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On the Anniversary of Sri Lanka's Independence

On this day of independence of Sri Lanka, let us rededicate with resolve to secure our own independence too!

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(NEW YORK) - Today, Sri Lanka celebrates the 64th anniversary of its independence. It revels in the splendidness of the occasion of remembering its release from the British yoke.

As a nation and a country, the Sri Lanka is entitled to rejoice on this occasion. We, of Tamil Eelam, would go any length to wish the Sinhala nation all resplendence and prosperity on this happy occasion of theirs, if it were only their independence that they are celebrating today.

Unfortunately, that is not the case here. Today, Sri Lanka celebrates its Independence Day also denoting the completion of its subjugation of Tamil Eelam. Therefore, this Independence Day of Sri Lanka is not only a day of mourning for us but also a day of resolve to rededicate ourselves in our struggle for freedom.

There has never been a day in the annals of history when Tamil Eelam was prepared to surrender its sovereignty and independence willingly to Sri Lanka. There will never be one! The struggle to retrieve our lost sovereignty shall continue to be the incessant task in our hands.

History has already recorded the momentous time when the Tamils of Eelam took hold of the sovereign affairs of their land into their own hands, however briefly, when the “de facto” State of Tamil Eelam was functioning in Vanni under the guidance of our National Leader.

Sri Lanka has managed to trample our sovereignty once more through its military aggression. It was only able to do so by exploitation of the opportunity presented by an international order in which, unfortunately, the sovereign will of the small nations of this world or the principles of justice and fair play have become subordinate to the interests of powerful states today in setting history.

For 64 long years, Sri Lanka has continued to deny to the Tamil Nation its right of self-rule. Instead, it has been executing a carefully planned program of Genocide of the Tamil Nation. From the day the Sinhalese assumed authority for the affairs of the independent island of Ceylon, the pages of its history are replete with horrendous incidents of genocidal activities perpetrated against the Tamils of Eelam.

These actions have been in the form of aggression on the heritage of our lands, disenfranchisement of a sector of our people, exclusion of Tamils from educational and employment opportunities, destruction of our cultural, historical, archaeological heritage sites and a series of pogroms unleashed upon us from time to time. The cruelest form of this aggression that put the entire civilized world to shame was the barbaric and genocidal conduct of the final phase of the war for Vanni. These expressions of the Sinhala nation’s racism conducted with impunity and insouciance for 64 years have hurt generations of Tamils.

Conceited and emboldened by its latest military victories in Tamil Eelam, the Sri Lankan regime has accelerated its activities of aggression and expedited its efforts to liquidate the Tamil people and their land.

It is under these tragic circumstances that we wish to convey one message to the racist regime of Sri Lanka, on this anniversary of their independence. Let us be unmistakably clear; Let us have no ambiguity on this. The Nation of Tamil Eelam is determined to reassume its lost sovereignty one day. Our struggles will not cease until then.

This is the one message to the hegemonic Sinhala-Buddhist regime of Sri Lanka that we would want to emphasize upon.

Your military aggression and your continuous encroachment may continue to dispossess our people in their own land. But you will never be able to possess their hearts or minds. So long as you fail to win the hearts of these people, you remain the aggressors. Being the unwelcome guests, you will have to vacate our lands one day, someday if not today.

Today, while you reflect on the meaning of freedom and independence, while you celebrate encroachment of our land, we call upon you to vacate your armed forces, the symbol of your aggression, from our homeland forthwith.

We also call upon the forward thinking forces of the Sinhala Nation and indeed the entire world to raise their voices in the name of justice for the freedom of the Nation of Tamil Eelam.

Visvanathan Rudrakumaran

Prime Minister

Also see the article from 3rd February 2012: Sri Lanka's Independence Day- a Black Day for Tamil Eelam

Sent to by Office of the Prime Minister, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam

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