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Warmongers, Chickenhawks, FOX News and Iran (VIDEO)

As they try to push our tired and beleaguered military into a needless war with Iran, it is only fair to place a name with a face.

These are the people trying to drive the United States into a needless war with Iran when they already don't adequately care for the number of veterans we have now.
These are some of the people trying to drive the United States into a needless war with Iran when the country already doesn't adequately care for the number of veterans at hand. Limbaugh, Murdoch, Lieberman, Bolton, O'Reilly, McCain, Bush, Hannity, are among politicians and media personalities willing to send our military into another war.

(SALEM, Ore.) - A number of American soldiers have reportedly stated that they won't go to a war in Iran. That is not something you heard very much during Bush's set up to attack Iraq. Apparently the United States does not have enough blood on its hands yet, and politicians essentially lobbying for Israel, are positioning the nation for a fight it would never win. Maybe that is what they really want.

Even Barack Obama is joining in the call to view Iran as a danger. Why are we so intent on seeing this nation as an enemy when they have done nothing to us?

Ironically, Time reported yesterday that many people in Iran remain hopeful that Obama wins the election. Of course the magazine also reports that John McCain has his fair share of support in Iran.

It is extremely clear by almost all accounts, that Iran does not seek to build nuclear weapons. They want to use nukes to create electricity, like the United States and France and other countries, all nations that have made horrible political mistakes in the past... as has Iran.

The one thing I discovered during Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the United States a few months ago, was that Fox News creates false and fictitious translations of the man's speech.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not deny that the Holocaust happened, but that it is important to recognize that Jewish people only make up a percentage of the number of civilians who were slaughtered during WWII. Is that evil?

He is no fan of Israel, which sits on soil that belonged to Palestinians until the late 1940's. The people who founded Israel 60 years ago were refugees, they were desperate and eager to reclaim a region they consider to be their Holy Land. That's understandable. It just needed to happen differently. A larger degree of patience and compassion for the local people should have been exercised. The people of all the Islamic nations see the creation of Israel as a complete and total indignity applied to Muslim people.

It is worth noting that the soldiers of Afghanistan and Iraq who fight side by side with our forces, are Islamic. Iraq has a small percentage of Christians; Afghanistan has none.

The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister under Sadaam Hussein was Catholic. In 1984, Tarek Aziz met with President Reagan and our two countries officially restored diplomatic relations after their meeting at the White House.

It is time that we comprehend as a nation that unity with Islamic people is more than possible, and it is the only answer. As in the case of Christianity, extreme convictions are dangerous- in any faith.

The taking of land that is now Israel is just not the kind of thing that is easily forgiven, or forgotten. Americans frequently talk about how "they have been fighting for thousands of years over there."

But they haven't.

Israel as we know it today has existed for exactly six decades, hardly thousands of years. Heck, if anybody has been fighting for thousands of years, it would as likely be the western people with our countless, ongoing wars.

Today, people in the Mideast are so fearful of the United States that it causes them daily psychological trauma. That does not just include Iraq, where the population is already living like damaged goods every day.

A high level Saudi diplomat told Salem-News.com that people in his home country feel the same way; everyone there lives in fear of the United States' tendency to drop bombs first and seek answers later. They consider us volatile.

CIA led coup d'état against Iran in 1953

By the way, do you know this isn't the first time the United States has found itself breathing down the neck of Tehran? In fact, a U.S. move over half a century ago is what many researchers believe led to the kidnapping of U.S. hostages by Iran in 1953.

The CIA coup to change the political powers of Iran was the first covert post-World War II operation launched by the U.S. government, in cooperation with Britain, to topple the constitutional government of a sovereign nation.

According to the 2001 International Journal of Mideast Studies, published by Cambridge University, the United States moved against Iran on August 19th 1953, when the conclusion was reached that the only way to get Iran to cooperate with the west in terms of oil sales, was military intervention.

"Operation AJAX, as the coup d'état came to be called by the CIA, was implemented at the height of the Cold War, and as such was accompanied by many familiar justifications. The most important of these were the improbability of any resolution to the oil-nationalization crisis between Iran and Britain as long as Musaddiq remained in power and the communist threat posed by the Tudeh Party of Iran and its Soviet sponsor."

