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Florida Pastor Bigger Threat to US Security than Bradley Manning

US authorities are very quick to act against those who dare to criticize Israel; the University of California at Irvine suspended its Muslim Student Union for a year when members heckled Israel’s ambassador to the US. Heckled...

Extremist Florida pastor Terry Jones
Extremist Florida pastor Terry Jones provoked an international outcry last year after he announced plans to burn copies of the holy Qur'an on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

(LONDON) - US Army Private Bradley Manning was arrested, tortured and put in solitary confinement based on the absurd allegation that he is a threat to American national security.

His alleged crime is that he handed over classified military and diplomatic documents to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

Among the accusations thrown at him by Pentagon top brass is that he endangered the lives of serving soldiers overseas by allegedly exposing US war crimes to the world.

Now, in an apparent act of revenge, his captors are subjecting him to sleep deprivation, prolonged time in isolation and continuous nude spot-checks – conditions said to be right out of the manual of the CIA for “enhanced interrogation” as used and refined in Guantanamo Bay.

“The truth is Bradley Manning’s actions have not cost anyone their life but, someone whose actions have triggered a killing spree of mayhem and murder is the American Pastor Terry Jones.”

So you see, when the US government wants to act in a swift, unconstitutional and vengeful way nothing can stop it. Ergo torture, water boarding and rendition as seen in the “war on terror”.

The truth is Bradley Manning’s actions have not cost anyone their life but, someone whose actions have triggered a killing spree of mayhem and murder is the American Pastor Terry Jones.

His inexplicable act of burning a copy of the Holy Qur’an has caused a tsunami of revolt among ordinary Afghan people, and with the striking of a single match he has undoubtedly put the life of every US squaddie based over there in danger.

Sadly, I suspect what is unfolding in Afghanistan will be repeated in other sporadic outbreaks of violence in the Muslim world.

Yet no one lifted a single finger to stop this deranged, evil old man from setting fire to a holy book revered by more than a billion Muslims – a book, by the way that is also hugely respected by countless Christians, Jews and people of other faiths and no faiths.

Now I’m sure some will claim that what he did was an expression of freedom and that he had every right to act in the way he did because America is the "land of the free" after all.

If that is the case can someone tell me why US authorities are very quick to act against those who dare to criticize Israel, for instance? The University of California at Irvine suspended its Muslim Student Union for a year when members heckled Israel’s ambassador to the US in February 2010.

Other students and teachers elsewhere in the US have been punished, sacked or suspended for expressing anti-Israeli views or criticisms of the Zionist state.

“...if US authorities can jail Bradley Manning and punish him in an obscene way even before his trial, and they can sack, suspend and intimidate US citizens for daring to criticize the Zionist state, why did no one act swiftly to rein in the demented pastor?”

In fact, if you are too vocal about the evils of Zionism or voice your support for the Palestinians in the West Bank or Gaza, you can expect a home visit from FBI agents.

So, if US authorities can jail Bradley Manning and punish him in an obscene way even before his trial, and they can sack, suspend and intimidate US citizens for daring to criticize the Zionist state, why did no one act swiftly to rein in the demented pastor?

In September last year the so-called most powerful man on the planet, Barack Obama, urged Pastor Jones not to burn a copy of the Qur’an, saying it could cause “serious violence in places like Pakistan or Afghanistan”. General David Petraeus and even UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon joined in pleading with the pastor.

Terry Jones backed down and he resumed preaching his hatred to his tiny flock in Florida which numbers less than two score and ten.

But the attention-seeking cleric, who was banned from entering Britain earlier this year because he is seen as a preacher of hate, went ahead anyway a few days ago and desecrated a copy of the Holy Qur’an.

At a mock trial conducted by the mad cleric a “jury” found the Qur’an guilty of promoting violence. Only a handful of people were present for the kangaroo court which was held on Sunday 20 March, but it was streamed live on Truthsat-tv and went global thanks to the social networks.

A violent reaction, as previously predicted by the US president and others, was anticipated.

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, while condemning the incident, urged the US government to arrest Pastor Terry Jones. It was wise advice, foolishly ignored.

“Not one US soldier posted in a Muslim country would be wise to step out of a bunker or foxhole in this incendiary climate created by the American pastor.”

