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Occupied Palestine - 26 & 28 August 2011

While the Occupation is business as usual for Israel, there should be no business with Israel.

Israel's young are taught to oppress Arabs at a young age.
Israel's young are taught to oppress Arabs at a young age.

(OCCUPIED PALESTINE) - Editor's note: This important roundup of information compiled by our dear friend and associate Anna O'Leary in Ireland, is what all news outlets in the west should carry, but do not. It does not just reveal the stark, ongoing tragedy that Israel represents to so many people in the Middle east, it is specific, measuring just a small window of time.

Israel routinely claims victim status while annihilating the people who until 63 years ago, owned the land the 'Jewish state' now sits on. The human race is a single entity and religions that call for the destruction of entire cultures are wrong, terribly wrong. Christianity, Judaism and Islam, are 'Abrahamic' religions; these monotheistic faiths all have a common basis, though you would never guess that to be the case.

People were not placed on the earth to act in animalistic ways that defy their own faith and destroy other people, there are no excuses for it and it is particularly obscene when the acts are committed in the name of God.

So when you hear pro-Israeli types claim "Hamas rocket attacks", hit them up for specifics; ask that person how many Israelis have died as a result of those unguided projectiles that are extremely primitive in a world of modern weapons possessed by Israel. The highest number you will find is 28. Other estimates place the number of Israeli dead at 14, in all time, from rocket attacks.

However this is the excuse used to constantly demonize the Palestinian people, who are endlessly oppressed and live in a world compromised by Israeli policy that is not consistent with Human Rights and in fact, specifically violates the UN Human Rights Council's Declaration of Human Rights which guarantees many things Israel denies.

In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

24 hours to 8am 26 August 2011  and  24 hours to 8am 28 August 2011

Main source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG).  

Woman beaten up by Israeli checkpoint troops

Two deaths from injuries sustained in Israeli air strike

Israeli forces injure non-violent protesters

Settler militants damage Palestinian fruit trees

Occupation settlers beat up and hospitalise Hebron resident

Israeli Army assists Occupation settlers setting fire to olive trees

Occupation settlers invade Palestinian villager's home

Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in 5 refugee camps and 21 towns and villages

2 air strikes – 24 raids including home invasions – 1 beaten – 5 dead – 1 injured – 2 acts of agricultural sabotage – 7 taken prisoner – 15 detained – 85 restrictions of movement

August 26 & 28

Home invasions & occupations: 18:10, Fqeiqis - 01:20, Bethlehem - 01:20, the Al- Azza refugee camp - 01:00-04:00, Yamun - 00:25, Nablus.

Peace disruption raids: 15:00, Jenin - 22:30, Beit Qad - 22:30, Deir Abu - 22:30, Ghazaleh - 22:30, Deir Abu Dhaeaf - 10:15, Aqrabah - 19:00-22:45, Bruqin - 01:20, Beit Jala - 01:20, Bethlehem - 01:20, the Aida refugee camp - 01:20, the Dheisheh refugee camp - 03:00, Marah Rabah - 08:00, Al-Thahiriya - 20:00, Beit Ummar - 01:50, Dora - 00:30, Zeita - 18:00, Azoun - 10:15, Al-I’beidiyah - 11:15, Housan - 20:20, Bani Na’im - 22:40, the Al-A’roub refugee camp.

August 26

Palestinian attack: Central Gaza – 21:05, 2 missiles fired towards the Green Line.

Palestinian attack: Khan Yunis – 4 missile attacks launched towards the Green Line.  

Palestinian attack: Northern Gaza – 4 missile attacks launched towards the Green Line. 

Air strike: Gaza – evening, an Israeli air-launched missile hit the Al-Zaitoun neighbourhood.

Air strike – deaths: Northern Gaza – 18:20, an Israeli air-launched missile strike killed two Resistance fighters in Beit Lahiya. The men who were killed are Khaled Salim Hamdan Elarabid and Alaa Abu Al-Khair.

Home invasions and property violation: Bethlehem – 01:20, Israeli forces raided and searched homes in the city and the Al- Azza refugee camp. Two people were taken prisoner, including a Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), whose computer was taken from him.

Beating – female: Bethlehem – 06:30, Israeli troops at the Gilo checkpoint beat up a woman from the village of Beit Kahel, Israa Ahmed Khaled, leaving her with severe injuries. She had wanted to pass through the checkpoint to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Deaths: Rafah – Paramedics recovered the bodies of three workers from a blockade-resistance tunnel hit in an earlier Israel air strike.

Deaths: Rafah – evening, Imad Jamal Abu Harb, Raja Mahmoud Sbakhi and Mohammad Khaled Tafesh died from injuries sustained in an Israeli air strike on 24 August.

Occupation settler violence – agricultural sabotage – Israeli Army collusion: Jerusalem – 19:10, Zionist militants set fire to and destroyed olive trees near the entrance to the village of Mikhmas. The Israeli Army then raided and detained residents trying to save the trees.

Occupation settler violence – home invasion: Bethlehem – 18:10, fanatics from the Nojohoat settlement stormed into the home of a Fqeiqis village resident,Yousef Badawi Jadallah.

August 28

Palestinian attack: Northern Gaza – evening, missiles launched towards the Green Line.

Palestinian attack: Rafah – morning, Grad missiles launched towards the Green Line. 

Non-violent resistance: Bethlehem – 09:30, Israeli forces fired rubber-coated bullets and tear gas grenades at demonstrators in Al-Waja and prevented them from reaching the protest site, causing several injuries and detaining five international peace activists.

Occupation settler vandalism: Ramallah – 16:35, Israelis from the Bet Eil settlement stoned passing vehicles near the Jalazun refugee camp, damaging some of them.

