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Hempstalk Fashion Show Mixes Beauty and Art With Natural Style

Hemp Fashions range from the semi-nude to the downright classy.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Hemp Fashion Show at 2009 Hempstalk in Portland, Oregon A diverse set of models displayed the latest Hemp Fashions over the weekend at Hempstalk in Portland. Thousands watched as the different styles were shown, all 100% made from the marijuana or cannabis plant.

Hemp is the term that refers to the industrial strains of the plant. They have historically been used for everything from food and fuel, to medicine, clothing and food.

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Police Identify Man Whose Body Was Found at Clatsop Beach North of Seaside (UPDATE)

Investigators have identified a deceased male who was kayaking prior to his death at Clatsop Beach, which is now considered an accidental drowning.

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - Death investigation Oregon State Police troopers with the assistance of the Clatsop County Medical Examiner, were able to positively identify the deceased African American male that was found on Clatsop Beach about five miles north of Seaside on the evening on June 24th.

The deceased man has been identified as 63-year old William Don Harris of Portland, Oregon. Troopers from the Portland area command were able to contact family of Mr. Harris.

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WWII Veteran Has Special Connection to Old Fort Stevens

Fort Stevens abounds with historical sites and experiences. For Dr. Phil Leveque the old base has a personal connection; his father served here.

(FORT STEVENS, Ore.) - Dr. Phillip Leveque If you let your imagination go at old Fort Stevens on the north Oregon coast, you can almost hear the sounds of the big guns that once roared and shook the ground here, but today lay silent as a testimony to another time in history.

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Oregon Surfer Airlifted off Cliff by Coast Guard Helicopter

The surfer was recovered successfully.

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - U.S. Coast Guard sailor and helicopter The Coast Guard says they airlifted a male surfer who was stranded on a cliff near Indian Beach, Oregon Monday evening.

The Coast Guard Group at Astoria say they received a call at 6:15 PM from Seaside Police Dispatch requesting helicopter support for a surfer who was stranded on a cliff.

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Two Boys Safely Rescued by Coast Guard at Seaside

The two boys, safely hoisted them into the aircraft and transported them to a local airfield where their parents, police and fire officials were waiting.

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - Coast Guard used an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter The Coast Guard assisted in locating and hoisting two boys to safety at Seaside Monday evening. Two two boys were 13-years old who became lost while hiking in a forest.

A spokesman from Coast Guard Group Astoria says they received a phone call from the Seaside Police Department at 5:47 PM that two 13-year-old boys had gotten lost in the woods behind the Seaside Elementary School in Seaside.

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Unusual `Loggerhead` Sea Turtle Washes Ashore Near Seaside

Though loggerheads have been spotted as far north as Alaska they only come ashore in this region when distressed.

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - Loggerhead turtle that washed ashore at Gearhart, Oregon 12-28-07 Christmas Eve brought an unusual and ancient traveler to the north Oregon coast – one so old it’s related to the dinosaurs. A large sea turtle washed up just north of Seaside, on a beach in Gearhart.

The loggerhead sea turtle was reported still alive after drifting up with the tides in the early afternoon of December 24th. It died shortly after it was recovered by staff at the Seaside Aquarium, dying sometime on Christmas day.

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Rare Fish Washes Ashore Along Oregon Coast

A longnose skate is what is called a benthic fish, meaning it spends most of its time on the ocean floor.

(SEASIDE) - Longnose Skate For the second time in three months, staff at the Seaside Aquarium have rescued a live fish that washed ashore at Seaside.

On Friday, a group of concerned citizens discovered something flopping around in the surf at Sunset Beach, just north of Seaside.

The creature turned out to be a longnose skate -- which was not only alive, but was an extraordinary find because this species usually lives well below the ocean surface.

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Interactive Talks on Coastal Ghosts Given in Newport and Seaside

It’s a paranormal walk down the coast, covering just about every town from Astoria to Florence.

(NEWPORT) - Andre’ Hagestedt Andre’ Hagestedt, editor of and all around coastal character and conspiracy theorist, will give two interactive talks on “Oregon Coast Ghosts and the Paranormal,” happening in two different ends of the coast.

The presentation will include spooky stories about lighthouses, the legends that are simply laughable, and a host of tales that defy category, covering ghosts, poltergeists, UFO’s, spiritual spots, conspiracy theories, sea monsters and myths that were debunked, as well as unusual historical tidbits and weird science that relate to the subject.

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Sea Creatures Shock Beach Goers in Oregon and Washington

Humpbacks are also known as the "singing whale". During mating season males produce an elaborate song that can last up to 20 minute and changes each year.

(LONG BEACH, Wa.) - Whale and shark A Humpback Whale washed ashore on the Long Beach Peninsula Tuesday afternoon. It certainly is not an everyday occurrence, though plenty of whales have washed onto the shorelines of both Washington and Oregon over the years.

The Humpback isn't the only notable sea creature to become beached this week either, Oregon officials say a live Blue Shark was recovered from a Seaside beach and transported to the Seaside Aquarium today.

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Porpoises Deluge Seaside Cove Area

Experts say Seaside should see more porpoises in the coming days.

(SEASIDE) - porpoises at Seaside, Oregon An abundance of small baitfish in the waters off the north Oregon coast has resulted in a huge deluge of gulls and pelicans in Seaside and Cannon Beach, as well as another unusual occurrence in the world
of nature.

Tuesday, staff at the Seaside Aquarium is reporting something like 100 harbor porpoises have gathered in the "cove area" of Seaside - at the southern end of town - to feed on the surge of wee fishies.

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