As a result, riots erupted across Afghanistan which left 12 dead, including at least four Gurkhas and three United Nations staff.

Not one US soldier posted in a Muslim country would be wise to step out of a bunker or foxhole in this incendiary climate created by the American pastor.

He has put all of their lives in danger and so must now be regarded as a very genuine threat to the national security of the US – far more so than young soldier Bradley Manning who was slapped in irons last May.

The actions of those who went on a killing rampage is beyond belief, but we have to remember that for every action there is a reaction.

And it is quite possible that the anger unleashed in Afghanistan was already bubbling just beneath the surface, thanks tothe dozen soldiers from the Stryker Brigade who killed Afghan civilians, cutting off body parts as trophies, then covered up their crimes.

If the actions of the so-called “Kill Team” drove Afghans wild, then it is possible the tipping point was the actions of Pastor Terry Jones who provided the ubiquitous straw to break the camel's back.

This could all have been avoided if the authorities in the US had acted in an appropriate manner way back in September.

There was no such dithering or navel-gazing over what to do about Bradley Manning who has been confined for 23 hours a day in a six-foot by 12-foot jail cell since his arrest.

This article was originally published by: Redress Information & Analysis

Yvonne Ridley (born 1959, Stanley, County Durham, England) is a British journalist, war correspondent and Respect Party politician best known for her capture by the Taliban and subsequent conversion to Islam after release and her outspoken opposition to Zionism and the perceived propaganda of the Western media.

Ridley currently works for Press TV, the Iranian-based English language news channel.

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Daniel April 13, 2011 7:53 pm (Pacific time)

BTW Ano my 93 year old father was a life long republican till George Jr's second term . As a street cop he learned to see past the BS and lies . I grew up in a tough neighborhood in New York and you learned early its usually the loud mouths who have nothing but a big mouth with little to back it up . In your case it seems I am dealing with your IQ of 85-90 and a coward who hides behind a fake name .

Daniel April 13, 2011 6:22 pm (Pacific time)

BTW Ano please send your contact info to my friend Tim King , who knows I am real . I will be happy to meet with you ! Or are you all talk and no action ?

Daniel April 13, 2011 6:01 pm (Pacific time)

Ano my father is a retired decorated Police Chief and ww2 vet . My self , a combat Engineer , the red Beret and my brothers are vets , As were my cousins , Uncles , my Grandfather , Great Grandfather Great Uncles and ancestors going back to the revolutionary war . How about YOU , I am in my 60s son . You sound like all mouth no action . Ano I have seen you down here in Mexico you are the loud fat gutted drunk that everybody cant stand !

Anonymous April 13, 2011 3:04 pm (Pacific time)

Daniel you are pretty much out of the mainstream with the majority of Americans, but then, so is the entire democratic party. I'm sure you have no problem with those combat veterans who put it on the line to keep you safe all throughout your existence. How about those law enforcement personnel who are getting injured/killed daily all over the country because people of your ilk want them to treat the illegals with special care? They racist to you also? Try to imagine how little we care about you opinion...I would love to have you get in my face and call me a name because I want our laws enforced, but people like you always run away from me. I'll probably see you in Mexico, or in Portland and we can discuss your "feelings" more clearly. How's that sound kid? Peace...

Daniel April 12, 2011 7:39 pm (Pacific time)

Muarry if you think Bills post are just a joke I can agree with that . Sure everybody wants the illegals to leave except the people who hire them and the consumers who benefits from the lower price . Thats also about everyone !

Muarry April 12, 2011 2:48 pm (Pacific time)

Geez Daniel, Bill is just pulling your leg, even I can see that. I will say that a large majority of Americans want the laws on the books re: illegals to be enforced. This majority is made up of people of all races and political perspectives, so the "Cry Wold" racism charges are not pertinent. Maybe they are to you, but then...

Daniel April 12, 2011 8:52 am (Pacific time)

Bill they found something called genetics , a small point you missed in your , from the beginning statement . Your statement is not based on science ! Its pure unfounded BS and patriotic rah rah ! Bill you are the one complaining about other people and the problems caused by them . Why can you not be happy with your fortune with out blaming or being fearful of those less fortunate . You find it offensive that the poor blame the rich for their problems , you are much worse YOU blame the poor even tho you enjoy a high standard of living , what sour grapes . Again I ask you why China does so well economically , if its all about the constitution and freedom . They have little freedom but you equate making wealth with freedom . I guess you think the USA makes its wealth without exploiting American workers and now the worlds poor . You really have no concept of the BIG picture . Americas freedom of expression, to be your own person , is something you hate if it does not fall in line with YOUR concepts . The greatness in this Country is based on freedom of religion and thought not making everyone fit into your narrow concept of religion . Americas best attribute is its cultural diversity , something you want to destroy .