Muhammad Musaddiq's democratically elected government in Iran was topped that day, and it was an important historical event from various perspectives, many of which are being discussed by Middle East observers to this date, says the report from Cambridge.

They further state that the long-term consequence of this intervention can partially explain the 1979 revolution in Iran and the ongoing crisis in Iran–U.S. relations.

Our nation's military has been hard pressed in recent years and George W. Bush, who avoided combat duty during the Vietnam War by serving in the Texas Guard, under the leadership of his father who was a federal legislator from Texas at the time, has used and abused the services of National Guard troops at war, sending citizen soldiers into combat for repeated tours.

Had our nation concentrated forces in Afghanistan as we started to, we would likely have been able to help the area regain political and economic stability. Instead, Bush redirected forces to Iraq and let the needs of the Afghan people fall through the cracks, eliminating the Afghan Children's Fund for example.

It has been a completely wasteful and useless presidency under Bush and he had no right to squander the resources of this nation while never having a plan to achieve any type of success or victory, creating an endless battle.

The people of Israel deserve to live in peace, and so does everybody else on the earth, including the Iranians. War and death is a horrible answer and American politicians who support it are short sighted at best.

The single biggest problem and threat to the future of the United States and Iran, is Fox News. They are a common enemy to all that is honest; blatant liars that all play the game or they don't work at Fox. Again, almost all of those who root for attacking Iran, spare John McCain, are chickenhawks with no military experience or background. They are the ones who call for war but would never have the courage to fight in one. Each is an individual who could have made that an aspect of their life, and that lack of experience of being in combat personally allows them to be who they are today, warmongers and chickenhawks.

This video strikes the nail on the head with its collection of Fox News misinformation that has been specifically delivered to help dumb down America, courtesy of Brave New Films and YouTube:


Special thanks to: How Iran Sees the US Primaries

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Henry Ruark April 28, 2008 7:59 am (Pacific time)

ItWH et al: You may be right re attack on Iran, demanded by Bush cabal as possible distraction and last shot in neocon plot. But no matter who triggers THIRD Bush-war -again as "a surely preemptive and clearly unwarranted" one-- we must now clearly face near-certainty that SOMEbody will "drop the big one", followed by world incineration as others take "defensive" action. Makes "who done it" rather meaningless, don't you agree ? When homes, mothers, kids, cars, businesses, schools et al are cindered into senseless rubble, what price politics ?? Think it cannot happen ? So did this "leadership" generation, ostensibly now "in charge", from whence came Reagan and Bush I and II. It was Reagan's Iran-Contra conspiracy that initiated the current "threatening debacle", following our overthrow of the early-democracy then in place there. (See Tim's review-story)

It Will Happen April 26, 2008 11:18 am (Pacific time)

I think we will probably be at war with Iran within 6 months, most likely triggered by an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Bush and Israel are not going to risk leaving the Iran problem possibly to the likes of Obama. The case is slowly being made for it now. If McCain is so far ahead that it is not even a race then perhaps they will wait. Otherwise, they won’t, and a war with Iran would guarantee McCain’s election (unless he’s running against Hillary, who has promised to “obliterate” Iran, which I do believe trumps John McCain’s “bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.”)

Henry Ruark April 24, 2008 2:44 pm (Pacific time)

To all: Bill Moyer stated: "Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices - just recognize them": Edward R. Murrow As usual, he said it much better re "objectivit" than I did, in Comment 4/23/4:31 p.m. ===

Henry Ruark April 24, 2008 2:23 pm (Pacific time)

Charlie et al: Yours re Soros deadd giveaway for neocon attitude: You demean and build suspicion vs Soros with no proof, in snide, dirty-shot manner. For "see with own eyes" re this respectable financier and philanthropist, see FORTUNE, p.68, current issue, 4/28. IF you wish to share re something or someone, include link to your source or cite it and its proof in detail in your comment. "Feelings" don't count nearly so strongly as a documentation from authority known to be trustworthy. That's essential difference between "b/button" feeling and "informed opinion": Everyone has one of former and they all about the same.

The Management April 24, 2008 11:31 am (Pacific time)

Hey Charlie... it is obvious that you are good old "Contractor" and "Jefferson" and "Sadie" and whatever name you feel like using today. For those who are reading this, "Charlie" is we surmise, an Israeli who always puts a hard right wing spin (lie) into his statements. We suspect he is paid off, as he surfaces with just enough regularity for us to pin a pattern on him. I suggest you take anything he says that fails to make sense and write it off. 

