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Be a Rebel

This powerful video by Ace, and featuring UK’s noted hip-hop artists, Arafat and Gandhi, will light a fire in you to stand up and shout to the world that we are no longer going to take it anymore!

Revolution Yeah Sing That Song
This powerful video by Ace, featuring UK’s noted underground hip-hop artists, Arafat and Gandhi, will light a fire in you and make you stand up and shout to the world, "We are not going to take it anymore!

(WASHINGTON DC) - For me, whenever I would hear the word Revolution, the very first thing that would pop into my mind was the song that was made popular by the Beatles, called Revolution. That was before; before all the tiny seeds were planted in my mind that grew and grew into what I call the real truth! Not what the media portrays to be the truth though, the REAL truth!

Before, all I cared about was living in the moment, day by day, going after the American Dream, having fun, making money, and climbing the corporate ladder. So, there I was in my own little perfect bubble and perfectly happy, or so I thought!

Today, when I hear the word "revolution," I think about what inevitably must happen if we are to live in peace and harmony with the world. I now think and care about all the pain and suffering that is going on around me, and around the world, with all of my fellow human beings. I find I am no longer only concerned about my own bubble life.

I had been asleep, whereas now I am wide awake and ready to fight! …No longer am I a slave to the evil in this world…my chains have been removed and now it is time for us to all come together for victory, for the FIGHT of our lives!

This powerful video by Ace, featuring UK’s noted underground hip-hop artists, Arafat and Gandhi, will light a fire in you and make you stand up and shout to the world, "We are not going to take it anymore! We will not sit idly by and watch humanity suffer endlessly! Revolution 2013, Sing Dat Song!"

I myself am not one for violence and the killing of another soul. That’s my personal stance, and when I watch this outstanding video, the feeling I get is one of triumph, fighting with all of our might, fighting with every bit of the soul inside of us! I visualize all of humanity speaking out for the oppressed who sadly no longer have a voice and are kept silent! We will not give up without a fight! Revolution 2013 is what has to be if we the people, who want nothing more than our freedom, prosperity, and liberty, are to win and defeat evil!

There are many ways to fulfill that triumphant scenario. Some may choose to fight with the sword of the pen via social media, writing letters, calling into radio stations, or by visiting the offices of our local politicians' and making our concerns heard. Others may choose to take to the streets with protests and stand up against the tyranny within our local communities. Still others may choose to hit the enemies where it really hurts and bring their machines to their knees. By that, I mean by closing bank accounts, destroying credit cards, and thus not paying their outrageous interest fees. Instead, we should pay off all debt and not have mortgages that make us all slaves to debt and under the complete control of the greedy, powerful global bankers who care nothing about us and everything about power. We all need to become Rebel Riders; we all need to come together as one fighting unit against the evil tyranny!

As Thomas Paine once said so perfectly, “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” So, how are you going to take part in the Revolution 2013? It’s your choice, but we must all choose a side. The line in the sand has been drawn. What will it be? Be silent and do nothing, or fight however you can for Revolution 2013. We all need to “Sing that Song!”

Fair warning: Don’t be surprised if you find that you can’t get the song or lyrics out of your head. Then again, to me, that’s a good thing! Sing that Song!



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