BG at home April 10, 2011 8:28 am (Pacific time)

Daniel I posted: "In the beginning..." All your other listed factors do not apply, other than to consider environmental adaptions. I never said life is not unfair Daniel, it is a fact though, that some individuals, communities and nations handle diversity much more successfully than others. We do very well dealing with adversity and also are involved in helping others around the world. That is why we are "exceptionable," and that also promulgates, to my dismay, such hostility from those jealous people who hate our charity to others. I have never seen many people prosper very well when they spend time blaming others for their situation, but some simply cannot help themselves. Maybe that's a trait that is biologically wired? I sure see a lot of historically misinformed Americans protesting over small change. Of course you have people of all demographics in all locations around the world who rise out of poverty and ignorance and become quite prosperous. You think they spend much time blaming others, and their environmental history, for their poor beginnings? Our poorest people in America have a far better life than the majority of the world, plus they have what most in the world do not have: opportunity and freedom, which you are using right now. You think the average Chinese citizen can write about their government, or express displeasure about their environment as you? They are floating on an economic bubble, and they have very little freedom, much less hope, to make their lives much better compared to those who live in the west. Oh well, it's a horse to water thing for many here in the states, for they just do not understand the big picture, nor are they capable of grasping just how fortunate they are. Biologically wired that way?

Your brain hath been washed.. 

Daniel April 9, 2011 5:58 pm (Pacific time)

Bill the belief that everyone was born equal is total nonsense . Even having equal opportunities in this country is total nonsense . Some are born to privilege and wealth many others to poverty and violence . Perhaps if we were all born into test tubes from the same strain and the exact economic and cultural upbringing it might approach equality . Reality is quite different as are the varied cultural experiences in America that some fear . Your history of Americas economics overlooks slavery and worker exploitation that built the infrastructure of this country . The fact that our country has never experienced the damages from WW1 and WW2 as Europe and Russia have is also not factored in . We had the only running not bombed out economy after WW2 , Europe was in rune same in Russia . Becoming an economic super was a no brainer . The #2 economy in the world is Communist China . Would you say their enormous economic growth was do to their Constitution ? Maybe its due to good old exploitation of the underclass , the same thing that build the fortunes of this Country .

BG at home April 9, 2011 3:17 pm (Pacific time)

Daniel in the beginning we all came to be born equal in terms of being a blank slate(if you believe in that theory), then some prospered and some did not. Some prospered more than others. In time America prospered more than any other country, and I ascribe that happening to our form of government. Furthermore, it cannot be disproven, it is what it is. We are an "exceptional people" because of our Constitution. Simply look at other forms of government and compare Daniel. There is the empirical, then there is the "opinion" of those who are simply so irritated with who we are, and what we have accomplished, and they know we will continue in that upward successful trend, which bugs them even more. We have been predicted to fail going back to King George...

Charlene Young April 9, 2011 12:58 pm (Pacific time)

Daniel Johnson: "One final point: Americans make up about 4.5% of the world's population, yet use 25% of the world's oil. Is this something you're proud of?" I had the below links in a file from a past article on this site. It is eye-opening and smashes many energy myths re: consumption. Considering that we have the biggest economy in the world, currently, I rejoice about the below factoids: Global energy per capita consumption shows Canadian's use "SIGNIFICANTLY" more than her southern neighbors in the United States of America. In fact when you factor in our need for air-conditioning and other climatic factors that impact energy use, Canada should be using less energy, but do not. In fact in just electricity per capita consumption, Canadians use nearly "25%" more! Well now, where else did I see that 25% stat? Do Canadians feel good about that global reality? I do not know, but I believe for some individuals that is when Lenin's saying "...accuse others of what you are doing..." comes into play. Note many other countries also use more than America per capita, e.g. Norway by nearly 50% per individual (see below link). In addition we are constantly involved in developing methods to reduce our consumption, does Canada have such policies? I pray that they do, I like most Canadians very much and don't want them to be so piggy with their energy consumption. //

