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The Game of Cricket: Then and Now

Cricket has found its way around the globe via the Internet.

British sailors playing early cricket in India.
Photo: National Army Museum

(SALEM, Ore.) - Cricket is an exciting game that continues to wow fans across the world. The striking thing about this sport is that there are many blank spaces in its history. For one, people cannot tell when it began, and a question as to the same will afford you answers such as ‘somewhere in the dark ages.’

People have now come to a consensus that it is highly likely that the game started after the Roman Empire and way before the Norman invasion of England. Another pointer that could help in this regard is that people believe it began in Northern Europe. It is not much to go on, but it helps one get an idea of how old the game is.

When it first started, players would pass an object (say, a ball or piece of wood) to each other using a club. It later evolved to a sport where the thrower would send the ball hurling to a target and the hitter would try and put up a strong defense as to the same.

There are no reports as to when this change took place. Other variations that came into play during this period include the awarding of points, to the introduction of helpers all the way to when it became a team sport.

There are so many questions as to when all this took place, but there is no denying that all these changes had a positive effect on the game.

All fans can agree that cricket has come a long way and has grown into an international sport that continues to entertain people across the globe, owing to the skills shown on the field. India is one country whose teams have exhibited expertise in the field, thus propelling it to fame.

Cricket in India

When people talk of sports in which Indians excel, cricket is one of the games that comes to their minds, and this is not for naught. Over time, this game has grown so popular in the country that many people look at it as the national sport of India.

You would be forgiven for thinking the same thing, but surprisingly, the national game is hockey. However, this fact has not kept people from cheering on the cricket teams as if they were the main sporting teams. And it is evident that this love for the game is not about to die down any soon.

When did the love for cricket all begin?

Though there are no clear reports as to when people began to play cricket in India, there is documentation on the game taking place back in 1721.

At the time, English Sailors played a game at Kutch, and this attracted a lot of interest from those who watched them play. It was not long before a club came along a year later: the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club.

The game continued to grow in popularity, and in 1799, another club got formed, thus increasing the number of players in the game. From this point onward, interest in the game continued to soar, and it was not long before domestic competitions began which saw cricket players rise to fame across the globe.

According to cricketing historian Cecil Headlam, cricket was part of the English colonizing mission. ‘First the hunter, the missionary, and the merchant, next the soldier and the politician, and then the cricketer – that is the history of British colonization. And of these civilizing influences the last may, perhaps, be said to do least harm’.

Cricket remains to be one of the most popular sports in the country to date.

Betting on Favorites

With the fast growth of this widely-accepted sport, it was a short while before people began to place bets on their favorite teams. What started as bets between friends fast evolved into a vast industry with many companies coming up with wagering options that were appealing to punters.

The online sector currently stands one of the best places to place your money when you are looking to cash in a huge reward. But with all the recent restrictions on gambling, it is not uncommon to hear someone ask, is bet365 legal in India? Good question.

People living outside India have quite clear stipulations as to whether or not they can use online betting sites, but that is not the same case for Indians. For one, the gambling sector faces a lot of backlash from people who feel that this sort of behavior is taboo and should thus not be in practice.

Additionally, there are many legalities in play that leave people wondering if they could be breaking the law by betting on their favorite teams. The good news is that as the Indian states are hard at work in a bid to legalize betting, there are many loopholes which punters can exploit and make large sums of money while at it. Bet365 is one such avenue where players can not only bet in Rupees, but they also have a ton of other options available to them.

Also, punters have an assurance that their money is safe in the site and where they wish to; they have many resources which they can use to sharpen their skills.

Thanks to the loopholes in the system, one cannot say that gambling is illegal. However, stay safe by staying informed on any changes as to the same. No game is worth risk of legal problems. That said, it’s time to take your love for cricket to another level by adding some excitement to the game. Place a wager on and get to see how accurate your predictions are. You can also benefit from the tips that they have in store. Cricket has never been more exciting. All the best of luck to you!

Sources: National Army Museum, UK; Special Features Dept.


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