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Epic Military Might Contrary to Right Is Wrong and Impotent

HUMVEE in Afghanistan
Afghanistan photo by Tim King Salem-News.com

(PHILADELPHIA) - The ongoing and continuing saga of projected epic U.S. super power military might and the greatest exporter of violence and death is fatalistic flawed and impotent across the full spectrum of global dominance.   Shadowing through deceptive fear tactics [19] and strategy.  Operating the ultimate self anointed reverse victim servile con job [39] the artificial  'parroting of American freedom and democracy pious and sanctimonious parodies of nation and patriotism' Beacon and Shining Light to the World.   "For Wall Street’s billionaires, the Pentagon’s warmongers, and Washington’s most shamelessly corrupt, there has been no greater gift than Obama and his presidency." Posted by Larry Chin Global Research

"Somehow it did not come across the NPR newscast that it is not Iran but Israel that routinely slaughters civilians in Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank, and that it is not Iran but the US and its NATO mercenaries who slaughter civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yeman, and Pakistan." Posted by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 

Wikileaks Al-CIAduh Knaves Con Fools
Begins with al-CIAduh wikileaks ultra con deflection to implement cancer scanners style radiation poison control of internet
information.  Further, knaves conning and propagandizing fools to snitch quickly on passing gas at Walmart Corporation by Czar Napolitano. . 
Daily ongoing and continued con job,  "Wikileaks was started up in Dec. of 2006. Oddly enough, as a supposed “leak” site, a dissident site, it was given a great deal of immediate mainstream attention from the likes of the Washington Post, TIME magazine, and even Cass Sunstein the now infamous Obama administration who wrote a paper on how to “cognitively infiltrate” dissident groups in order to steer them in a direction that is useful to the powers that be." Posted by Scott Creighton 

Unaccountable Czars Wimps Cons Mice Men

"When Americans were paying $4 a gallon for gas, how many knew the oil that made the gasoline was “free” to the oil companies?  Who split the take on this?  Who was paid?" Posted by Gordon Duff Veterans Today.   List of 35 unchecked Presidential appointed demonic Czars operating to the detriment of 'We the People' and above the US Constitution Laws. 
Whimpering Madoff con men scam [51] artists supreme are hanging themselves from the pinnacles of pyramid scams screaming Ponzi and gentiles forced them to steal.  Posted by NY Times.
Government neo-con ideologues and unaccountable Czars, whimpering mice, corner themselves right into oblivion confiscating world's natural resources labors and wealth.  Projecting 19th Century global military might, gunboat diplomacy, illegal occupations, usurpers of free state Sovereignty, wars against peace, destruction of civilization, torture and contempt of International Laws, monopolizing drug banking and oil cartels, war against humanity, and super power omnipotent  'might is right' anachronisms. 
A systematic threat dynamic to turn humanity into an ashtray with antiquated 10,000 atomic bombs, forced fiat monetary banking system, worthless paper contracts 'magic of compound interest notes, and useless toilet paper government bonds. Hillary  Clinton "We will Obliterate Them" promises Iran a 70 million death Holocaust from America..   

The1945 Nagasaki Hiroshima 'Might is Right' contradiction is wrong and an impotent mentality deranged dynamic. A flawed dynamic that equates the U.S. into a giant lumbering self anointed reverse victim impotent oaf and stooge paper tiger whimpering into the 21st Century attempting to confiscate the world's labors, assets, property, and natural resources. 

Over Medicated Shill Pill Operatives
Extreme lazy unsophisticated strategies and tactics of over medicated on shill pill operatives and cadres of documented and self anointed narcissistic admitted 'Too Big To Fail' clowns, their crony media counterparts, and lazy intellect ivy league Zionist cavalier academia reciting reverse 'Hate Speech.' Posted by Mondoweiss   
al-CIAduh wikileaks deceptive strategy by Mr. Assange upstages and eclipses over medicated on shill pills; Wailing Wall Street Quisling [25] goons Posted by Opinion Maker, media circus clowns, lazy intellect ivy league Zionist cavalier academia, Hollywood Nazi Muslim hoaxes and releases "Chickenfeed Information" Posted by [49] Veterans Today  Gordon Duff 
Volumes of alleged U.S. Imperial Empire secrets of Genocides, war against peace, war against humanity, strategies that the entire citizenry on the planet knows are being committed in the name of 'We the People' ten years before 09.11.01 false narrative flag attack on American citizenry and declared war against humanity. "Was September 11, 2001 The March to World War lll?" Global Research Posted by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya 

Tactics c.2010 operating wikileaks deception [36] of contradictory attacks on Pakistan and daily bellicose belligerent threats against Iran simultaneously omitting contemptible Israel offenses against humanity and International Laws..Contempt and war against humanity resulting in the repeated psy ops mantra of Zionist Poison repeated whimpering but deadly story line of media distractions  Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it " [37].  

