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Why Some Arab Countries Seek to Become Nuclear

The lifting of economic sanctions and Iran's freedom of action in economic dimension have all led to a new understanding among the Arab officials whose effects could easily be seen in the speech and behavior of Saudi officials over the last year.

(SALEM, Ore.) - saudi nukes It has been nearly a year since the news media and strategic think tanks began to circulate news and reports about the willingness of Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE to become nuclear.

Media have frequently cited the formal and informal officials of those countries.

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Saudi Officials Publish Final Mecca Stampede Death Toll

The new tally provides the latest count of the victims crushed to death in the tragic Mecca event as well as the victims' nationalities.

(SALEM, Ore.) - The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health released the final figure for tragedy at the Hajj ritual stampede.

The truth-finding committee has presented its final report identifying the victims, and the official investigation into the 2015 stampede will cease and is formally closed.

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Saudi King`s Convoy Reportedly Killed Pilgrims in Mina Stampede

Photos released suggest the King monitored the disaster from his penthouse

(SALEM, Ore.) - hajj stampede The footage released online showing the crossing of Saudi officials’ convoy that lead to blocking the pilgrims’ road and then causing the disaster, is said to belong to King Salman.

Reports indicate the convoy that was previously attributed to King’s son, Mohammad Bin Salman, in fact belongs to the King himself.

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Expert Says Saudi Forces Used Poisonous Gas

The Mina stampede is the worst tragedy in 25 years for pilgrims.

(SALEM, Ore.) - mina stampede Mr. Hasan Hanizadeh, an astute Middle-East expert, claimed that there is irrefutable evidence indicating the Saudi security forces indeed used poisonous gas deliberately during the annual Hajj rituals, in an interview with Iranian Nasim News Agency.

"The Saudi forces are blameworthy for the utter mismanagement for deadly hajj crush and the untimely presence of Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi Defense Minister and King's son's large entourage which was accompanying him with 300 security personnel and 200 vehicles resulted in fatal blocking two of three the corridors in Mina," said Mr. Hanizadeh.

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The Mystery of Fleeing Saudi Princes and Immense Oil Wealth

Where is this all going?

(XINHUA News Agency / SALEM) - fleeing Saudi Arabia Affluent Saudis, including Royal family members, are in a rush to flee the country in the wake of nation-wide unrest which has engulfed the oil-rich kingdom since Saudi Arabia – US's closest Arab ally in the volatile Middle-East– waged a devastating war on poverty-stricken Yemen.

Having assumed the throne, septuagenarian King Salman has adopted unstable domestic and foreign policies such as excessively empowering his ambitious son Mohammad Bin Salman.

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Saudi Chief of Customs Reports Discontent Among this Year`s Pilgrims

10% of the pilgrims have already left

(SALEM, Ore.) - Soleyman Bin Abdoulaziz Al-Yahya Saudi Arabia’s information center for bureau of customs published this report quoting Major General Soleyman Bin Abdoulaziz Al-Yahya and added,"poll results conducted among Hajis demonstrate high levels of dissatisfaction with the Saudis’ treatment and deem this country an hospitable host."

Furthermore, it was mentioned that the pictures and reports published of the Mina region shows of the incompetence of the Saudi first-responders and the medical relief teams.

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Mecca Stampede Victims Offered Settlement

Saudi Arabia will reportedly offer each victim $270

(SALEM, Ore.) - money According to well-informed Saudi sources, the Saudi ambassadors in Islam Abad and Ankara have informed the Pakistani and Turkish officials respectively that the oil-rich kingdom would pay for each victim of last Thursday's deadly crush in Mecca a sum of 10 million Saudi Riyal (equivalent to 270.00 USD) if the two countries refrain from criticizing Riyadh's utter mismanagement of the crisis, directly causing such a poignant catastrophe.

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Saudis` Deliberate Negligence the Primary Cause of Increasing Death Toll in Mina Catastrophe

Eyewitness reports from Mina suggest that the catastrophe wasn’t an incident but a controlled crime.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Mecca fatal Eyewitness reports indicate that there was deliberate and serious negligence of Saudi aid workers after the stampede to deliver medical services and that caused the mounting number of victims to grow to nearly 5000 people.

The eyewitnesses believe although the stampede happened at 8 in the morning, and aid workers were present at the site, they deliberately delayed treating many of the victims until noon.

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Deputy Minister of Health: Death Toll Reaches 4173 in Mina Catastrophe

The only official source of additional information about the dead is the official web site of Saudi Arabia Health Ministry.

(RIYADH / SALEM, Ore.) - Saudi Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia's deputy minister of Health declared that 4173 Hajj pilgrims died in the Mina catastrophe and says that the process of identifying victims has been already started.

It is worth noting that the Mina catastrophe was the direct result of extreme heat, suffocation and pushing Hajj pilgrims.

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Saudi Authorities Move Mecca Stampede Victims` Bodies in Refrigerator Trucks

A well-informed source revealed that Saudis delayed medical relief for several hours and then moved dead bodies in meat refrigerator trucks.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Bodies at Mecca Piling up dead bodies into refrigerator cars, The Saudi security services swiftly carried last Thursday's deadly crush victims away from the murder scene.

A well-informed source revealed that Saudis delayed medical relief for several hours and then moved dead bodies in meat refrigerator trucks.

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