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New Song 'History' by Agron Belica Dedicated to Gaza Activist Ken O'Keefe

"Standing up against a tyrant is a real jihad and Agron has done this! May he continue to be so inspired" - Liaquat Ali - President, Kazi Publications

Agron Belica and Ken O'Keefe
Agron Belica and Ken O'Keefe. Photos: Amira al Tahwi, Tim King, Dexter Phoenix, The BBC and RTV; Special thanks to Tim Adamek & Kyle Hall of Openminds Entertainment.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Agron Belica's new song 'History' pays tribute to the efforts of Gaza Activist and Reporter Ken O'Keefe, the site's News Editor Tim King, Laleh Bakhtiar, Muslim woman activist, Professor Mahmoud Ayoub, and also Dr. Jay R. Crook, who added the fateful words: 'You don't study history? You're doomed to repeat it!'

We say that a lot around here, because the history we are talking about is recorded and available.

The lessons we keep learning are very much repeats of what we learned in the past and tragically forgot.

In this video produced at by Tim King, there is a clear focus on the Revolution taking place in Egypt and beyond, and also scenes of Israel's reckless and illegal military behavior.

Be it Israel or Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, or the USA; there is no legitimate excuse for violating the United Nation's Declaration of Human Rights which has been in effect for decades.

Larger video frame on lower page

It seems clear that the oppressed people of this world have had enough and what is taking place is very in line with Ken's hands on direct activism.

And as Ken O'Keefe says, "The Golden Rule".

Ken's world citizen movement is rooted in the concept of 'Truth, Justice and Peace' and he is quickly becoming not just an effective activist, but also a folk hero.

Ken was aboard the Gaza Flotilla ship Mavi Marmara last May when it was attacked by Israeli commandos who killed nine unarmed peace activists; six 'execution style' according to a UN war crime investigation conducted against Israel which heavily condemned the attack.

Ken is one of those aboard who engaged the Israeli soldiers; he personally helped disarm and capture two of these men who were treated for minor wounds and released by the actvists unharmed.

History (Truth-Justice-Peace) by Agron Belica (featuring Marka) Produced by Tim Adamek


For the freakin' crazies who wish me pushin' up the daisies:

Ken O'Keefe

Agron Belica

Hater be at ease—mind, body, and soul I seize.
What's it all about? Let me tell you, shut your mouth!
Tongue loose swagged out, first in, last out!

Only but a few can carry out the freakin' plan,
Every woman, every man! Arm up! Take a stand!
When your freedom is on the line, do all that you can;
Rise up! Cast the tyrants out! save your soul's fam!

Careful now! These devils got names for ya, friend;
Propaganda through the media, lies with no end!
He's a rebel, a radical, and a malcontent;
Wise up! See the scam, these wolves are hell-bent!

Tim King

Laleh Bakhtiar

Is it sweetness you yearn, or a bitter end?
Are you caught up now, dummy? Do you even comprehend?
A message of truth, justice, and peace is what I spread;
Not with it? Hang yourself, you're already dead!

Left the gang-bangin'—the whole scene is comical;
Lost souls absent-minded, all of them irrational.
Joined a team of heroes in company with the truthful,
World citizens on the rise, watch the pharoahs tremble!

Tim King and the crew spread the real news,
While them other cats manipulate and sing the freakin' blues!
When the light of truth strikes, check who lit the fuse;
The mission, in effect, humanitarians addressing issues.

Laleh Bakhtiar, Muslim woman activist, Speaks about woman-abuse, stands tall with an iron fist! 4:34 hittin' woman misinterpreted; They listenin'? No! Instead, they callin' her a feminist!

Professor Mahmoud Ayoub

Dr. Jay R. Crook

Professor Ayoub, with a quote that needs a crown,
Whose history? Polticians' or soldiers on the ground?
My friend Dr. Jay R. Crook had this to add to it:
You don't study history? You're doomed to repeat it!

You don't like my music cause I push the positives, man?
Screw you, your friends, and all your freakin' relatives!

Forget a record deal, fam, I'm livin', I'm content! Most of you don't even understand the message I present!

Do I really need an introduction for this man?
One God, one world, now the crown a free man;
Already in the process of changing freakin' history,
On the track with those mentioned, this is our glory!

Background on Agron Belica:

Agron Belica at a book signing event

Agron returned to his Albanian Muslim roots and accepted the responsibilities of life after his teen angst years, learning to self-study. He began reading inspirational works and learned about the soul and the spiritual capabilities of man. He rejected the crass materialism that drives so much that is harmful in American society, and then began to set more useful goals for himself.

Thus motivated, he took part in spiritual circles and examined various religious sects. In doing so, he inadvertently became a student of comparative religion, which led to his examination of the traditional role of John the Baptist in the Christian and Islamic religious traditions. His research paper, The Revival of the Prophet Yahya in 2008 ultimately resulted in the publication of The Crucifixion: Mistaken Identity? in 2009 at the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA. This book has caused considerable discussion in the field.

His controversial theories were reported in local newspapers in Massachusetts and the world over after his articles were published online by award-winning journalist, Tim King of His circle of associates has changed from gang bangers to academics and professionals who are impressed with his achievements.

The first woman to do a critical translation of the Quran, entitled The Sublime Quran, and a Muslim woman activist and scholar Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar said, “I never cease to be amazed by Agron Belica’s diverse God-given talents and blessings!”

