October 17, 2019
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Salem-News.com (Aug-19-2015 13:20)

George Kurdahi: The Media is a Mirror of the Society

"... the media is not merchandise that can be imported. The media originates from the nations and it’s the mirror of the culture of the represented society..." - George Kurdahi

(SALEM, Ore.) - George Kurdahi George Kurdahi, a famous Lebanese presenter and anchor, attended the 8th summit of Islamic Radio TV Union (IRTVU) in Iran's capital, Tehran.

In the sidelines of the summit, Kurdahi stated that the media is the mirror of the society and what we are is reflected in our media.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-17-2015 15:55)

8th Summit of IRTVU Kicks Off in Tehran

Conference slogan: "the Prophet of Mercy; the mission of resistance media"

(SALEM, Ore.) - IRTVU The 8th Summit of the Islamic Radio and Television Union (IRTVU) was opened today with attendance of 220 radio and TV networks from 35 countries.

Institutions and some Islamic Countries’ Ministers of Culture are participating in the opening ceremony of this international assembly.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-15-2015 16:40)

US Confirms Daesh Used Mustard Agent in Syria

Poison: "Mustard" gas creates large blisters on the exposed skin and in the lungs.

(SALEM, Ore.) - mustard agent Several US intelligence and military officials have confirmed that Daesh Takfiri terrorists used a mustard agent as a weapon in the strategic northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah.

On Friday, US media outlets cited multiple sources as saying that the government has test results from the militant attack in the Syrian town from two weeks ago that confirm the terror group used the mustard agent.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-15-2015 16:16)

Sayyed Nasrallah: Fragmentation A US Scheme in Iraq, Syria and Even KSA

"Real partnership can resolve all of Lebanon's crises."

(SALEM, Ore.) - Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a speech in which he tackled a number of local and regional topics.

In his speech marking the 9th Anniversary of the Divine victory, the Resistance Leader welcomed the people's presence in the blessed Hujeir valley.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-10-2015 10:10)

Nepal: Investigate the Police Attacks on Human Rights Defenders

More innocent victims do not strengthen the bond in communities.

(LONDON) - Nepal On 3 August 2015, three human rights defenders were severely injured during a violent crackdown by the police on participants of a peaceful protest. They are Ms Kamala Hemchuri, Ms Durga Sob and Mr Ganesh BK.

The protest called on the authorities to respect the political rights of the Dalit community and to include them in the drafting process of the country’s new constitution.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-30-2015 17:15)

The Healing Power of Meditation

Transcendental Meditation produces mental and physical rest that is twice as deep as in sleep.

(OLDENBURG, Germany) - beach I suffered a brain injury at birth. An EEG test showed chaotic, abnormal brain waves, and in school I had attention deficit disorder. I couldn't concentrate and my thoughts were cloudy. My grades were mediocre, and I flunked out of my first university.

Then I started Transcendental Meditation. My thoughts became clearer, and I didn't want drugs anymore. I could concentrate. And I could write.

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Salem-News.com (Sep-30-2014 22:32)

Shell-Shocked Syrian Town Freed After Savage Massacre

291 Days of ‘Islamic Justice’

(Adra al-Omal, DAMASCUS, Syria) - Adra freed Last week’s battle for Adra al-Omalia was a significant turning point. The town is now liberated but the story of what took place here over the past 291 days is presently emerging, and it is a horrifying one.

With a pre-massacre population of over 100,000, Adra housed 600 manufacturing plants and grain silos. It was a key area. The occupation of Adra al-Omalia lasted nearly ten months, commencing in December 11, 2013. Many apartments in the area were quickly burned or gutted with grenades or other explosive devices. What quickly took place was a massacre, and many eyewitness accounts of the events are now surfacing.

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Salem-News.com (Sep-25-2014 13:12)

Street Scenes from a Damascus Neighborhood

Da’ish (IS), FSA and al Nusra Compete for Dwindling Support...

(Barzeh neighborhood, Damascus) - Syria map Changes are underway in Damascus’s suburban neighborhoods. In some of these neighborhoods there are few families’ left—only fighters. But in others, residents are trickling back in (or in some cases never even left) despite the danger.

Here in these areas, those who have chosen the armed opposition route fall are grouped roughly in the following percentiles: 70% FSA, 25% Al Nusra, and, as of now, relatively few, Da’ish (IS).

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Salem-News.com (Jul-19-2014 07:41)

300 Killed in Gaza as Israeli Tanks Dig In

Egypt has no plans to revise its ceasefire proposal, which Hamas has rejected, Cairo's foreign minister said on Saturday.

(GAZA CITY) - Gaza Children Israeli tanks and bulldozers dug in across a mile-wide strip of Gaza's eastern frontier on Saturday, and Palestinian officials said military strikes had killed more than 300 people, most of them civilians.

Israel sent in ground forces on Thursday after 10 days of air and naval barrages failed to stop rocket fire from Gaza. Gaza medical officials said the attacks from Israel on Saturday killed 33 people, mostly civilians, in Beit Hanoun, neighboring Beit Lahiya and in Khan Younis in the south.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-07-2014 14:53)

EU Sanctions Target Humanitarian Aid

Hindering Restoration of Global Heritage in Syria...

(DAMASCUS, Syria) - Dr. Kinda al-Shammat Today, a civilization that used to lead the world and for centuries was the beacon of learning, tolerance and trade, and that still protects our global cultural heritage, is damaged—and only the Syrian people can rebuild it for all of us. We need to help them.

Last month, half-heartedly and without unanimity among its 28 member states, the European Union levied yet more sanctions on Syrian officials.

Passed under pressure from the usual suspects (the US, France, Britain, and the international Zionist lobby), the EU measure targets 12 government ministers, none of whom wields or holds police authority of any type.

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