BG at home April 9, 2011 7:30 am (Pacific time)

Big difference between hardwork and luck Daniel. Also throw in other attributes such as sacrifice and high collective intelligence that was aptly harnessed by the greatest instrument ever created: The U.S. Constitution. Maybe if Canada had such a document you would be paying for your own self-defense rather than sponging off us. Oh well, carry on...maybe go out into the world and help those in need. Have you ever had that experience? Have any Canadians? Compare and contrast with us...of course you have no point of reference to grasp the concept of sacrifice is my belief. Any veteran out there knows what I mean.

Without luck (all the wealth available in the Lundberg quote) hard work is very limited.

As for the greatness of the Constitution, I take the view of Asimov, over yours which means that the value and  importance of the Constitution is not an absolute but is, rather, an opinion.

Daniel April 9, 2011 7:21 am (Pacific time)

Bill America's success is largely due to the mind power and back breaking work of the immigrants . From the erie canal to the railroads to alternating current . America became great because of vast undeveloped resources developed by slaves and immigrates . It also helped that our country was not devastated like Europe from two very destructive world wars on their soil . Bill its the flag wavers and false patriots that get this country into trouble , with useless wars . Its saber rattling and racist ranting by the fear mongers in the big business controlled media that is destroying this Country . The immigration of the cream of the world is slowing because of America's ignorance and intolerance whipped up by the media and people like you Bill . Bill I also served in the Military as my Brothers ,Father , Grandfather , Great Grandfather and ancestors going back to the revolution . I am SAR , a son of the American revolution . I also have immigrate roots from 100 years ago . But so what ! It was nothing to do with today reality . Your still living in the combat minded reality always looking out for the perceived bad guy . Arming yourself to the teeth out of fear and paranoia ! You are the screw loose I watch out for , your mind set helps to make America dangerous .

Daniel Johnson April 8, 2011 9:04 pm (Pacific time)

Bill, you write: “All things being equal that all people are born as a blank slate, how come we have produced such a successful country? Could it be our form of government? Or maybe something else?”

The fallacy in your argument is assuming “all things being equal”. They are not and never have been. On this Ferdinand Lundberg wrote in The Rich and the Super-Rich:

“Whereas European royalty and nobility played profound integral roles in European history, the latter-day American rich were more like hitchhikers who opportunistically climbed aboard a good thing. They produced neither the technology, the climate, the land, the people nor the political system. Nor did they, like many European groups (as in England) take over the terrain as invading conquerors. Rather did they infiltrate the situation from below, insinuate themselves into opportunely presented economic gaps, subvert various rules and procedures, and, as it were ride a rocket to the moon and beyond, meanwhile through their propagandists presenting themselves, no less, as the creators of machine industrialization which was in fact copied from England and transplanted into a lush terrain.”

It's called luck. Maybe you've heard of it. 

If you have, you've probably also heard that luck doesn't last indefinitely. It tends to run out. 

One final point: Americans make up about 4.5% of the world's population, yet use 25% of the world's oil. Is this something you're proud of? 

Bill Griffith April 8, 2011 6:48 pm (Pacific time)

I simply supplied government stats, so take your concern up with them. Of course you have not looked at welfare and food stamps as a percentage ratio of each demo group, and that is where your stereotype error comes into play Daniel. Have you been exposed to that type of math? If not I'll provide you a link where you can get some tutoring, just give me the word. I see you did not want to address the topics dealing with education, gangs and the growing underclass. I don't blame you, it does not fit into your screen. My background taught me to deal with reality, no matter the disappointment it produced. One in combat needs that reality to survive, as will those who reside near growing gangs and the violence they bring, just look at the growing criminal data. You of course could take the entire planet and average out each demographics income and educational background. Needless to say the cream of the crop of many counties come here and that skews the data considerably. Are you familiar with the "skew concept" Daniel? If not I can provide a link for possible tutoring if so desired. One should keep in mind why does the planet's cream of the crop come here and who were the creator's of this place they come to? All things being equal that all people are born as a blank slate, how come we have produced such a successful country? Could it be our form of government? Or maybe something else?