Henry Ruark April 24, 2008 11:30 am (Pacific time)

Charlie et al: You may be right-on re your view of this situation but I still cannot see how starting "a preemptive war" to "kill 'em all off !" can ever possibly help remedy it. No Western/known recognized religion covers any such attack; only barbaric and cult/cultural beliefs do so.Do you endorse such beliefs? As world leader, ostensibly democratic home and pool of strong examples, we could and should have done better,by skilled and determined diplomacy; and still preserved our same option of further defense-initiation demanded for later application, perhaps saving huge blood-and-money losses for all concerned. Documentation on public record clearly shows personal and political motives by neocon leaders for what we allowed to be done,and for which we now must face full consequences and terrible cost in life and treasure. That decision is solidly on record as major charge now demanding impeachment to clear the way for strong further but peaceful action to remedy what we allowed to happen by our own negligence in principles which ostensibly drive our own democracy. Many psychiatrists now agree that denial of this reality is a symptom for which those so suffering should seek help. (Documentation on request with ID to Editor for direct contact !)

Charlie April 24, 2008 9:55 am (Pacific time)

How many of you are familiar with the "End-of-Time" Theology that the current elected leader of Iran embraces? Who does he so state is the "Little Satan" and who is the "Great Satan"? Regardless of what has happened between our countries in the past (there are different versions/interpretations), even the proof that Iran has provided munitions and training that has taken American lives, one must understand (at least attempt to) that there are zealots in Iran who embrace this "End-of Time" theology. Think suicide bombers on the state level. We all want peace, but sometimes the way to get peace is playing hardball with those you simply cannot negotiate with. Our different cultures and totally opposite viewpoints on the value of life (and the individual) are so incompatible that unless there is a movement by the people to overthrow these zealots, we will have to protect ourselves. I imagine Israel will move on them before long. No sane person wants that to happen, but you have an insane situation that is getting worse.

Henry Ruark April 24, 2008 9:05 am (Pacific time)

Charlie et al: IF you have no problem with well-documented intentional corporate greed-driven attack on all consumers,you're either misinformed or in denial. Think Enron to start; then review Bush II tax-slashes and full slate of political dollar purchase from many elected officials both in national and state legislatures facilitated by corporate political dollars openly acknowledged by all. OR is it your own stock-held assets you feel threatened ? Open, honest markets can do great things but they rely on accurate and rapid checkable information;most are now intentionally distorted and perverted --as sub/prime and other investigations now prove again, without possible doubt after many similar speculation "bubbles" in Wall Street. For full "see with own eyes" links see my previous Op Eds over two years, reflecting 30 years of documentation and my early ID of Reagan-era as the shift-point now tolling out very painful consequences for all of us. Do you speak from similar documenting background ? If so why not share with us what it is and from whence your denial originates ?? We have from you no ID with details on your responsibility and accountable history, so why should we now accept offhand, undocumented feeling when you claim careful check of open, accessible information ? That's purpose of this open, honest dialog channel: For a fully democratic sharing from which all can learn, as we now face more dangerous issue and problem decisions than in any other era of our U.S. history. We are NOT here to prove up or destroy ANY particular side or slice of personal political preference; print-press and other blogs serve for that. S-N unique in this role, so use it to share-and-learn, not to promote and propagandize for perverse political points. We await your documentation for corporate-defense after ID to establish your credibility. OR send ID to Editor and we can continue dialog via direct contact sharing checkable data and information, saving space here for others to use well.

Charlie April 23, 2008 6:04 pm (Pacific time)

It appears that all news should be taken via a "trust but verify" approach. Frankly I do not have a problem with corporations, if they did not exist we would be nothing more than a third world country, or worse. Maybe we need to start an overview board to ride herd over the media, except who would ride herd over the board. People just need to take the time to investigate any news that impacts them and hopefully they have enough common sense to recognize the bad actors. I sympathize with the below poster about Iran. I have a neighbor who is from Iran and his stories about what's going on there lead me to believe that regardless of what happened in the past, the futures of our two countries will collide in a very meaningful way some day.

