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Salem-News.com: For those who Have the Balls

Do You Want to Help Save the World? Start by Learning the Truth at Salem-News.com.

Oppressed people with balls
A play on words, but we do it for the children most of all... And it does take courage to back us, challenge yourself.

(SALEM) - It might sound strange but I think we are among the most praised, feared, and simultaneously, underfunded media group in the world.

Our timing has been good in many respects, but we constantly have to find new band aids to slow the bleeding. Our supporters are the kindest; we are flown around the country and given awards, (two this year) but we constantly fight the unraveling that tries to end what we are doing as a human rights news agency.

We strongly appreciate the help we receive and want to advise those who care that once again, the need is great.

I am just sorry that we have not been able to do more, our 108+ contributors are the most incredible people alive and together we never stop. Personally, I put every waking hour into it with few exceptions.

It is a fact that my family has suffered greatly over this pattern of mine; living in poverty due to my choices to not drop the reins and get a so-called 'real' job in journalism as I did prior to launching this organization. Call it obsessive, but once you have a taste of helping human beings through journalism, it is hard to resist wanting to help more. Since I don't plan on checking into a human rights news rehab center, I can only press forward.

I can't shake the lyrics from my head right now, from my Brother Agron Belica's song, 'TJP' - dedicated to the growing world philosophy of my Brother Ken O'Keefe that truth, justice and peace are not only the ingredients for fixing this world, but that the formula comes in a sequential order...

We will not stand for injustice and oppression
Killing of a people and illegal occupation
The new dream team yo striving for perfection
Salem-News and the crew, heading right in your direction

Working hard for you so you can be free
Restore your God given rights, give you back your liberty
We will come to you by air, land or sea
The world of freedom will reach our human family

A world where the kids can play until it gets dark
Where families get together cook-outs at the park
Walk the streets and dream it up with no fear
No worries of the enemy ever coming near

Soon oh oppressed ones will your dreams will come true
Never will the Lord let the devil's hand upon you
We are with you all the way to the end
From every corner of the world you have found a true friend

Truth, Justice and Peace, if you love humanity
Take my hand and follow me.
A better world for you and me, living free with unity
-Agron Belica, Salem-News.com

If you want to help keep the dream alive this holiday season, please....

Salem-News.com via PayPal:

Most of our readers know that we cover the news that the mainstream either ignores, or improperly addresses.

On an up-note, we do have a new campaign for the coming year and two very good programs to fund our needs are under development; one could launch as soon as 01 January 2013. Not only do we produce endless online news, but we also have a number of documentaries 'in the can' as they say in the business, one is about PTSD, one relates to my Afghan war coverage, another addresses the end of the Iraq 'surge' which I covered out of Baghdad and other regions. Please consider us and know it makes a big difference, thank you.

Tim King

If you want to send money or a check then please just write to:

Salem-News.com P.O. Box 5238 Salem, Oregon 97304

Finally, these slogans were all generated by our Jerry Freeman in Salem, Oregon, I appreciate any feedback, tell us what you think addresses our position the best...

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Do You Want to Help Save the World? Start by Learning the Truth at Salem-News.com

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gp December 17, 2012 3:01 pm (Pacific time)

balls?, umph.

Tim King: I do not mean to be offensive, that is why I used the photos with kids playing with balls and of Sarsak, the imprisoned soccer player.  Seriously, just a play on words! Thanks for your input...

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