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Deadly Chemical Trichloroethylene Now Making Headlines Left and Right

The most common ways of ingesting TCE is by drinking contaminated groundwater, or frequent use of degreasing products such as brake cleaning sprays.

(MINNEAPOLIS) - sign warning of trichloroethylene I spent much of last summer riding my motorcycle around the United States giving talks about trichloroethylene (TCE) contamination knowing full well that most people have never heard of this deadly chemical compound destroying drinking water viability all over the country.

A trichloroethylene site at a General Mills plant in Minneapolis is making headlines this week. The bigger message is that it is far from the only TCE site of growing concern.

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Snow Buckles and Collapses Roof of Metrodome

Nobody was hurt and it was all recorded on video...

(MINNEAPOLIS) - Metrodome It is nearly surreal; the roof of the Metrodome; as if in slow motion... gave way to the weight of snow early Monday morning.

Workers needed to be pulled off the roof late last night due to safety concerns, officials at the Metrodome report. Around 5:00 a.m. Monday, the roof deflated.

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