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Dec-29-2011 13:51printcomments

Vietnam-era chemical poison on US farms

America's farmlands are to be carpet-bombed with Vietnam-era Agent Orange chemical if approved, in what is the latest example of how the US commits acts of war against humanity.

A US farm in the city of Kansas which is subject to the use of genetically modified chemicals.

(WASHINGTON D.C. Press TV) - Considered by world nations to be a "Weapon of Mass Destruction" (WMD), a key chemical in Agent Orange, 2, 4-D, may be dropped on US farmland in a few months time.

According to an article published on Tuesday, the US govt. may soon approve the petition of the Dow AgroSciences Chemical Company to unleash Agent Orange on agricultural land across the United States.

If Washington approves Dow's petition, America's corn fields would be the subject of mass pesticide poisoning with 2,4-D chemicals turning them into chemical warfare zones.

Having continuously invested in genetically engineered crops, Dow AgroSciences, is planning to produce a variety of Genetically Modified (GE) corn that is immune to 2,4-D, which comprises 50% of the recipe of Agent Orange.

The corn itself would be resistant to 2,4-D, absorbing the chemical and transporting it right into the structure of the corn kernels.

However, the chemical would turn the corns into "Agent Orange corn bombs" that would be toxic and dangerous for human beings.

The introduction of 2,4-D-resistant GE corn is just an example of the US industrial chemical giants and (Genetically Modified Organism) GMO companies countless acts of genocide against innocent people.

During the Vietnam War millions of gallons of the horrifying chemical, Agent Orange was dropped on civilians in order to poison North Vietnamese soldiers and destroy foliage.

The former president of the Vietnamese Red Cross, Professor Nhan, has described using the chemical in the Vietnam War as, "a massive violation of human rights of the civilian population."

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Ralph E. Stone December 30, 2011 7:57 am (Pacific time)

Anything is possible Tim, but Salem-News should be careful about passing on inaccurate information. The article on its face raises credibility questions. Press TV does not cite any source and with a little bit of research, it is clear the Press TV article is false.

Tim King: Thanks Ralph.

Ralph E. Stone December 29, 2011 3:00 pm (Pacific time)

This is another one of those dubious articles. The source is Press TV, which is a 24-hour English language global news network owned by the state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. What is actually happening is that Dow AgroScience, LLC, is petitioning the U.S. government to deregulate a genetically engineered variety of corn that is resistant to 2,4-D, an extremely toxic pesticide that was 50% of the recipe to making Agent Orange.

This is the federal register text:

“We are advising the public that the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has received a petition from Dow AgroScience LLC seeking a determination of nonregulated status of corn designated as DAS-40278-9, which has been genetically engineered for increased resistance to broadleaf herbicides in the phenoxy auxin group (such as the herbicide 2,4-D) and resistance to grass herbicides in the aryloxyphenoxypropionate acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase inhibitor group (such as quizalofop herbicides)”.

Doesn't sound like "Vietnam-era chemical poison on US farms."

Editor: Perhaps Ralph, but as you know we have been listing new ones all the time, including Korea, Okinawa and Guam; personally I see no reason that this is not possible, however that is not in regard to the numerical data and stats- I am no expert, however I can talk about TCE with a higher degree of understanding..  As far as Press TV goes, the most important thing, just like RTV, is that they are not bound to the interests of western media and that in and of itself establishes a lot of potential value.  Thanks so much.

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