Daniel April 8, 2011 5:49 pm (Pacific time)

Make that 70% of Moslems immigrants , not American converts, who's income average is above that of white america 70 vs 56 thousand per year . Most of the White and Black population on welfare have been here for generations . This is a horrible reflection on the American system , its education and values . It seems from the figures I presented that immigration currently is vastly improving the American experience . The bigots only focus on negative stereotypes and not factual reality . Think about that if you have to go to the hospital and there is a foreign born specialist to serve you . Think about all the tech money that helps keep Portland afloat , designed by the foreign born at Intel and a number of local tech companies . Its easy to put down the undereducated who do all the dirty crap the North American born chose not to do . And they do it at low wages to keep the fresh food prices down . If they paid higher farm wages that a person could live on they would not need foreign labor . The price would also go up and people would complain . The American public benefits from cheap back breaking labor and complains about it ! This has been the history of this country , for those who do not understand history the mistakes repeat . Bill the conservative leadership in Germany is playing into anti immigration sentiment for there own benefit . The rhetoric is very similar to Hitler if you read his writings . The war ended 66 years ago but not the racism .

Daniel April 8, 2011 4:41 pm (Pacific time)

Bill More like squalid apes than human beings , unstable as water , the WILD IRISH understand only force , James Froude professor of history Oxford . Marry those be the most barbaric and loathy conditions of ANY people under heaven . They do use all the beastly behavior that may be , they oppress all men , they spoil as well the subject , as the enemy , they steal , they are cruel and bloody , full of revenge and delight in deadly execution , licentious , swearers and blasphemers , common ravishers of women and murders of children . Edmund Spenser on the Irish . MY GOD how did the USA survive these savages !!! BTW 15% of the Marines 14% of the navy and 10% of the army are hispanic . My ancestors should have kept the Irish OUT they have ruined Americas values !!! Say Bill your are not Irish , we have a boat waiting to take you back !

Daniel April 8, 2011 4:03 pm (Pacific time)

Food stamps recipients 37.2 % black 46.2 % white . Medicaid 27.5 % black 48.5 % white . Foreign born doctors make up about 25% of total ! Over 1/3 of all science and engineer phd's are foreign born . PHD Physicists 45% foreign born , Engineers , not train , 50 % foreign born . Over 1/3 of US nobel prize winners are foreign born . The average Moslem Family in the US has an income of about $70,000 per year . The average white family is $56,000 per year . Bill I have read the same old crap in history about EVERY group that has migrated to this country . Nothing new in your post just the same old prejudice and ignorance that has been spewed out for hundreds of years .

Charlene Young April 6, 2011 11:24 am (Pacific time)

Daniel below is some official census data that may help correct your below posted misunderstanding? "The United States as a whole, 57 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal and illegal) with children (under 18) used at least one welfare program, compared to 39 percent for native households with children. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that in Texas, 54 percent of households with children headed by legal immigrants used at least one welfare program, compared to 70 percent for illegal immigrant households with children... compared to 42 percent for native households with children in the state. "

Bill Griffith April 6, 2011 9:14 am (Pacific time)

Daniel the nazi's of Germany have been gone for nearly 66 years now. I was in Germany on business last summer and the difference I saw from the last time I was there(approx. 7 years) was absolutely remarkable. There has been a huge increase in muslim immigrants and the violence and balkanization is increasing beyond law enforcements capability of handling it. This is happening all over Europe, so the response by the leaders over there is not surprising. Though having the nazi history brought up is just a misleading distraction. I follow your points about the diversity in America, and many of the groups you mentioned have been significant contributors to American society, but some have not. It is the latter group that is increasing in violence and seperating more each day from mainstream American values. We have a growing underclass (as is also happening in Europe and Australia) that is a tinderbox waiting to explode. By the way when you mention groups that are on welfare, it would be more accurate if you make a demographic ratio percentage comparisons. Try doing that in all positive/negative measurements, for example, graduation rates, violent crime, welfare, drop-out and graduation rate trends, out of wedlock birthrates,etc., then see how the numbers look Daniel. But you do make good points about different groups that isolate because of religion and other cultural reasons, but what is their positive/negative mix to our society? And what are the future trends? Are gangs and violence increasing? School test scores increasing with resource increases? Are school graduates job ready, or just given diploma's to make the schools look productive?

