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Salem-News.com (Nov-26-2013 00:07)

Air Glow Layer and Sprites

"Air glow is due to the short wavelengths, the ultraviolet wavelengths that cause sunburn if you don’t use sun block, or X-rays..."
- Dr. Kerri Cahoy, M.I.T.

(SAN DIEGO) - Green oxygen airglow is seen as a thin line beneath the red and green aurora. (Photo: NASA ISS-6 crew). On Nov. 20, 2013 KPBS broadcast a “Nova” program titled, “At the Edge of Space”. It included data and video of lightning, sprites, and explored the air glow layer that is a part of the ionosphere, which is a vast sea of electrically charged particles, or ions.

The program explains that these particles with help from the Sun, create this glow, and the most important thing about the airglow may not be why it glows but where it’s located. It’s the lowest part of the ionosphere, the uppermost region of the atmosphere.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-21-2013 20:17)

Celestial Orbits

The scientists claim that they cannot recreate many of the phenomena in a laboratory so they must send satellites to observe them where they occur in the universe.

(SAN DIEGO) - Supermassive black hole On July 10, 2013 the Science Channel broadcast a program titled “Clockwork & Creation, Celestial Orbits are examined” This was copyrighted in 2012 by Discovery Communications, LLC.

Prof. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, City University of New York, stated: “The atom is a basic unit of chemistry. In the same way, the orbit is a basic unit of the universe itself. If you understand all possible orbits, you understand the dynamics driving the universe...

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Salem-News.com (Jul-03-2013 01:28)

Black Hole Discoveries

The problem with the scientists is that they associate black holes with the force of gravity when it is exclusively the result of electromagnetic energy.

(SAN DIEGO) - Black hole On Sunday, June 30, 2013 the Science Channel broadcasted a program titled “Swallowed by a Black Hole” copyrighted in 2013 by BBC.

It began with “A systematic black hole is getting ready to have dinner as a gas cloud 3 times the size of the Earth is caught in its gravitational hold. Across the world astronomers are getting ready to discover what happens when a black hole gets ready to eat.”

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Salem-News.com (Mar-31-2013 22:53)

Scientists Change Their View on Space: It Is About Time

While I endured many years of frustration, now I can enjoy and take pride in the fact that I have been trying to promote a concept that has been proven to be correct.

(SAN DIEGO) - Ed Chromie's theory of electromagnetism In a Nov. 5, 1997 NASA news conference, Dr. Alan Title said: “We have finally solved a 55 year old puzzle; why is it hundreds of times hotter outside the Sun than inside. The Sun is surrounded by the equivalent of an electric blanket. The blanket is heated by magnetism, however, not by electricity.”

What they discovered is the electromagnetic energy fields depicted in the photo.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-24-2013 18:36)

Still Optimistic About Haley`s Comet

Unfortunately, as one scientist said many years ago: "We must wait until an entire generation of scientists die before a significant change is made in their theories."

(SAN DIEGO) - Haley's Comet Now that the video of the “Deep Impact: Confirming the Electric Comet” report has been reported, I wonder how much longer it will take before the scientists recognize that their basic premise was wrong?

I don’t expect scientists to say “Mr. Chromie was right and we were wrong” but they should be expected to realize that the coma and tail don't result of sublimation of water ice and dust...

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