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Dec-11-2012 13:43printcomments

Israeli Soldiers Chased Away by Stone-Throwing Palestinian Youth

What does it mean?

Israeli soldiers flee very angry Palestinians
Israeli soldiers flee very angry Palestinians

(LONDON) - It isn't every day that we see Israeli soldiers actually running for their lives from stone throwing Palestinian youth. It is a bittersweet vision for so many tormented souls who have watched Israel steal their land and torture, imprison and kill their families.

The video from YNet in Israel is certainly a departure from the endless clips of Israeli soldiers tearing down homes and olive groves, and arresting mothers and fathers in front of their children, and vice verse.

Regardless of the angle under which YNet presented the clip, it is monumental that it was released at all.

What does it mean? How can powerful Israel have men in IDF uniforms running down the street like school children?

What does it mean?

Who better to answer than our own Gilad Atzmon in London, who knows all too well the damage and attitude that Israel represents to the indigenous Palestinians.

He said in regard to the video clip below:

As we are watching Israel facing its final and terminal phase, the images of Israeli military cowardice are becoming more and more common.

If the video will not play, simply go to Gilad's site, the link is below.


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Anonymous December 12, 2012 8:35 am (Pacific time)

Tim the strongest Israeli soldier is no match for the bravery that the activists represent.

sj December 11, 2012 8:44 pm (Pacific time)

This article is not worth the LC it's rendered on.

Editor: We thought it was quite interesting.  

Anonymous December 11, 2012 8:17 pm (Pacific time)

Maybe these little bastards should get some sensitivity training. It's a shame to see Israel running, they should shoot these little bastards and send a clear message.

Editor  It is no shame, I think you will see that genocidal war crime government's draftees doing a lot more running, I actually felt a tinge of compassion for those IOF 'soldiers' - being driven off by kids must be really humiliating.  So you like Israeli politics?  Do you have any moral structure at all?  Didn't think so, another brainwashed lemming.  Do you realize Israel will now be unable to block (with the help of the US) war crime charges?  Yup, they're gonna do some answering, thank God. 

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