Amanda April 5, 2011 9:51 pm (Pacific time)

As one famous German once said, "I know only 2 Classes of people, the German worker, and the German Farmer" I wish the US could take a lesson... The highly held and favored "Corporatiohns" did not grow by themselves.

Daniel April 5, 2011 7:31 pm (Pacific time)

Rodger Germany paints its own dark history by its actions . If you read German propaganda from the Hitler era its not much different than your postings . What about the Pennsylvania Dutch or the Mennonites they have been here for over a 100 years and some still speak German . They also do not wear mainstream clothing . The USA unlike some of our European allies is a multi Cultural country , Hitler called us a mongrel nation . In NYC they speak over 140 languages . The orthodox Jews still wear long beards , strange haircuts and non traditional clothing . From Tesla to Teller the migration of the greatest minds in the world to the USA made it number one . There are over a half million Moslems in NY . A great number are doctors lawyers and engineers . Their knowledge helped create this countries technology and wealth . Most of those on welfare are white women with kids from white dead beat dads . Some have been here for many generations and still cant make it . Again your racist rant is very much like the words of Hitler in the 1930-40s . I can post matching quote if you wish . Rodger try as I will with my earlier sarcastic posts I still can not match your astounding level of ignorance or venom .

Daniel April 5, 2011 11:32 am (Pacific time)

Douglas you are so right , I did some research and found out the tens of thousands of bombs including the 15 thousand pound clusters that were dropped on Afghanistan were not really bombs at all . They were loan applications ! What a surprise , no one has the grasp of history you do . Boy those savages are so ungrateful of all our help .

Roger April 5, 2011 9:45 am (Pacific time)

Daniel that's a very dark cloud you assign Germany because their leader claimed that incoming Muslims have eschewed becoming part of German culture, a country they came to voluntarily. Similar happenings here in the states. You have millions coming here for a "better" life, but isolate into the cultures of their mother countries. There was a time when people came here to become Americans. Now we have Americans (albeit just a few) who reinforce this balkanization. Where do you come from Daniel? Do you consider people who want our laws enforced some kind of racists? Have you even been to Germany and seen what has happened there in terms of the muslim balkanization? Have you talked to Americans living on our southern border and hear them talk about the daily terror that they undergo? All the while when you have the Whitehouse claim how safe the border area has become? How about the growing gang violence? That alone is an excellent reason to arm oneself, for even the police in many areas claim that law enforcement is becoming more after the fact rather than pro-active. Yes I believe it's a normal reaction to question the intelligence of allowing people into your country who have no desire to participate in the mores of your country.

Daniel April 5, 2011 8:27 am (Pacific time)

Yes Douglas the evil USSR bombed them to rubble , because they wanted control of the gas pipeline .They put in a puppet government who said they needed the USSR's help . We created Osama Bin Laden and his crew to kill the Russians . The USA in its invasion and 10 year occupation has only done good . We only drop good bombs to kill evil people . Afghanistan begged us to invade so they could get loans at a good rate They love us because its wonderful there now . Our puppet is much better than the USSR puppet . USSR EVIL the USA GOOD .

Douglas Benson April 5, 2011 6:28 am (Pacific time)

Dan get it straight ,the USSR bombed them into the stone age .Afghanistan begged to be recognized as a country ,so they could get loans and such to rebuild .

Daniel April 4, 2011 5:38 pm (Pacific time)

Lewis I am in full agreement multi kultism does not work in Germany . Did not Hitler prove this the extermination of the gypsies and the Jews . Those gypsies were dirty and dishonest and the jews with the long beards and funny hair cuts , strange dress and religion did not belong . We know the jews tried to control Germany and its banking ! They wanted to turn the fatherland into a zionist state . I am glad you agree with Hitler and Merkel on this matter . Germany for the Germans not the inferior races . Keep the MASTER RACE pure .

