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Scholars and New York Firefighters Demanding Truth on 9/11 Events

Unsettling facts and comparisons are cited about 9/11 by U.S. professors.

Scene at the Pentagon on 9/11, where experts say a 757 jetliner in spite of a crash, would have left identifiable parts
Scene at the Pentagon on 9/11, where experts say a 757 jetliner in spite of a crash, would have left identifiable parts

(SALEM) - American professors and scholars have banded together with New York City firefighters and others, in intensive efforts to find out what really brought down the WTC towers on September 11th 2001, and to question U.S. officials about how two other jetliner crashes that day left no wreckage.

More media outlets are suddenly waking up to the knowledge that there are glaring inconsistencies in the official story.

After publishing two reports on facts that don't stand up on the 9/11 Pentagon crash, our Web team caught the U.S. Air Force last week trying to hack into, very interesting business ethics to say the least.

We are bringing these stories to our visitors because mainstream media has been blasted time and time again for failing to question the ever-present list of at best, hard to believe explanations offered by the Bush administration.

A physicist at Brigham Young University now believes an incendiary substance called thermite, bolstered by sulfur, was used to generate exceptionally hot fires at the World Trade Center on 9/11, causing the structural steel to fail and the buildings to collapse. In an article by Suzanne Dean for the Deseret Morning News in Utah, Steven Jones says, "It looks like thermite with sulfur added, which really is a very clever idea."

Jones says the government requires standard explosives to contain tag elements enabling them to be traced back to their manufacturers. But no tags are required in aluminum and iron oxide, the materials used to make thermite, he said. Nor, he said, are tags required in sulfur. Jones is co-chairman, with James H. Fetzer, a distinguished professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a group of college faculty members who believe conspirators other than pilots of the planes were directly involved in bringing down New York's Trade Towers:

A 40-page paper by Jones, along with other peer-reviewed and non-reviewed academic papers, are posted on the site.

The information in a recently released video now available on the Internet takes the viewer through the entire day on 9/11 and offers countless examples of the official story, from Osama Bin Laden`s involvement, to the firefighters who distinctly heard a series of explosions just before the towers came down. It is being compared to an implosion at a Las Vegas hotel.

One after another, unsettling facts and comparisons are delivered; like how a B-25 bomber crashed into the Empire State Building in the mid-40`s. The plane, smaller but much more stout than the planes that hit the World Trade Towers, did not take the building down, didn`t even start to. The Empire State Building is a fraction of the size of the twin towers, it was built a lot earlier, yet it was able to take a hit that heavier, more modern construction couldn`t?

The video plays perfectly with a high speed Internet connection. It may be one of the most important stories ever told, it is starting to emerge that the very darkest of truths may be among us.

Even the alleged suicide death of Hunter S. Thompson is under suspicion, it is a fact that he had claimed to have `hard evidence" of the tower implosions and was studying it at the time of his death. More on Thompson`s death can be found at Related: What Really Hit The Pentagon? Huge Contradictions in Official Theories on 9/11 Crash at Pentagon


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Erik Jensen April 17, 2006 12:14 pm (Pacific time)

Co-chair Dr. Steven Jones is infamous as a collaborator with Pons and Fleischmann in their now discredited cold fusion experiments. This calls into question his scientific judgment. His paper is highly speculative and only reviewed by a select cadre of true believers. Personally, I don't need a crackpot conspiracy theory to find the behavior of the Bush administration idiotic and reprehensible.

Tom Noonan April 14, 2006 3:34 am (Pacific time)

Excellent article on the 9/11 cover-up. I'm sure you'll bombarded with all sorts of accusations but it doesn't matter. The facts speak for themselves. The folks who have risked their jobs and lives in pursuit of Truth. People who put their country above ideology and who care deeply about our democracy. These people aren`t whackos, zealots, fanatics or anything of the kind. They are scientists, members of government, academics, lawyers, writers, reporters, theologians etc., all with the common goal of getting at Truth. On September 11, 2001, the world changed forever. Not since Pearl Harbor has America seen such a catastrophic and catalyzing event. Since that traumatizing day, the U.S. has invaded two countries, created a Department of Homeland Security, dramatically increased military spending, introduced a Patriot Act, indefinitely incarcerated prisoners with no legal rights or status, tortured prisoners and now has begun wiretapping American citizens. Tens of thousands of lives have been lost or destroyed and the slaughter continues. All this is justified by the events of 9/11 and the War on Terror. We damn well better be sure of our FACTS.

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