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Breaking the Spell of 'Dualism'?

In the real Spirit of these times on Earth, Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to everyone who is listening. . .

Spirit of Dualism

(EUREKA, Calif.) - What will it take to break the spell of "dualism" particularly in America, which frames our lives in the divisiveness as... (subject) "me"  and (object)...my world... in fear and or attempting to possess and control?  What of seeing the challenges... and how all life's paradoxes hold the whole truth of our existence rather than being separated out and fragmenting our lives?  Otherwise we go on creating more one sided extremes in manipulations of what parts of wholeness mean, leading to even tragedies that drag all of us through distortions of truth in making ourselves and others victims. 

Most of us in the activist community well know the dark side, not just in great theater, but it's effecting everything of our personal and collective lives, our daily struggles  and being able to see it means facing the fallacy of  dualism that presently controls much of our lives. There's 'dark' in everything of life and we need it, as certain as we need to bring it all into the light where it can fulfill its real destiny in making our lives whole.

This almost ever present 'dualism'  has almost altogether crippled our chances of understanding what's happening on Earth, with all the terrible violences and corruptions its deviations inspires,  us living with our internal dialogue, our own thinking fragmented into "dualism" and so second nature to our lives under the incredible influences of misguided archaic teachings that should have died when Newtonian physics was totally exposed!  Our ingrained habits don't go easy! Even as so many of us know we're not mechanical beings, but rather. . . everything connected intimately and made whole by our relatedness. Our illusions are so profound now,  our real depths of wholeness are hardly conceivable, let alone finding its wonder and beauty. Those who learned to run other peoples way back then . . .  have continued the  lies of that old teaching and made it into a virtual system of State . . . rituals serving its misguided power and capitalism ...because it best serves as a means to control others (the irony being that it also controls their destiny as well) 

This illusion of a contrived separation into daily disruptions and divisions  separating everything into subject -object,  avoids the great challenges of all lifes paradoxes, as with taking on Love/hate, good/evil,  open/hidden, active/passive, negative and positive in everything as in electrical conduction. . . and finding the deeper meanings of all wholes. . . . the balances between those opposites. . .  and finally seeing how both make up the absolute Truth. . .  the whole of it . . .the whole of us. . . .

Paraphrasing here from  writer Thomas Moore  in his searches to uncover the meaning of soul. . .that most profound energy of our True Self within,  which is always attempting to  emerge into the heavy traffic of "these times on Earth" and be part of our consciousness. 

A huge part of un-masking this is, living "in process" , which means facing ones own personal dilemmas at every turn... probing our depths to  find the truth, no matter how harsh to digest. . . thus the chance to find our path back to a more beautiful and amazing world to live in.  Sages call it enlightenment when they step through these illusions of previously unanswered separations and divisions of any and all  paradoxes that cause us such  spiritual and cultural fragmentation and our own human nightmares.

Any personal revolution of the spirit  means overcoming the learning and practice of these false ideas of the one sided-ness of any paradox and  finding the richness and actual Love and light at the end of  those dark tunnels in solving our paradoxes.

As Moore says, if we imagine ourselves as being every bit as huge, deep, mysterious, awe-inspiring as the night sky, we might begin to appreciate how complicated we are as individuals and how much of who we are. . . is unknown not only to others, but to ourselves.

It's a mysterious emergence that's seeded in eternity and is truly limitless. The power of this authentic individuality is not forced, but emanates from its own depth and inherent veracity, that insatiable devotion to the Truth . . . a matter of nurturing in ourselves as we continue to grow through life.

          The very best to all

Communities For Justice and Peace, Humboldt Co. Ca.
Reports, research studies, exposing media bias, and holding gov./corp.   accountable for  perpetuating almost irreversible damages to life on Earth.



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