Colorado.

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Baltimore Settles Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo for Subprime Lending Practices in Minority Neighborhoods

Wells Fargo to Resolve Fair Lending Claims.

(BALTIMORE, MD.) - 5 July 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland by Tim King Baltimore filed suit against Wells Fargo Bank in 2008; the new agreement sets aside funds for borrowers and potential homebuyers.

Settlement of afair lending case that started in Baltimore, was announced Thursday.

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Significant Honor With Tamils from Around the Globe for Sri Lanka War Crime Reports (VIDEO)

Our Oregon based media group is recognized in historic Baltimore, for our reports on Sri Lanka's war crimes against the minority Tamil population.

(BALTIMORE / SALEM) - Tim King at FeTNA after receiving honors. Photo: Agron Belica Our role with has brought many honors; however this weekend in Baltimore may be the most significant event of our professional lives.

I was the key note speaker at the FeTNA Conference in Baltimore; the largest gathering of North American Tamils held each year and this was a special 25th Anniversary Jubilee Event.

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College Student Charged With Killing a Man and Eating His Heart and Brains

Police say they located Alexander Kinyua, who allegedly admitted that he had killed Agyei-Kodie by cutting him up with a knife.

(BALTIMORE, MD) - A Morgan State University student, told police that he ate portions of the brain of a man whose dismembered remains were found in his home.

The 37-year old man had been missing for over a week before police found his body in the apartment he shared with Kinyua.

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Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in Maryland

Panel of Experts to Advise Legislature on State Medical Marijuana Policy.

(ANNAPOLIS) - Medical marijuana A pair of bills were introduced Friday in the Maryland House and Senate that would allow patients with certain qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana with doctors’ recommendations.

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Maryland Health Officials at Odds Over Cancer Danger at Fort Detrick

Includes Maryland's Summary Report of Frederick County Cancer Investigation Involves Fort Detrick.

(FREDERICK, Md.) - Fort Detrick The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Baltimore seems to be at odds with itself over cancer rates showing up near an Army base, Fort Detrick, which is located in Frederick County.

The agency admits that the statistics are enough to press continued monitoring of the Fort Detrick neighborhoods.

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Washington Judge Tosses Citation Issued in Unmarked Police Car Traffic Stop

Common sense may ultimately prevail in the argument against the use of unmarked police cars for traffic enforcement in the state of Washington.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Police undercover police In a previous article, Kevin Schmadeka explained how he was pulled over by one of these secret unmarked police cars and received a citation for not having his seat belt properly fastened.

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Medical Marijuana Defense Bill Passes Maryland House Judiciary Committee

Floor Vote Likely for Bill to Remove Criminal Penalties for Medical Marijuana

(ANNAPOLIS ) - Medical marijuana The Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary Committee approved a bill yesterday, SB 308, which would allow patients who use marijuana to treat a medical condition to use a medical necessity defense in court.

The bill would also create a panel to advise the legislature on best practices for creating a medical marijuana program in 2012. The Senate passed the bill by a 41-6 vote on March 24, and will need to approve the bill again because of amendments made by the Judiciary Committee.

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Police Shoot Armed Gunman Ending Hostage Scene at Discovery Channel

James Lee's MySpace states: "It's time for REVOLUTION!!!"

(SILVER SPRINGS, Md.) - ABC image of suspect James Lee Police in Montgomery County, Maryland say an armed gunman who was holding three hostages in the channel's building in Silver Springs has been shot by police.

Police say the suspect's name is James Lee, a resident of Silver Springs. He may be an environmental activist though information is somewhat sketchy at this point. It is reported that shots were fired. Silver Springs Police say the 43-year old suspect is not unknown. Lee has reportedly been calling for protests against Discovery Channel and was arrested for disorderly conduct outside of the company's headquarters in 2008.

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Maryland Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Measure to Provide Patients With Safe Access Now Moves to House.

(ANNAPOLIS, Md.) - Capitol of Maryland With no discussion or objections, the Maryland Senate voted 35-12 to pass SB 627, a bill that would allow qualified patients to be recommended medical marijuana by their doctor and receive safe access to their medicine through state-licensed distribution centers.

The bill now moves to the House. The General Assembly’s session ends Monday night.

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