April 24, 2014
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Salem-News.com (Mar-20-2014 12:42)

Iran Celebrates 63rd Anniversary of Oil Nationalization

Yes, my sin — my greater sin and even my greatest sin is that I nationalized Iran's oil industry and discarded the system of political and economic exploitation by the world's greatest empire. - Mohammad Mosaddegh

(TEHRAN IranReview.Org) - Salem-News.com To many Iranian’s March 20 is the reminder of an event that changed the course of history for their country; it was in such a day back in 1951 when Iran’s then parliament voted unanimously in favor of the nationalization of oil in Iran.

The idea was introduced in a bill to the parliament by Iran’s democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq with the support of his nationalist party and religious groups led by Ayatollah Kashani.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-16-2014 15:27)

UK Arrests Iranian Journalist Over `Traitor` Complaint

The British police have detained the Iranian owner of a London-based television production company over allegations made by a British secret service agent against Press TV.

(LONDON Press TV) - MI6 headquarters in London Mehdi Mirtaleb, who heads a company that renders media services to Press TV, was taken into custody by London police after a notorious Iranian separatist filed a complaint against the alternative news channel.

Shadi Sadr, whose controversial remarks promoting the separation of the resource-rich southwestern province of Khuzestan from the rest of Iran has met with angry reactions from Iranians throughout the world and earned her the title of ‘traitor’, took exception to Press TV covering her statements in a February 27 article published on the channel’s website.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-08-2014 10:28)

Just What the Spin Doctor Ordered: an Arms Shipment from Iran`s Government

Israel’s clandestine battle with weapons smugglers

(LONDON) - Salem-News.com An ‘explainer’ from the BBC is followed by Richard Silverstein’s interpretation. A Reuters report gives the basic facts as known at the time.

The announcement by Israel that it has seized a major shipment of weaponry heading to the Gaza Strip from Iran throws a spotlight on alleged ongoing attempts to arm militants there, and Israel’s aim to thwart them.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-24-2014 12:00)

Punishing Iranians on Netanyahu`s Orders

Who is the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East? And why does Congress not impose sanctions on Israel?

(RICHMOND) - Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel The CIA repeatedly warned President Reagan that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was using outlawed mustard gas and nerve agents against Iran.

But Reagan continued providing Saddam Hussein with intelligence and even materials for chemical weapons.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-17-2014 12:30)

Renewed Iranian-American Relations Stabilize World Politics

Multilateral co-ownership on Iranian territory would mitigate fears, create trust and facilitate joint interest in the viability and security of Iran’s nuclear installations.

(TEHRAN Iran Review) - Arshin Adib As a critic, writer and scholar, Adib-Moghaddam is best known for his work on Iran, relations between the west and the Muslim world and the international politics of West Asia and North Africa.

As a public intellectual, he writes on contemporary politics and culture...

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Salem-News.com (Feb-01-2014 12:49)

Iran Review`s Exclusive Interview with Ambassador Frank G. Wisner By: Kourosh Ziabari

Ambassador Frank Wisner took part in a one-to-one interview with Iran Review to discuss his viewpoints regarding the recent agreement between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council...

(TEHRAN Iran Review) - Ambassador Frank Wisner The November 24, 2013 interim nuclear accord in Geneva between Iran and the six world powers, has concluded.

The experts, diplomats and political commentators on both sides welcomed the deal as a breakthrough agreement that has brought to an end some 10 years of fruitless talks and opened up new horizons for cooperation between Iran and the international community.

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Salem-News.com (Jan-29-2014 21:40)

Latest Polls Reveal Little Faith In National Leaders, Perhaps A Sign of Public Wisdom

Public skepticism about our permanent political class, both Democratic and Republican, may be the beginning of wisdom.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - President Obama during the 2014 State of the Union Address. When he delivered his State of the Union address, President Obama had approval ratings lower than for any of his previous addresses and with Americans broadly pessimistic that he and lawmakers of either party will make good decisions for the future of the country.

The president's current approval rating stands at 46 per cent, up from a low of 42 per cent in November.

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Salem-News.com (Jan-29-2014 03:40)

Press TV: Salem-News.com`s Tim King Comments on Israel PM`s Latest Iran Nuclear Warning

Netanyahu's claim that Iran is "six weeks away" from building nuclear weapon, comes ahead of the next round of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P-five-plus-one group.

(TEHRAN/SALEM) - Tim King on Press TV Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to protest against the Geneva deal, making allegations about Iran's nuclear program.

Speaking at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, the Israeli prime minister said that according to their assessment, under the Geneva agreement, Iran is just six weeks away from building a nuclear weapon.

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Salem-News.com (Jan-28-2014 15:28)

Rouhani`s Calculated Focus on Shattering Iranophobia Project

As Mr. Rouhani said in his latest remarks while addressing the World Economic Forum in the Swiss city of Davos, “the world has totally changed.”

(TEHRAN Iran Review) - Iran In her beautifully written book, The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam, Barbara W. Tuchman has explored the history of international relations from thousands of years ago up to the 1970s.

In her extensive effort, she has presented several prominent examples of unwise and illogical measures taken by human beings as a result of which opportunities have been lost and peace has given way to war and destruction.

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Salem-News.com (Jan-21-2014 23:37)

Ignoring Diplomacy, Bloody American Political Wankers Drool for War in Iran

Have your senators taken a position on war against Iran?

(PORTLAND, OR) - Iran cartoon Iran, formerly Persia, has not attacked another country in hundreds of years. Iran's last President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, did not say he wanted to wipe Israel from the map.

As our writer, Ken O'Keefe said in a recent appearance on Ken O'Keefe's Middle East Show, the words of the former Iranian leader were misinterpreted by U.S. mainstream media, following the lead from Israel, and Iran has been sanctioned, misrepresented, threatened and kept under a microscope. Iran, unlike the United States of America, is not a warring nation, although it has a substantial military.

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