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First Freed Palestinians Welcomed Home in Prisoner Swap (VIDEO)

Photos and video of celebration direct from Palestine.

(SALEM / GAZA) - Gaza prisoner release The biggest party in the world took place in Palestine yesterday, and it does not look to be over very soon. Some report up to a million people gathered for the huge welcome home celebration of 477 Palestinians released from Israeli prisons.

It was the first of part of the two-phase event that will bring a total of 1027 Palestinians out from behind bars, a deal that Hamas reached with Israel in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

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NATO Planning Military Attack on Iran

Last month, former CIA agent Robert Baer said he is almost certain that such an attack has been scheduled for September ahead of a UN vote on recognizing a Palestinian state".

(SEOUL, Korea) - Russia's envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin "Russia's envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin says the NATO is planning a military strike against the Islamic Republic to overthrow the Iranian government.

Rogozin said in an interview with Russia's Izvestia daily newspaper published on Friday that the NATO was pursuing a long-reaching goal of preparing an attack on Iran, adding that the alliance intends to change governments whose views do not coincide with those of the West.

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Plastic isn`t Fantastic When Used as Invisible Shrapnel

You wouldn't believe what is killing and maiming people in Palestine.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Qudih family in Gaza This article is about war-related issues in Palestine that are missing the radar in western newsrooms.

I am referring to the use of plastic in rockets that leave behind undetectable shrapnel in humans, munitions that amputate by heat, and the massive killings of Palestinian farm animals and wildlife through the use of Israeli-manufactured tablets deposited on Palestinian land.

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Glenn Beck, Palestine, and the Streisand Effect

Getting caught in the 'Becksand' without a rope...
Sorry Mr. Beck, hate has no place in media.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Merged images of Glenn Beck and Barbara Streisand Some people just don't know how to take a joke, and I'm one of them when it comes to a prejudice little media fascist named Glenn Beck.

The other joke-challenged people I reference are those who freaked out over my recent article about Glenn Beck's support for the freedom of Palestine. No, Beck does not support the struggle for Palestine's liberation from apartheid Israel's Genocidal drive to steal every piece of Arab land left.

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Glenn Beck Promotes Freedom of Palestine - Cites Israel`s Human Rights Abuse

Beck promotes new 'Free Palestine' video; discusses "End of Israel".

(SALEM, Ore.) - Beckestine Glenn Beck is promoting the new song, Freedom for Palestine before it has even been released. The song by a gathering of artists, in Beck's words, "Calls for the West Bank security barrier to be toppled, it calls for human rights and justice for all."

The talk show host added that the song is, "truly amazing".

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Revisiting The Gates Of Rafah

Whatever the forces behind the apparent back tracking, the people of Palestine are, yet again, held hostage to politics not of their making.

(WINDSOR, N.H.) - Rafah gate Last weekend, the interim Egyptian military government opened the border gates at Rafah a little wider allowing greatly improved entrance and exit for the people of Gaza.

For the past several years, Palestinians wishing to go to school or obtain medical care unavailable in Gaza have been out of luck.

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The Tide has Turned in Favor of the Assad Government

The streets of parts of Damascus as late as two in the morning appear like Georgetown on a Friday night.

(DAMASCUS, Syria) - President Bashar Al Assad As many of us observe the great Arab and Islamic awakening of 2011 in stunned amazement, as it rapidly spreads across the region, this observer agrees with those who declare;

“well it’s about time—Godspeed to the rebels and goodbye to the despots.”

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Third Intifada Underway: Rallies To Kick Israel`s Ambassador Out of Egypt

This is the sad story of a people living in exile in their homeland.

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “The Arab world is experiencing an earthquake” … thus commented Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minster, on the power of popular uprisings sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa.

Netanyahu overlooked the mighty earthquake taking place next door; Israel was bound to feel the aftershocks sooner or later.

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The Dos and Don`ts of Palestine - A Poem

This poem is by Remi Kanazi; a Palestinian-American poet, writer, and activist.

(NEW YORK) - Gaza: looks just like a Southern California beach... The audacity of Israel's Operation Cast Lead on the civilian population of Gaza is one of the darkest moments in the history of Israel.

The toll from what those on the ground called an obscene attack on families, included the deaths of over 400 children and Israel without any question, used weapons that are highly illegal under international treaty. These included white phosphorus and depleted uranium (DU).

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Family House Shelled: Two Children, Two Adults Injured

5-year old Maisa sits barefoot in her pink track suit on the hospital bed; covered in dust from the shells that crashed through the walls of her house.

(GAZA ISM) - Nasser's home in Gaza "I dreamt of my wife last night, she said the day would have a surprise in store for me". Nasser Abu Said is pleased: an NGO has confirmed a 2000 dollar contribution to the construction of his new house.

He often smiles, but his face is predominantly characterized with the traces of worries from his daily struggle for survival.

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