Ignorance Stupidity Reverse Hate Speech Self Anointed Victims
"The US ten-year war and occupation of Iraq is driven by several major political forces and informed by a variety of imperial interests. However these interests do not in themselves explain the depth and scope of the sustained, massive and continuing destruction of an entire society and its reduction to a permanent state of war."  Posted by Dr. James Petras  
Anachronistic arrogant Imperial self anointed victim industry interests; war against peace, war and ultra contempt against humanity, in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, with daily belligerent threats to North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran. 
Conversely, the 'might is right' bellicose arrogance is transferred to; self anointed victim industry Radical Islam, reverse Hate Speech Hollywood Nazi [45] Muslim [48] hoaxes, and ivy league Zionist cavalier [39] academia by lumbering impotent whimpering oafs, manufacturing accelerated self implosion, and total collapse of all life on the planet..  
Hollywood Nazi and radical Islam Hoaxes a blatant example.   The 9th episode of Band of Brothers, titled “Why We Fight”, represents an unprecedented level of ambition — to claim America’s WWII sacrifices as motivated by the desire to save Jews from Nazi persecution, to make America’s sacrifice in WWII all about the Jews, not about Americans doing their duty in a tragic internecine conflict.  Resulting in a total Hollywood perpetuation of lazy intellect mythology irrelevance and farce of American spirit, duty, honor, and country. Critique Band of Brothers.  Posted by Occidental Observer 
Illegitimate Neo-Cons Czars Operate US Ideology
U.S. neo-con ideologues and unaccountable supreme Czars operating above the law.   Resulting today as a usurper of all Sovereign Nations and a perpetual illegal arrogant occupier in 750 military bases throughout the world of death, destruction [40], theft, and confiscations of the worlds labors, assets, and property. 

An illegitimate body operating outside all legal boundaries established at this Nation's founding.  The U. S. Constitution, [7] Articles Bill of Rights, International Laws, Geneva Conventions, Military Code of Honor, 800 years of Habeas Corpus [8] , and Nuremberg Tribunals.

Americans stubbornly hang on to the artificial 'Beacon and Shining Light to the World' psy ops mantra while all around them are distractions of American 21st Century of self anointed reverse victim industry, propaganda, 100 years of psy ops conditioning, absolute ownership of Congress, crony media clowns, lazy intellect Hollywood, Wailing Wall Street Quisling goons, both political party circuses, and the underachieving White House. 
However, many Americans are growing tired of the arrogance of the Israel Lobby and their bigoted attitudes toward anyone who challenges their influence-peddling and their ridiculous insistence that Israel must be supported because of some ancient fairy tales involving some tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East and saw and heard non-existent things because of sun stroke, drinking bad water, and smoking local hallucinogenic plants." Posted by Wayne Madsen  
Summary Self Imploding Narcissistic Con Jobs 
As the Neo-con Czar ideologues unhinged quest for world domination and conquest of the natural resources, labors, property, assets, life, liberty, death, and destruction continue daily to omit, ignore, and dismiss their imperious ignorant arrogance and barbarism by disconnecting from the very basic fact that planet earth will be poisoned with radiation fallout and rendered uninhabitable for billions of years. 

So then promoting death destruction exporting violence and drop dead contempt for all humanity automatically reverses traps corners and self implodes the illegal ideologue demonic impotent perpetrators along with their artificial superiority and drop dead arrogance. 

An illegitimate body operating outside all legal boundaries established at this Nation's founding [53].  Thereby effectuating their very own oblivion and demise by having no possible recourse to sustaining any life forms.   Oblivion resulting in the lowest forms of amoeba existing in caves imitating the late al-CIAduh asset Mr. Osama BinLaden.

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