August 19, 2019
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Buddhist Mobs Committing Genocide in Myanmar

The incident began when an official from Malteser INGO office removed a Buddhist flag hoisted by the extremist Rakhine Buddhists in protest of census procedures without their permission.

(AMSTERDAM) - Life under militant Buddhist rule in Burma, which today is called Myanmar. It is observed by all that the NGOs, INGOs and UNDP stationed in Sittwe, Arakan State in Myanmar have been driven out by Rakhine Buddhist vigilantes on false allegations. Most of the offices of humanitarian organizations in Sittwe have been rampaged and destroyed from the night of 26 March to 27 March. Dusk to dawn curfew has been imposed by Rakhine State Government.

Tensions have been very high in Arakan State where approximately one million Rohingyas are living in fear of extermination.

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Protests Erupt in Arakan Against allowing Rohingya Title

Once Burma accepts the community as Rohingya from the southeast Asian country, the government would have to take responsibility of the people and also their misdeeds.

(SITTWE, Arakan Burma Times) - Rohingya protest in Arakan The Arakanese staged their protest rallies in various places like Kyauk Phyu, Mra Oo, Maypon, Min Pyar, Rambray, Kyauk Taw, Punna Kyun, Rathetaung, Buthetaung, Maung daw and also the State capital city of Sittwe.

Thousands joined in the demonstrations shouting slogans meaning ‘Pro Rohingya – our enemy !’, ‘Rohhingya lobbyist – betrayer!’, ‘We have no Rohingya along the history of Arakan State!’, ‘Liars on history –get out!’,

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Rohingya Muslims Dying from Lack of Health Care in Myanmar

Lives have always been at greater risk in Rakhine, the second-poorest state of one of Asia’s poorest countries. The situation is worse away from the Sittwe camps, in isolated and predominantly Muslim northern Rakhine state.

(HE’ CHAUNG, Myanmar Arab News) - Raduan, left, helps her ailing mother Noor Jahan to steady her weak body at their living room in The' Chaung village in north of Sittwe, Rakhine state Noor Jahan rocked slowly on the floor, trying to steady her weak body. Her chest heaved and her eyes closed with each raspy breath. She could no longer eat or speak, throwing up even spoonfuls of tea.

Two years ago, she would have left her upscale home — one of the nicest in the community — and gone to a hospital to get tests and medicine for her failing liver and kidneys.

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