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Dogface Soldiers

A Special Salute to My Infantry Buddies...

(PORTLAND, OR) - Combat Infantry Badge Post Traumatic stress is one of the worst medical ailments of combat infantry, especially but also for emergency room personnel and severe trauma.

Because most of the PTSD victims are military, Army and Marines, this story is about the causes of Post Traumatic Stress and what it psychologically does to the victims, regardless of whether they are military or civilian, because civilians get PTSD too.

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PTSD, Navy SEAL Kyle and Marine Eddie Routh: Both Victims of the Military

While the assassination of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is a real tragedy, the egregiously bad medical care given to Marine Eddie Routh is even worse.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Decorated Marine turned Murder suspect Eddie Routh It is very difficult to find anything about Marine Eddie Routh.

We're only told that he killed Navy SEAL super-sniper Kyle who had the record for SEAL snipers.

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PTSD, PTSD, PTSD: Tragedy, Tragedy, Tragedy

Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield and Marine Eddy Routh.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield and Marine Eddy Routh. The latest PTSD killing of the Navy SEAL who was an outstanding sniper in Iraq, prompts this article.

This is the worst PTSD story I think I have ever read, despite the massacre by Sergeant Bayles in Afghanistan in 2011, who blew away 16 or so civilians.

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PTSD, Marijuana and A Million Dollar Medical Boondoggle

Combat Infantry Badge is the PTSD bio-marker.

(PORTLAND, OR) - PTSD soldiers Everybody and his dog Fido has jumped into the PTSD debacle with the aim of making big money.

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Military and Medical Experts Explore Meditation to Combat Epidemic of Military Suicides

“Overcoming PTSD and Preventing Suicides: An Evidence Based Approach through Meditation in the Military”

(NEW YORK) - PTSD in war Suicide is now the leading cause of death in our armed forces.

The David Lynch Foundation will host, “Overcoming PTSD and Preventing Suicides: An Evidence Based Approach through Meditation in the Military,” a panel and luncheon addressing the suicide epidemic in our armed forces.

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PTSD, Marijuana and Amateur Experts

One Million Combat Veterans say it works.

(PORTLAND, OR) - PTSD, Marijuana First of all, marijuana is medicine and has been used since medicine at least since Biblical times. Further, despite bleeting by anti-marijuana government employees, it has never harmed anybody.

Fallacious comments to the contrary. It never killed anybody either, which can not be said for almost all medicines in use.

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Stress From Tragedy Affects Reporters, Too

Whether the public realizes it or not, journalists are often first responders to events too. We bury our emotions and do our jobs in the face of tragedy, horror and disbelief.

(AUSTIN, TX RTDNA) - Media at Newtown tragedy Last Friday, like many newsrooms across the country, Michigan Radio had the TV monitor on the wall running non-stop coverage of the school shooting events in Newton, Connecticut.

As the reality of what took place began to set in, even the gallows humor typical of a newsroom disappeared and concern and disbelief took its place.

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PTSD: Brainwashing, Psychopathic Training = PTSD

Yale Law School assists PTSD Veterans.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Halls of Yale Law School Some will think the above is "word salad" but it isn't. I speak at high schools on Veterans Day programs and I ask three questions of the collective students:

1. How many of you want to get shot at? Most usually nobody responds. 2. Who among you wants to get wounded? Nobody responds to that either. 3. Who wants to kill a human being? The silence is deafening.

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PTSD and TBI Therapy:
Marijuana Vs. Ecstasy... Marijuana Wins Hands Down

The VA standard drugs, the morphine-like drugs and anti-depressants, have been a colossal failure and have caused many deaths and rejection by veterans.

(PORTLAND, OR) - MDMA vs pot fot PTSD The New York Times headlined an article about ecstasy for PTSD and TBI titled, A Party Drug May Help the Brain Cope With Trauma on November 20, 2012.

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Marine in Hospice Helps Other Veterans

Marine dying of pulmonary lung fibrosis reached out to help other veterans.

(HOLUALOA, HI) - Major Herbert “Buzz” Baer and his wife Natalie There are no causality records of the dead and injured at Camp Lejeune. The Navy and Marine Corps strongly disagree that there’s any scientific evidence to support that the organic solvents and benzene in Lejeune’s wells caused injuries and deaths.

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