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Portland Undocumented Families Demand that Sheriff Staton Stop Enforcing ICE Holds

Congressional representatives from both parties pledged this week to enact common sense immigration reforms that prevent family separation in 2013.

immigration rally in Salem, Oregon
File photo of immigration rally in Salem, Oregon by Tim King

(PORTLAND, OR) - Undocumented families and allies will rally on Monday to highlight the discrepancy between a growing national movement away from blanket policies to honor ICE detainers, bipartisan support for immigration policies that support family unity, and Multnomah County Sheriff Staton’s insistence on enforcing ICE holds for minor offenders and non-criminal immigrant detainees, at great county expense.

On Tuesday, California Attorney General Harris issued a legal memo to law enforcement stating, in part, “immigration detainers are not mandatory. Instead, they are merely requests... an agency may decide for itself whether to devote resources to holding suspected unlawfully present immigrants on behalf of the federal government”. On Wednesday, Los Angeles Sheriff Baca, formerly a staunch defender of his own policy to honor all ICE holds, announced that he would no longer be honoring ICE holds for low-level crimes. Meanwhile, Congressional representatives from both parties pledged this week to enact common sense immigration reforms that prevent family separation in 2013.

Here in Portland, Sheriff Staton received from community organizations policy recommendations over the summer, and committed to a response by October 15th. We recommended that he limited the use of ICE holds in Multnomah County jails, and restore trust with the immigrant community. After failing to keep his commitment, Sheriff Staton has remained silent on this issue and continued to deport community and family members, causing confusion and frustration.

“I will come out of the shadows and publicly announce my undocumented status in front of the Sheriff Staton’s office everyday if I have to and demand justice for my community,” said Ricardo Varela, a victim of Sheriff Staton’s ICE hold policy. “We will not stop fighting, organizing and sharing our stories until Sheriff Staton stops complying with ICE holds, we know that he has the power to do so”.

Sheriff Staton is tragically out of touch not only with the immigrant community in Multnomah County, but also with the national trajectory of Sheriffs who understand the ICE holds are voluntary and choose to limit their use because of the financial and human cost to the community. We call on him to limit the use of ICE holds in Multnomah County jails immediately.



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behonest December 10, 2012 4:06 pm (Pacific time)

The Cartels are here, congratulations Oregon get ready to learn all about gangs. Compassion for American citizens will never be a consideration for the special interest groups or our government. Remember the crooked Senator in the Godfather II movie? Our politicians are the 21st Century version, they are getting taken care of by the Cartels because the Cartels are everywhere and all Washington DC can do is think of ways to bring in more (with "fairness" and "compassion" BS). An open, porous border that's "too hard" to fix and presto, we have endless illegal aliens. How do Cartels bring drugs, expand and takeover? Illegal immigrants with drug filled backpacks and once here setting up more drug distribution networks. If illegals stay here long enough they become "entitled" and we get to pay for their whole lifestyle. Nice gig if your in Organized Crime....not so nice if you have to pay for it.

Jimbo96 December 8, 2012 9:23 pm (Pacific time)

The criminals want the cops not to arrest them for breaking the law because they don't like it. There's a thought, let the criminals run the legal system...oh, wait, they do...I think they're called politicians...

Anonymous December 8, 2012 2:26 am (Pacific time)

Undocumented my ass. They are illegal, criminals, living off our taxes, to lazy to speak our language, the prisons are full with this trash. I demand self deportation. I am an American and I have the right to demand. This trash has no rights. Deport now, take all the benefits away, no more school for these brats and no more jobs which belongs to the Americans. Take this for a reply. I'm sure you all call me racist, bigot and whatever but that what I believe. I refuse to live in a third world Country with trAsh taken everything what I worked so hard for.

Editor: Does it occur to you that you sound weak and pathetic?

Jimmy December 7, 2012 7:24 am (Pacific time)

Hold them long enough to be put on a bus home. There is a legal path to live here.

Douglas Benson December 7, 2012 7:05 am (Pacific time)

Thats illegal immigrants. Deport them all! Where is ICE when they hold these events ?

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