Crystal Ball April 23, 2008 5:55 pm (Pacific time)

You are the idiot Gary, and you put off the unmistakable smell of typical white guy fear from a hundred miles away. Pay attention, you are being lied to, Iran has allowed inspectors in other times they have been defiant, but the false accusations by the U.S. and Israeli governments keeps stirring the pot. The Iranians don't have it in for the U.S., but you and your square ass media nerd leaders/liars are not so convincing that you shouldn't question them. Think about it, grow some balls, learn to question the BS handed down by the paid off national media for for God's sake don't believe a word from this stinking Bush administration.  The person before you referenced Soviet nukes, well Sherlock I'm glad you are paying some attention, though not much.  I doubt Iran has rogue nukes, they probably wouldn't mind if they did, but it will pay to remember that the central message of a Vietnam vet named John Kerry was finding those rogue Soviet nukes, so now that is important all of a sudden to you guys?  What, no WMD's?  Suddenly a Democratic cause is important?

Gary Grim April 23, 2008 5:44 pm (Pacific time)

You are an Idiot!!! You make all of these claims that Iran only wants nuclear power, if that is so then why won't they let inspectors in to see what they are doing. They have repeatedly refuse accessto inspectors and I suppose that you are privy to all of the inteligence that is available to the countries that are concerned about Iran. I suppose you looked into you Liberal cyrstal ball and now you know better than the rest of the world.

Henry Ruark April 23, 2008 4:31 pm (Pacific time)

Charlie et al: So now we get the neocon line "distorting by design" --again !-- nearly impossible to remedy in limited space here. But here's a shot, anyhow... As freelancer, I know about profit for business; if not well-learned would have starved long ago...My Chicago operation started with $50 as total in-hand capital, after disastrous year of events far beyond any human control. Ten years later we quit with over 250 clients, and eating quite well, thank you very much. BUT corporate design allows also perversion into twisted, greedy, snatch/all approach as many Americans have learned via recent economic attacks still underway...sub/prime manipulation, WallSt. wildness and Enron et al, for decades. It is that unprincipled takeall attitude, coupled with "illegally-bribed into-being" corporate personhood allowing "corporate campaign political contributions" masked as if human "free speech", to which media and many other moguls in corporate world have turned, with "contributions" (read as"bribes") obtaining the political muscle to get away with it...for a while. Lobbyists outnumber Congress 60-to-1; guess who passes the dollars to whom... Yours re "objective" rapidly tips hand; any f...(read "cogent observer") knows that "objective" is in eyes of the observer for ANY language effort, for ANY purpose, in print or other format; except where contents are able to be physically measured, as in science. That's why honest writers, still including some few (usually angry) journalists, are now abandoning claim to be "objective", with "fairness" subtituted, as attainable by honest effort, amplified by also-honest balance and open, checkable treatment of content-supplied. "fairness" (as in "impartiality") n. : ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty. Neocons cannot understand this differentiation, thus demand "objectivity", now seen as near-impossibility on most contentious issues, problems, situations, esp. emotionally driven ones as in politics. You are right (no pun !!) re choice of what's covered or not;but that is only beginning of several fatal flaws in "objectivity" as practiced OR manipulated every day in every channel. That's why "PR is the dirty underside of communications", dearly loved by corporation types and heavily financed as working tool, not only in all advertising but many other means and methods, too. Example: Hillary adviser Penn heads Burson/Marsteller, famed PR firm; $370,000 fee from Colombia to support trade move H/B opposed. He still advises, boasts of coming new influence.

John Doe April 23, 2008 4:28 pm (Pacific time)

Why bother? Iran HAS ALREADY russian nukes, and one day, it might just decide to blow it up outside U.S. coast, in some transport ship or the like. Then you will have all the time in the world to think what went wrong, while maybe watching your kids hair fall off..

Charlie April 23, 2008 12:33 pm (Pacific time)

Certainly profit is the primary motive for any business, otherwise you do not have a business. I just read where MSNBC is going to simulicast with Air America. Both of these outfits are not making any money , so is one to think that NBC corporate management is pursuing an agenda rather than trying to make a profit for their stockholders? I use to listen, on occasion, to Air America, and even use to watch different programs on MSNBC, but they both simply lost any appeal to me because they have evolved into a medium that just no longer even attempts to be objective. Anyone out there watch the "John Adams" series on HBO? Note: Of course one has to assume dramatic license was taken, but there was considerable historical accuracy in this series. Makes one appreciate just what are Founding Fathers did to give us this wonderful country. Just takes a few people to trample on that 1st Amendment by putting out false and misleading information, whether they do so while making a profit or not. Just what is George Soros up to? I hear both good and bad regarding this individual, but he certainly is wielding too much power.