Occupation settler agricultural sabotage: Salfit – Israeli militants invaded orchards in Wadi Qana, damaging olive and lemon trees.

Occupation settler violence – injury: Hebron – 19:00, an Israeli mob beat up and hospitalised an Old City resident, Mohammad Taysir Mohammad Abu Eishey.

Recent news updates:  

Israeli soldiers attack non-violent weekly protest In Nil’in. Several injuries were reported in Nil’in village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, as Israeli soldiers fired a barrage of tear gas grenades at the weekly non-violent protest.

Six protesters injured in Kafr Qadum. Israeli troops attacked the weekly non-violent protest in Kafr Qadum village, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Nine-year-old injured at al-Ma'asara village weekly protest. On Friday, a young man and a child were injured by Israeli forces during the weekly anti-annexation apartheid Wall protest.

Clashes at the Qalandya terminal. Israeli troops fired dozens of tear gas grenades and rubber-coated bullets as hundreds of residents gathered at the Qalandya terminal, north of Jerusalem, to exercise their right to enter Occupied Jerusalem for Friday Prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Gazan children injured in Israeli air strike. Two Palestinian children, Marihan Atif abu Samarah (10) and Moustafa Atif abu Samarah (5), were injured when their house, in the Ameer project in Gaza City’s Sudaniya neighbourhood, was destroyed in an Israeli air strike early on Friday morning.

PACE called to further support Palestine's imprisoned legislators The European network to support the Palestinian prisoners (UFree) has called on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to take a "clear and firm stance" as Israel continues to hold 19 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) prisoner.

MADA demands freedom for Palestinian journalists. The Palestinian Centre for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) has condemned the continued incarceration by Israel  of five Palestinian journalists. The five journalists come from across the West Bank and work for a wide variety of Arab media agencies. Two of the men, Khalid and Al-Amer, have been sentenced to administrative detention whilst Allawi, who was the head of Al-Jazeera’s Afghanistan Bureau before his arrest on August 9, has yet to be charged.

Israel major organ harvesting centre. The Palestinian Minister of Detainees and Ex-detainees Issa Qaraqi‘ on Sunday accused Israel of harvesting parts from the bodies of dead Palestinians without the consent of their families. The minister said that Israel holds remains “to conceal crimes committed against the martyrs' bodies and to punish their families.” He added that “Israel is holding the remains of 338 Arab and Palestinian fighters in the secret Israeli cemeteries known as the Cemeteries of Numbers.” ... On December 2009, the chief Israeli pathologist and the director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir, Professor Yehuda Hiss, admitted harvesting parts from the bodies of dead Palestinians without the consent of their families.

Silwan group warns of Israeli plan to seize land. Extremist Israeli settler groups are planning to seize Palestinian land in East Jerusalem neighbourhoods in order to isolate them from the Old City. The Committee for the Defence of Silwan says that the takeover of land has reached its high point with plans to build Talmudic parks around Jerusalem’s Old City Wall, particularly the area near the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The goal of these groups is to isolate the mosque from its surroundings in preparation for dividing the area. The plan is for settlers to seize and fence off "abandoned" Palestinian land, plant it with trees and close roads leading to it from neighbouring areas to prevent Palestinians from reaching it.

Video: Jewish colonists plant 200 vines on Palestinian land. Jewish colonists planted 200 grapevines on Abu Haikal land in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, Palestine, on 11 August. The operation was carefully planned. Large areas of grass were cleared two weeks beforehand and police arrived too late to prevent the operation. The video shows colonists from the illegal colony across the road setting up a new irrigation system and digging holes. 15 colonists arrived in a co-ordinated operation and planted the vines in less than ten minutes. Israeli soldiers made no move to stop them even though the land has been declared a Closed Military Zone.

Palestinians thirsting for justice in water-starved occupied territories. In the strife-stricken Middle East, oil has always been in the realm of politics. But in the Israeli-occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank, oil has been supplanted by water. Shaddad Attili, head of the Palestinian Water Authority, told IPS that the Palestinians have not only been deprived of water as a basic human right but also that water is being used as a weapon of war by the Israelis. "Water is a humanitarian issue. It should be taken out of politics," he said, pointing out that everyone in the region, including the Israelis, the Jordanians, the Lebanese and the Palestinians, should all be rightfully entitled to a basic human need. Expressing strong feelings of anger and frustration, he said the deliberate destruction of water cisterns, wells and other essential water infrastructure by Israel continues – and targets the most vulnerable Palestinian communities.

WikiLeaks: US Embassy officials got close up view of marginalisation and removal of Bedouin in Negev (and said nothing publicly) / Philip Weiss / Once again, we see American Embassy officials in Israel learning intimately about an outrage back in 2005 – the Judaisation of the Negev, the Israeli programme to move Bedouin into a few approved townships – and did we hear a word publicly about the outrage? No. Why do we have a State Department? Here is the State Department Human Rights report from 2005. Its description of Bedouin conditions lacks the understanding reflected in this cable: That Bedouin are being relocated, that Jewish settlement in the Negev is being encouraged, that there are no high schools in the unrecognised Bedouin villages. The Israeli side of the story is presented carefully in the report.


Behind the Wall

Rich Wiles is a photographic artist who has been living and working in Palestine for some years. His photographic work has been shown around Europe, the US, Australia and in Palestine itself. Since 2006 he has been writing from Occupied Palestine under the title Behind the Wall. Much of this work is based in and around the refugee camps in Palestine, highlighting daily life and memories of refugees who still live in forced exile for over 60 years since Al Nakba (The Catastrophe).



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