December 9, 2022
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About Oil Prices articles (Jul-01-2014 06:25)

U.S. Gas Prices Remain at Six Year High

The situation in Iraq continues to put pressure on global oil prices, as markets weigh the potential for supply disruptions from OPEC’s second largest producer.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Gas Prices The national average price of gas has stopped increasing as we approach the Independence Day holiday, though prices remains at a six-year high for this time of year. Tuesday’s national average for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.68 per gallon.

The current price at the pump is 19-cents more than at this time last year ($3.49). In comparison to previous Independence Day holidays, motorists will face prices that are the highest since 2008, with today’s average ($3.68) surpassing the holiday’s price per gallon from: 2013 ($3.48); 2012 ($3.34); 2011 ($3.57); 2010 ($2.74); and 2009 ($2.62).

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Americans Can Expect Record Gas Prices over Independence Day Holiday

Willingness to take on credit card debt, not an increase in income, will be responsible for the increase in Independence Day holiday consumer spending AAA says.

(SALEM, Ore. ) - US Gas Prices With a projected 41 million Americans expected to take to the road over the Independence Day holiday, AAA says drivers can expect to pay the highest gas prices since 2008.

AAA says the majority of travelers will travel 50 miles or more away from home, an almost two percent increase from last year, and a 14 percent increase compared to the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

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How Much Energy Will the 2014 World Cup Consume?

They are setting greenhouse gas emissions!

(LONDON - world cup Along with 3 billion other viewers around the world, I plan to tune in for the month-long World Cup to see whether the 22-year old Neymar can withstand the colossal pressure that has been put upon his shoulders to deliver a win for team Brazil.

Every time I turn on my television set, I'm using World Cup-related energy. And that's just the start. Flying in teams, trainers, equipment, World Cup personnel and the estimated 500,000-plus fans will use enormous volumes of jet fuel.

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Arab Foreign Ministers to Meet to Discuss Iraq, ISIL

Oil prices have risen to the highest level this year over fears of the violence disrupting exports from OPEC member Iraq.

(BAGHDAD, Iraq) - The insurgent offensive that has threatened to dismember Iraq spread to the northwest of the country on Sunday, when Sunni militants launched a dawn raid on a town close to the Syrian border, clashing with police and government forces.

As the rapid advance south by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) towards Baghdad appeared to slow over the weekend, fierce fighting erupted in the town of Tal Afar 40 miles west of Mosul near the Syrian border.

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