Hwney Clay Ruark April 23, 2008 11:40 am (Pacific time)

Charlie et al: You are wiser than many, who do not or cannot seek out the surely-opposing viewpoints and then compare actual, testable facts, now hard to find AND then test and compare. What drives this extremely damaging change in media is, very simply, money, sought by irresponsible management, only natural consequence of heavy corporate ownership seeking continuance of 20 percent or more "return", now impossible due to economic conditions. This is real cancer on our democracy about which we must soon DO something, rather than simple dissent and decided frustration. There ARE solutions; will pursue and suggest in Op Eds soon. Among many, change in corporate structure demanded by many factors, underway now. We recently reported on summit for that purpose in Boston --at Faneuil Hall (!), site of Founders earliest activities. Thanks for your thoughtful and "informed" comments, and suggest others seek similar "informed" status prior to quick/shot b/button stuff.

Charlie April 23, 2008 10:49 am (Pacific time)

I'm familiar with the FOX Network and it's corporate make-up, as I am with most all of the media. I simply gather information from as many sources as possible, do my research and draw my own conclusions. From my observations all of the media is in the tank for something(policy/candidate/whatever) that colors their reporting. One has to be conscious of the fact that organizations are mixing propaganda with facts. The New York Times is certainly a guilty party in that characteristic, as are most of them, regardless of the medium. Whether it's corporate or individual, they all have an agenda, and they all bring with them their own viewpoints/perspectives that not only impact just what facts are reported, but what stories they want to report. Ommission of news is the biggest sin of all in my opinion, but then it's subjective, and that's what news has evolved into, rather than it's ideal counterpart.

Henry Ruark April 23, 2008 9:37 am (Pacific time)

Charlie et al: Fox is part of "neocon noise machine" perverting free press in this nation. It was designed and established for that purpose by Murdoch, Australian media guru, and Roger Ailes, noted for similar media activities. For further details, see Comment in Snow-to-CNN story, and do own Google-search to document my points-there. Added note: Famed Wall Street daily editor just quit in disgust, finally driven out by Murdoch slant forced on straight coverage of business and other news, on which world reputation built over past decades, after family sold to Murdoch recently. Just more of same old "same/old" s...(stuff !) in corporate-owned newspaper world...casual viewers/readers captured by contrived content cannily converting facts to fantasies for easy-swallowing.

Charlie April 23, 2008 8:23 am (Pacific time)

During George Bush's time in the Texas National Guard the governor's of that state (all democrats) were John Connally [1963-69]; Preston Smith [1969-73] and Dolph Briscoe [1973-79]. George Bush's father was never governor. Fortunately Bush will be gone soon, but for some reason the FOX Network is probably going to be around for a while longer.


Editor: Charlie makes reference to a mistake in the story that has been corrected.  George H. Bush was never the Governor of Texas, but he was  elected in 1966 to a House of Representatives seat from  the 7th District of Texas, and he was reelected in 1968.  Thanks Charlie for making sure we got that right.

Henry Ruark April 22, 2008 3:30 pm (Pacific time)

To all: Tim's statement here is right on mark, as evidenced by long continued professional observation of this issue and of Fox News. Never forget it is Murdoch who own Fox, demonstrating with aid of Roger Ailes precisely how far one can go to distort and pervert a strong media force, now universally recognized within the profession as "a farce"...and I was careful with spelling there, too !! There is no possible question re historical accuracy of what Tim reports, reflecting personal-grudge and deep financial interests driving both Bush I and Bush II in this situation. In time, historians will use the CIA first-shot vs Iran as the early-on trigger incident setting up the circumstances to trap U.S. into the most ravaging and wasteful war we have ever blundered into in our long history of empire aggressions. For the record, I've NEVER discussed this issue with Tim, and this is second comment in return after "silent period" while moving to new city. It is straight-talk from his fine article alone, based on mine own 60 years in journalism and education.

Vic April 22, 2008 3:13 pm (Pacific time)

Great article !

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