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Dispatches From Afghanistan Tim King, Reporting
Salem-News.com (Feb-05-2012 20:30)

Freezing to Death in Afghanistan

Vulnerable residents of war-torn Afghanistan struggle for survival in harsh winter.

(SALEM) - Little girl in Kabul, Afghanistan A report this week by Xinhua news agency, describes the extreme, freezing conditions families in Afghanistan are attempting to survive.

They won't all make it. Never in all of my life will I forget my freezing 2006/08 winter covering the war in Afghanistan.

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Images of Afghanistan by Tim King
Salem-News.com (Dec-12-2008 11:35)

A Disturbing Night in Iraq: Witnessing the Abuse of `Insurgent` Detainees

An eyewitness account of U.S. contractors, possibly Blackwater, administering highly questionable treatment of prisoners in Iraq.

(FALLUJAH, Iraq) - Salem-News.com Reporter/Photojournalist Tim King in Iraq This story was written in the early days of September, 2008; about the night that I encountered questionable treatment of Iraqi prisoners, while flying in a U.S. Army CH-47 helicopter from Fallujah, to Balad, Iraq.

I delayed publishing it, but more revelations about the authorized torture and abuse of prisoners in Iraq by Bush Administration officials, led to the decision to release this information.

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Salem-News.com (Sep-15-2008 22:30)

The Vital Mission of U.S. Air Support in Iraq (VIDEO)

Tim King is embedded with Oregon's 2/641 Aviation Support Group in Balad, Iraq and filed this report from the flightline where they operate.

(BALAD, Iraq) - Salem-News.com Members of the Oregon National Guard have a big mission on their hands and minds over the next several months. Their tour of duty in Iraq is an aviation support mission.

The 2/641 Aviation Support Group's specific responsibility, revolves around the C-23 Sherpa transport plane, known to these soldiers simply as "The Boxcar".

Major Brian Houston is a Blackhawk pilot who drew this unique mission that supports not helicopters, but large cargo planes and another type of high-speed Army transport planes known as "White Birds".

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Salem-News.com (Sep-13-2008 09:20)

Dangerous Times in Iraq War Zone

Victims from a car bomb attack fill the hospital at the Balad Joint Air Base

(BALAD, Iraq) - Salem-News.com A sandstorm reminiscent of a Hollywood movie is descending over the base in Iraq where I have been for the last few weeks, yet it seems like small change next to other events here in the last two days.

Medical personnel from all over Balad were called out last night as victims from a car bomb that exploded in an undisclosed location launched medical crews and helicopter
rescue teams into action. The victims from what I understand were soldiers from the Iraqi Army and small children who reportedly received serious burns.

Medical technicians told me that it was as busy of a night as any they have seen in the past three to four months. The sandstorm accompanied by wild lightning strikes only seemed to raise the tension.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-30-2008 14:00)

Crossed Swords of Baghdad, Iraq: a Window into History (VIDEO)

The crossed swords over Baghdad, one of Iraq's most recognizable sites, are a story of previous war with Iran and a failed dictatorship.

(BAGHDAD, Iraq) - Crossed Swords of Baghdad, Iraq It is still an active war, but the International Zone of Baghdad is calmer than at any other point in Iraq's recent history. One place most Americans would recognize from news clips and photos is Saddam Hussein's parade area where troops passed under massive crossed swords.

They are, quite literally, a direct reminder of the former dictator.

Andrew Hanselman is a Public Affairs specialist with the U.S. Army in Baghdad. He says the swords are a painful reminder of the late Saddam Hussein, and that they are actually molded after Saddam Hussein's wrist or hands.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-28-2008 09:36)

One Day in Baghdad: Part 1 (VIDEO)

Iraqi Special Forces kill terrorists at Dora and record the aftermath on a cell phone camera.

(BAGHDAD, Iraq) - Salem-News.com An embedded reporter in Iraq can travel through the country a couple of different ways. The top choice is to catch a ride aboard military aircraft. On this particular day, I needed to reach the Combined Press Information Center in Baghdad to receive reporter's credentials. My day started at 4:30 AM by boarding a twin engine Army plane for the flight to Iraq's capitol.

Arriving at Baghdad International Airport, another photographer and I found a group of Iraqi soldiers in HUMVEE's that have been provided to their Army by the U.S. government. The soldiers were extremely proud of the armored vehicles and it is easy to understand why. While this is my first time visiting Iraq, I did spend the winter of 2006/2007 in Afghanistan.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-23-2008 01:20)

Vietnam Veterans Burn Candle Late to Show Support for Iraq Soldiers (VIDEO)

Soldiers are reminded by Vietnam Veterans that they are supported and loved by their country, regardless of the politics involved.

(CAMP BEURING, Kuwait) - Vietnam vet Walt Peters greeting troops Boarding a giant aircraft bound for Kuwait with a number of U.S. Army units this week, I moved one step closer to Iraq, and the combat theater where I will be embedded with an Oregon Guard aviation unit sent in country for a six-month tour of duty.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-19-2008 14:37)

Salem-News Follows Oregon Soldiers Departure For Iraq (VIDEO)

Tim King is embedded with the 2-641 Aviation group; watch for his ongoing series from the Iraq war zone

(FORT BENNING, Georgia) - Salem-News.com Oregon Guard soldiers from 2-641 Aviation on their way to a deployment in Balad, Iraq have spent the last week at Fort Benning, Georgia preparing for their deployment in the war theater. The weather has been warm and humid but they say the training is essential toward their preparation.

Staff Sergeant Chris Fisher with the Oregon Guard says it’s a change from Northwest living.

"It’s hot and muggy here, that’s for sure, it is quite a culture shock and a weather change from being on the west coast."

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Salem-News.com (Aug-17-2008 22:04)

Land of the Free Continues to Black Out Popular Websites for U.S. Military

American troops are asked to fight and die for the freedom of other nations while the government strips them of their own.

(FORT BENNING, Georgia) - MySpace We reported on May 16th 2007 that the U.S. government appeared to be on the verge of relaxing its complete blackout of MySpace and YouTube on all U.S. military computers. I can tell you over one year later that it apparently never happened.

It seems unusual that the Department of Defense would continue this ridiculous information "blackout" at a time that we are asking so much from these brave warriors.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-14-2008 15:13)

Salem-News.com`s Tim King Leaves for Iraq

War correspondent Tim King is joining Oregon troops to bring their stories to the world.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Tim King leaves for Iraq Salem-News.com is pleased to announce that Tim's international news mission has begun. Our chief reporter Tim King has departed Oregon for a five-week assignment in Iraq where he will be embedded with Oregon National Guard soldiers arriving there for a year-long combat tour.

Joined for a proper send off at the Portland airport by Q Madp and some of his PGR friends, Tim bid us all farewell as he walked down the terminal heavy-laden with camera equipment and more and into a new phase of Salem-News.com war reports.

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