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Egyptians Protest at Israeli Embassy, Call for Ambassador's Expulsion

Many protesters viewed Thursday's violence along the border as an alarming indicator of Israel's plans to dominate the region.

Anti-Israeli protests in Egypt
Photographed by Mohamed Hossam Eddin

(TEHRAN) - Hundreds of Egyptian activists gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in Giza calling for the expulsion of the Israeli embassy from the country following Israeli attacks on Gaza and Egypt's border that claimed the lives of at least three security officers.

Activists from different political groups, including the 6th of April movement, stood outside the building where the embassy is located, chanting anti-Israel slogans and demanding justice for the dead civilians and soldiers who lost their lives during the past two days after Israel attacked Gaza.

Many protesters viewed Thursday's violence along the border as an alarming indicator of Israel's plans to dominate the region.

The number of protesters increased throughout the day to express their rage over the government's belligerence.

Hundreds of protesters gathered to demonstrate outside the Israeli embassy in response to the killings of the Egyptian soldiers. The protesters condemned the silence of the interim military government and demanded the ouster of the Israeli Ambassador to Cairo.

Video from al Jazeera:

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Anonymous August 20, 2011 1:56 pm (Pacific time)

People all over the world are waking up to the banker tactics.. Bryzinski said himself "people are realizing what we are doing, which will make our job much harder to take over the world" People in the U.S. need to wake up..NOW! This entire Egypt thing was started by the west. Yes, people are angry in Egypt, but it was ignited by the west..And now? bomb Libya? Bomb Syria? Staying in Afghanistan til 2024??? WTF is going on people?? If you dont support Ron Paul, you can find your own demise, and you deserve it. Dont support him for president, because we dont have an election system anymore.Support his ideals. Stop the lies, stop the wars for the military industrial complex and the bankers, stop the lies about marijuana, stop the lies about the pharma, GMO, BP, GE...If people dont wake up to this corruption, those people will feel it first hand. NATO is killing civilians in Libya, and Iraq? hundreds of thousands killed, and millions displaced..Listen, ya dont have to "see something, say something" and call janet napolitano on me, but I am upset with this crud and you should also be upset with this crud.

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