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Take a Lesson, Canada! In England, the Cops Actually Investigate Reports of Mass Graves of Children!

Police are investigating a claim that the bodies of 40 children were buried in a mass grave at an orphanage more than half a century ago.

Frank Hadley, 73
Frank Hadley, 73, a former resident at Haseley Hall, Warwickshire, who claims that more than 50 children are illegally buried within the grounds which are now private apartments.

(NANAIMO, Vancouver Island) - Note: In Canada, the RCMP and local police have consistently ignored reports of eyewitnesses who have buried children at former Indian hospitals and residential schools.

Read: Not a Fable for the true story of a
Native American Genocide in Canada.

One of these facilities we have discussed in past reports, is the Nanaimo Indian Hospital on the west coast of Canada. A number of Indian children were imprisoned there. One facilitator of the inflicted horror, called the Native children “virgin targets”: an expression he’d picked up from his former enemies, just after the immolation of his home town Dresden: razed by fires generated from the bombs of 800 RAF bombers. This historic European city was dubbed a “virgin target”. These children paid dearly.

The government and media have similarly refused to investigate twenty eight documented mass grave sites near former residential schools, released by Kevin Annett in April, 2008.

This example from England may thus prove instructive.

Bodies of 40 children 'buried in mass grave in grounds of orphanage'

By Daily Mail Reporter, United Kingdom
UPDATED: 07:05 GMT, 24 May 2010

Police are investigating a claim that the bodies of 40 children were buried in a mass grave at an orphanage more than half a century ago.

A pensioner says he helped to bury the bodies when he himself was a child at the home during the 1940s and 1950s.

Hasely Hall: The former orphanage housed sick children until it closed in the 1970s,
and underwent a multi-million pound renovation in 1997 to create luxury flats and hotel

Frank Hadley, 73, said he had spoken out because he wanted to ensure the children, who died of natural causes, received a proper burial.

He claimed the remains were buried in the grounds of Haseley Hall in Warwickshire.

Mr Hadley, who was sent as a youngster to the Haseley Hall Residential Open Air School for Boys, has reported the matter to Warwickshire Police who are investigating.

Haseley Hall was a school for rheumatic girls until 1942 when it became an Open Air School for Boys, aimed at improving the health of impoverished children.

It closed in 1974 and has now been renovated into luxury apartments.

Mr Hadley, a retired steeplejack, said: 'A lot of kids died from pneumonia, tuberculosis and bronchitis.

There was very little staff could do for them. It was what happened afterwards that has always haunted me.

When the children died they were buried in an apple orchard in the grounds - not proper marked graves, just a hole in the ground.

Warwickshire Police are now investigating chilling claims that dozens of bodies were
dumped in an orchard near Haseley Hall.

'When I got to a certain age it was my job to help the older boys bury the dead.

'I would wash the bodies and then dry them, then cover them in a powder called DDT which was a powerful pesticide.

'I would wrap them in white sheets, or sometimes in hessian sacks, and they would be buried.

'They were not buried very deep and I must have been involved in at least 40 burials during my time there.

'There were no prayers, no rituals, nothing like that. They were just dumped in the ground, bless them. I just want to die knowing that they had a proper burial.'

A Warwickshire Police spokesman said: 'We are taking this matter seriously and we are investigating. But at this stage we are not sure if anything criminal has taken place or not.

'What you have to bear in mind is that times were different back then, so we need to look into the history of the site before we take any further action.'

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council, which ran the home, said: 'Obviously the claims go back a number of decades, and therefore information is not immediately available but we will look into the matter.' Read more:

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man"

- Thomas Jefferson

See this introductory video on The Canadian Holocaust:

This message is hosted by Jeremiah Jourdain on behalf of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and Kevin Annett - Eagle Strong Voice (adopted May 2004 into the Anishinabe nation by Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind).

Kevin can be reached at or - and phone messages can be left for him at 250-591-4573 (Canada).

Read the truth of genocide in Canada and globally at: (includes documentary film Unrepentant)


A Canadian clergyman, Kevin Annett has for nearly twenty years led the movement to bring to light and prosecute atrocities in Christian “Indian residential schools”, and win justice for survivors. Expelled in 1995 from his former United Church of Canada for exposing murders in that church’s Indian residential schools, and persecuted and blacklisted for his efforts, Kevin is now an award-winning film maker, author, social activist and public lecturer who works with victims of church violence and genocide all over the world. In 2009, he helped to establish the five-nation International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, which is seeking to indict church and government leaders for crimes against humanity.

As a result of Kevin’s tireless efforts on behalf of native people, the Canadian government was forced to issue a public “apology” and reparations program concerning Indian residential schools, in July of 2008. In giving him the name Eagle Strong Voice in 2007, Anishinabe elder Louis Daniels declared, “Kevin Annett is doing what few of his people have done, and that is to speak about the crimes they committed against many of our nations and their children. He has earned a place forever in our hearts and history. He is a brave and prophetic man. I ask everyone to welcome him and heed his voice.” And scholar Noam Chomsky wrote in 2006, “Kevin Annett is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many of those who have received it.”

For more information on Kevin and his work, contact him at, and see these sites:

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