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Kill One Kill Twelve Kill Millions Kill Billions
Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces From Japan

It is an open joke and a term of extreme contempt that, in Japan, politicians and other professional liars for hire say “Smiling people do not get radiation poisoning.”

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Dan Rather exclusive: The health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is Kill One: Internationally known TV personality Dan Rather announced that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has a deadly cancer.

Rather “has been told that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has ‘entered the end stage’.”

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Cuba-ALBA lands are Tamils` natural allies

Following is the text of Ron Ridenour’s talk in Chennai, where Ron launched the Indian edition of his books “Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”, “Sounds of Venezuela”, and “Cuba: Revolution in Action”.

(CHENNAI, India) - Ron Ridenour's books. I start from the premise that Martin Luther King expressed: “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”.

In the country of my birth, The Devil’s Own Country, I experienced similar injustice committed against the native peoples and the black people as Tamils suffer, especially in Sri Lanka where they are subjugated to Shinalese chauvinism.

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A Brilliant and Courageous Statement

Thoughts on Venezuela's president from one of Latin America's longest running political figure.

(HAVANA, Cuba ) - Hugo Chavez Attending to other matters that are now top priority, I momentarily strayed from the frequency with which I had been writing reflections in the year 2010; however, Hugo Chávez Frías’ proclamation last Thursday the 30th, obliges me to write these lines.

The president of Venezuela is one of the men who has done the most for the health and education of his people...

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Roger Noriega`s secret pact with Hugo Chávez

Americas Forum may nonetheless be forgiven for failing to pick up on the fact that the right-wing Lobo is actually a Chávez in disguise.

(TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras) - Roger Noriega (Photo: Reuters) For those who may not be aware, Roger Noriega is the head of an Al Qaeda cell in Washington, D.C., and moonlights as the subcommander of the 17th front of the FARC.

A member of Evo Morales’ network of secret boyfriends, Noriega orchestrated the 2004 school siege in Beslan and was once sighted at the helm of a Somali pirate ship...

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Chávez is More Fanatically Islamic than Al Qaeda

“Chávez and his gang” are “strange bedfellows” - Carlos Alberto Montaner

(BOGOTA, Colombia) - Carlos Alberto Montaner (Image from the Machetera blog) Gracing the pages of various Spanish-language newspapers yesterday and today is an article entitled “Bin Laden in Latin America”.

Written by exiled Cuban columnist and author Carlos Alberto Montaner, whose claims to fame include referring to Eduardo Galeano’s acclaimed Open Veins of Latin America as “the idiot’s bible”, it might be more appropriately titled “The idiot’s attempt to turn Hugo Chávez into bin Laden by way of an irrelevant Ethiopian”.

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Ortega`s Second Revolutionary Betrayal

Latin American opposition to U.S. imperialism is more than legitimate—especially when it comes from previous victims of U.S. “state-sponsored terrorism”

(ISTANBUL) - Ortega and Gaddafi During a visit to Nicaragua not so long ago, I spent a good deal of time speaking with a former Sandinista fighter, now a bank security guard in the town of San Juan del Sur, who was disillusioned with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and what he referred to as Ortega’s abandonment of Sandinista revolutionary ideals.

It was as if, the security guard said, the dead no longer mattered when one was in power.

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Why Washington Hates Hugo Chavez

Recently released documents from Wikileaks show that the Obama administration has stepped up its meddling in Venezuela's internal affairs.

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Obama and Chavez In late November, Venezuela was hammered by torrential rains and flooding that left 35 people dead and roughly 130,000 homeless.

If George Bush had been president, instead of Hugo Chavez, the displaced people would have been shunted off at gunpoint to makeshift prison camps--like the Superdome--as they were following Hurricane Katrina. But that's not the way that Chavez works.

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Distorting Iranian-Latin American Relations

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Presidents Chavez and Ahmadinejadad According to Israeli daily Haaretz, the current border dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua- is a “trial balloon” for a new Iranian-funded “‘Nicaragua Canal’ linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.”

The article takes care to specify that Costa Rica is “a country without an army” but does not suggest whether the announcement earlier this year regarding U.S. naval militarization of the Central American nation might also have constituted a trial balloon for something.

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Zelaya Chills in Dominican Paradise while Supporters Attempt Sabotage of Independence Day

Media downplays violence against political resistance.

(WASHINTON D.C.) - Artwork by the amazing Carlos Latuff Today’s top story in the Honduran paper El Heraldo, one of the mouthpieces of last year’s coup against President Mel Zelaya, proclaims that Honduras celebrated 189 years of independence from Spain yesterday “in peace and tranquility” and that “every Honduran heart beat stronger” with love and pride for the land.

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Who Is Simon Bolivar?

Only time will tell whether Chávez's "Bolivarian Revolution" will succeed.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in front of a painting of  Simón Bolivar Recently Hugo Rafael Chávez Frias, the current president of Venezuela, opened the coffin of his idol Simón Bolivar so Venezuela can investigate the president's suspicions of foul play in Bolivar's death in 1830.

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