Lewis Rosenberg April 4, 2011 1:36 pm (Pacific time)

The 60s campus chant of “Hey, Hey, Ho , Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go, “ doesn’t sound so funny now as we see the inroads multiculturalism has made on our freedoms, our rule of law, our very way of life. In the run up to the Chicago Islam Conference of June 15, 2010, one commenter said, “to re-establish the Khilafah (Caliphate) we need to build an overwhelmingly strong movement within our countries that will overthrow the corrupt rulers from their thrones and bring into place a Khalifah who will implement the Shariah and stand up for the affairs of the Mulsim Ummah (Many Identified in One, One Identified in Many). Join us in building this global movement.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a recent Potsdam conference “the multikulti concept where people of different backgrounds would live together happily doesn’t work in Germany. . .it has failed, utterly failed.” Recently French President Sarkozy said, “My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure….we have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him..” David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, told the Munich Security Conference that “state multiculturalism had failed and pledged to cut funding for Muslim groups that failed to respect basic British values.” Former Australian PM Howard Baker said “The Anglosphere–Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the United States–needed to take greater pride in its values and achievements. So while other countries are waking up to the dangers of allowing foreign cultures to immigrate but refuse to assimilate, many in the U.S. blindly ignore the damage being done to our country. You need to think further down the road, and by not knowing "real history" you will doom yourselves.

Anonymous April 4, 2011 10:49 am (Pacific time)

Watch the video that this link will take you toL and then ask yourself one question: "Is anything worth hurting a child or teaching them to hate"? I believe that it is justifiable to fight or stike back if we are attacked but look at what is happening to the children of the middle east. To kill a child, maim a child, teach a child to fear or hate is NEVER justifiable . . . not for God and not for country!!!

Anonymous April 4, 2011 10:37 am (Pacific time)

I agree with your ststement regarding the mainstream media. Sensationalism is their bread and butter. If nothing sensational is going on, they will create something sensational out of nothing. Providing news coverage to an idiot only give him reason to be more idiotic.

Daniel April 4, 2011 10:21 am (Pacific time)

Douglas I agree , first we helped them out against the Russians by funding and creating the Osama Bin Laden freedom fighters . Than we gave Osamas boys millions in anti drug dollars in may 2001 . We then freed the people from the militant groups we created by bombing them into the stone age and putting in a corrupt ineffective puppet . Why do these ungrateful people not appreciate our occupation troops and contractors . What is wrong with them ? After everything we did for them , how ungrateful !!! I know if we were under occupation in the USA we would only show a loving christian face to the occupiers . Thats the difference between us and them

Douglas Benson April 4, 2011 9:06 am (Pacific time)

This doesnt look good for muslims in general and just like the good old christian KKK a few idiots make the rest look bad and at a time when we have congressmen demonizing the muslim faith as a threat to national security . So here comes the idiots on both sides ,aint religion great? I wonder though ,are these guys rioting about burning the Quran or was it just the straw that broke the camels back? Is this just some spin from our government to demonize muslims and find a good excuse to curtail our rights to boot? What part of burning holy books ,a flag,or a bra is our right do folks not understand? What harm does it do to anyone? Its just a freakin book. What no outrage at the actions of these extremists killing over a silly book.Does this mean muslims in general are willing to kill over their religious beliefs or tolerate and support those that do? Is it our responsibility to conceed our rights to threats of and use of violence? What a lost opportunity to prove that the muslim faith is tolerant. Further compounded by a lack of condemnaton for these acts of violence and trying to spin it off with finger pointing,I told you so ,and why didnt you stop it knowing full well there is jack they can really do . Is it unfair ,yes the christians enjoy a double standard as they enjoy the majority support in this country. If they had arrested this nut the right would have gone through the roof with an army of lawyers and political support to back them up. Something the groups that are being targeted by the FBI and others should be doing .Where are the lawyers for these groups? If I was running these groups the first time they tried this garbage I would hire lawyers and stick it to them . We should never even be in these countries ,let them burn. Pull out and let them go back to killing eachother . Let them live in the stone age and mind our own house. Our money and troops shouldnt be going to tame the worlds savages. Its their country let them live as they choose . Dont take this as a condemnation of the civilized tolerant people but as such for those that are beyond reason on both sides . Peace

Anonymous April 4, 2011 9:04 am (Pacific time)

One last thing to Mike. In Iraq, Saddam let Christians be, as long as they did not flaunt it. They did have to keep it under wraps, but Saddam did not go looking for them in their houses. After the Iraq invasion by the U.S. it all changed, and Christians had to flee Iraq, many were killed. And those you claim to be killing Christians, many are AlCIAda, birhted, ran, and controlled by the CIA. The recent FACT that AlCIAda is being used in Libya proves it. You really need to do some research, and turn off your establishment owned television. You should also do some research on 911, 19 cavemen did not get thru israeli security, the most sophisticated in the world, then make NORAD stand down, confuse the FAA, and make 3 buildings freefall down in their own footprint. Yes, 3 buildings, building 7 is a 46 story federal building, built to the highest standards, and only had a few office fires, but it fell at freefall speed, in its own footprint, which is impossible.

