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Pandemic Peaks Online Interest in CBD Products

People are stockpiling natural remedies just as they stockpile rice and toilet paper.


(SALEM, Ore.) - Everyone talks about runs on cleaning supplies, toilet paper, medical equipment, and masks, but the media hasn’t given enough coverage to the runs on CBD products.

No one can predict how long the stay at home guidelines will be in effect so many are looking for organic options to maintain their health.

While the masses line up at supermarkets for food supplies and toilet paper, those people dealing with insomnia, depression, anxiety, and pain are hitting the "buy" button on CBD websites.

What started as a few weeks of isolation is turning into months and many people are experiencing a great sense of isolation.

Exacerbating the widespread stress of the lockdown, many people experience significant grief reactions and personal losses that can trigger depression.

They worry about not knowing when and how the pandemic will end, if they are or will be infected, and what the impact of the economic crisis will be on them. We are learning together that the pandemic affects all aspects of life.

Families must manage unusual amounts of time together in their homes, which are often quite confined, and many experience conflicts. China, the first country to officially confirm a COVID-19 case, experienced an increase in divorce following their quarantine.

Break-ups and divorce predict depression, and therefore some people search for comfort in non-toxic products like cannabidiol (CBD).

In Oregon and other states providing legal medical marijuana, dispensaries have remained open for the most part. Even so, many across the country are closed temporarily, and this causes buyers to go online.

Stats re-affirm that the global impact of the lockdown has intensified coverage of brands that sell CBD and other health-related products.

Online sales are expected to increase during the pandemic as consumers endeavor to stay stocked up on CBD products.

Industry specialists predicted the sales growth before the pandemic hit the planet

Seeing the effects the virus had on China, industry specialists correctly predicted that if the health condition spread across the globe, enthusiasts for hemp would hoard their favorite products. And they were right.

Once the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, people started buying CBD products in bulk because the immune system-boosting qualities attracted them.

CBD isn’t a cure for respiratory problems, but its properties address specific symptoms. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties are famous, so even people who aren’t regular users are stocking up on cannabinoid products now.

Coronavirus induces vomiting and nausea, alongside other symptoms, and CBD products are known for treating these conditions, so people find them paramount in the dealing process.

While no official authority listed CBD as one of the medical aids used in treating respiratory issues, it doesn’t stop people from using it, together with other natural remedies, for a preventative measure and to speed up the healing process.

The relaxing and calming benefits of hemp products have received more media coverage than any other natural remedy because it helps patients dealing with anxiety. Now when anxiety has turned into a global problem, it’s no surprise people are turning to herbal remedies like CBD.

While the requests have increased, many dispensaries are closed or too far to reach, so people are turning to the best (and only) available option. They order organic CBD online without leaving the house.

It’s worth saying that many of the companies that manufacture CBD products make a wide variety of products, from beauty creams to food supplements and massage oils.

During the pandemic, some companies have decided to switch the focus, and produce more in-demand, health-related solutions. Due to their smart forecasting, they managed to manufacture large stocks of products before the lockdown, so now are able to meet the market's growing demand.

CBD manufacturers know it’s essential for their clients to receive high-quality products, so they seek ways to improve their solutions’ effects even with limited workforce and resources.

More people are curious about CBD

CBD is not new on the market. Back in 1940, people first extracted it from the cannabis plant, with none of the euphoric qualities of THC. But it has recently become legal to use and produce, making it available in many forms, and has gained popularity. In today's world, the public interest in cannabinoid benefits is higher than ever.

A few years ago, very few people were searching for information about CBD or CBD providers, but now, there are over 6 million unique searches each month.

In 2017, CBD the searches increased with 125% compared with the previous year. Then in 2018, it registered a 160% increase and, in 2019, 180%. The interest differs throughout the USA, and in some places like Alabama, it’s quite high.

The growth is no doubt the result of the increased de-stigmatization of CBD use and the legalization of medicinal hemp.

The health scientists from UC San Diego analyzed the frequency of USA searches for cannabidiol and CBD, and they found out that for every two searches for dieting, there was one for CBD.

The number of searches for CBD products was equal to those for e-smoking and yoga, but it swamped the search numbers for other popular subjects. People conduct more searches for cannabinoids than for veganism, exercise, marijuana, vaccination, meditation, apple cider vinegar, and acupuncture.

Considering the increase in sales due to the pandemic, searches for CBD will probably exceed last year’s numbers. People are expected to continue stockpiling natural remedies just as they stockpile rice and toilet paper, especially as the number of confirmed cases reach new records.

The industry was already experiencing a boon in states throughout the country before the stay at home edicts, but now with 24/7 internet access and little else to do, new brands and increased product lines are rising to meet the retail challenge.

Sources: MarketWatch; Special Features Dept.


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