Anonymous April 4, 2011 8:57 am (Pacific time)

Mike did get one thing right, we have a 1st ammendment, and it should be protected even when we strongly disagree with the cause. I believe this is extremely important. And I agree with April, its a book that can be replaced, its too bad people get upset. I believe in the Bible. (well, the basic foundation of the Bible anyway, I am sure its been a bit basterdized over the centuries), and if someone was to burn a Bible, I would not care. If they came into my home, and took the Bible that was given to me in 1962, when I was 5 years old, that I kept all this time, now THAT would have dire consequences. This pastor has a church of about 2 people :-), if the media would ignore it, so would everyone else. But mainstream media is owned by the establishment that seems to love war, hatred, and fighting. It makes them rich.

Daniel April 4, 2011 8:11 am (Pacific time)

I agree we in the west were never taught to kill over a replaceable book , only over oil , big business and to feed the military industrial complex . Everyones knows might makes right . Christianity is all GOOD , Islam all evil !

April 3, 2011 7:48 pm (Pacific time)

It is sad to me that anyone thinks that a book, that can be easily replaced, is worth killing over. But that is based on my upbringing in the West. This pastor KNEW that what he was doing had the potential to cause violence including deaths. That is sad.

Mike April 3, 2011 6:22 pm (Pacific time)

First Amendment! We watch the muslims not just only burn bibles but destroy churches around the world, and recently killed nearly 1,000 Christians the other day in the country Ivory Coast.

 Editor: You are full of it, but stand up for this guy, go give him a big sloppy wet kiss why don't you?

Coptic Christians are being slaughtered in Egypt, and other places around the world.

Editor: Muslims don't exist to kill others, but Christian and Jews sure think it is their job to kill Muslims.  Your arrogant attitude is blatantly based on lies.

Same goes for other groups in southeast Asia and the Phillippines, and on and on it goes. So what are our rights that we have fought for since our founding?

Editor: Whose founding? What are you talking about, the US or abroad?  Try to figure out your point before you write it.

Do we sit by and allow others to kill without responding?

Editor: Yes, based on the support of Israel's genocide, that is exactly what we do in this 'proud' nation of fools.

Why are we in Libya and not protecting others that share similar values of cherished freedoms and the right to free speech?

Editor: For the first time in decades we did something potentially right and honorable, of course you are against it. 

Better wake up folks and not be distracted by one of our citizens exercising their constitutional rights, for we hide from no one! As far as the Manning criminal act that no one has died because of it, BS!

Editor: Screw that guy, he is a piece of shit.

Daniel April 3, 2011 6:01 pm (Pacific time)

What an outrage the fanatics in Afghanistan have murdered out of hate . We should invade and occupy their country and put a corrupt ineffective puppet in power . We should station troops and hired killers to murder and rape their population with immunity . But we are a peace loving people and would never do anything like that . Christianity is all good Islam is all evil .

Anonymous April 3, 2011 5:43 pm (Pacific time)

Colli: I dont fly because of the radioactive backscanners, and the groping, and florida is too far a drive, or I would go to florida and kick his butt. God told me I could :-)

Colli April 3, 2011 4:57 pm (Pacific time)

"We should burn a book sacred to another's religion in the name of God" . . . "We should take another's life in the name of God" . . . Every book ever written was written by man . . . every church, temple, or mosque ever built was built by man . . . regardless of what name you call Him, be it Jehova, Yahweh, Christ, or Allah, He created the bountiful world around us as a gesture of love . . . not hatred and intolerence. Fear and hatred were created by man for his own purposes. This pastor performs outrageous acts to stir the pot in the name of God because someone of another faith refuses to worship God in the way he believes is correct or becuase someone of another faith calls God by a different name. Well, a fool by any other name is still a fool just as God by any other name is still God.

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