World-renowned scholar and professor at the Hartford Seminary Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub said, “I met Agron Belica at an unusual interfaith conference in New York City. He was a professional, but also a passionate man. I soon discovered that my friend is at once a writer, a singer, and a man of many hobbies. His book on who actually was on the cross caused a stir in academia, yet Agron is not an academician. I was surprised to hear my friend’s songs, which again were artistically moving; yet, my friend is neither a professional musician nor a poet. Agron and I discovered a spiritual affinity between us, which I cannot explain. It is beautiful and enriching.”

His friend Dr. Jay R. Crook, the author of a number of books about comparative religion (The Bible: An Islamic Perspective series) and the translator of several Persian classics, edited and annotated Belica’s The Crucifixion: Mistaken Identity?

About Belica, he said, “It was while working with him on that book that I got to know Agron quite well. Not only are his ideas original, but also he is adept at presenting them to the public. I had expected him to look for some other writing project after that one was accomplished, but I must confess he surprised me when he turned instead to singing. When his song was recorded, I was impressed, not just by the professionalism of the production, but by the lyrics he wrote himself from his own life experience as well. Just as his ideas about John the Baptist were original, so was the content of his song. Then, he astonished me by putting together one song after another, each one different, but all possessing a unity of presentation and depth. That he could continue to meet or excel that standard set by his first song is nothing short of amazing.”

Concurrent with his reformation, Belica met and married his soul mate in 2001. Three children have come from their union and his life has become blessed in his eyes. The words of his Lord still ring in his ears, “After difficulty comes ease.” But that is not the end.

Throughout his life, Belica has always found consolation by singing. His voice was discovered by Bashir Hasan, an Afro-American member of his religious community. Belica soon was chosen to be the caller to prayer. His colleague, Joelah Carter out of Harlem, NY, said, “No one has called the prayer as good as Agron called it, even after years later when he departed from our community.”

With this background, it was an easy progression to writing and performing his own songs about his life experiences.

About the Producer:

Tim Adamek is a 24 year-old producer from New Jersey. He specializes in producing a variety of styles of instrumentals, mainly in the Hip-Hop and R&B genres.

Tim puts a great deal of emphasis on the quality of his productions. He takes a lot of time choosing the right instruments, composing memorable melodies, and mixing his tracks properly.

Though Tim has been producing music since high school, it wasn't until 2005 that he became serious about it. As he started to upload his beats on the internet, he began getting a lot of positive feedback from the Hip-Hop community.

In 2007, Tim discovered a local producer, Kyle Hall. After listening to Kyle's work, Tim heard nothing but high-quality, original sounding productions. In Tim's ears, Kyle's work had set him apart from most other producers, so they decided to team up and start their own production company. Open Minds Entertainment was born.

(Editor's note: The song is rising quickly in the Hop Hop category on Visit SOUNDCLICK - Check it out!

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February 11, 2011 4:25 pm (Pacific time)

@: Anonymous: Now woudn't that be something? Anything is possible. I think the Egyptian people proved that, no?

Anonymous February 11, 2011 1:06 pm (Pacific time)

Ken O'Keefe for World President!

AGRON BELICA February 11, 2011 11:52 am (Pacific time)

@Christine: Thank you very much!

AGRON BELICA February 11, 2011 11:51 am (Pacific time)

@Bardyl Polozani: Connecticuts Legendary figure on this article! O boy! Only if they knew! Lol! Thanks so much! Love and respect from all of us here on When you finish with that book send it over to me boss! Truth-Justice-Peace, make sure you add it to that script.

Christine February 10, 2011 10:03 pm (Pacific time)

OMG what an amazing video. Ken O'Keefe is my hero. Hot stuff!

bardyl polozani February 11, 2011 8:41 am (Pacific time)

there is so much more to be said about agron belica than what meets the eye. Mr. Belica is very passinate about his contributions to society and mankind alike. Agron and I go way back like the flinstones, you know fred and barney. I can tell you that he is no stranger pain and suffering, trials and tribulations, for many years Agron faced much opposition and had to overcome many obsticals. To have this same man overcome and contribute so much is surely worthy of mention. I am very proud of him and take my hat off to him as well. We all have to think about Agrons position and ask ourselves this, what can I do to help. The world is in turmoil and you never know how many lives you can help or impact to make the world a better place.May Allah ta`ala strenghten and guide us to a way tat is straight, lets help stop the tyranny,one voice at a time, amin!

AGRON BELICA February 11, 2011 10:14 am (Pacific time)

@Joelah Carter: Thanks fam!

Joelah Carter February 11, 2011 9:09 am (Pacific time)

that video was powerful, and the song goes perfect with it. MUBARAKA SET UR PEOPLE FREE!

AGRON BELICA February 10, 2011 7:13 pm (Pacific time)

@Matti: Thanks!

Matti February 10, 2011 6:36 pm (Pacific time)

Good story,awesome song,and great people! I will pass this along to others. Thanks for the inspiration!

Editor: Thanks Matti!

Dr. Jay R. Crook February 10, 2011 3:42 pm (Pacific time)

Many thanks for giving exposure to the work of a talented artist and personal friend, Agron Belica, who in turn celebrates the work of activists such as Tim King and Ken O'Keefe. The world is a better place for their efforts. Considering the current situation in the Middle East, the timing of the introduction of 'History' to the world could not have been better.

Tim King: Thank you so much Dr. Crook, it is my honour to be listed with you in this piece, Agron's talent is outrageous.  Thank you for your contributions and for making this world a better place and for being such a wonderful mentor.  

AGRON BELICA February 10, 2011 11:12 am (Pacific time)

@GP: Thanks!

Laleh Bakhtiar February 10, 2011 10:43 am (Pacific time)

Thank you so much Tim King for this excellent story and video. God works in mysterious ways and it would appear that your efforts have helped push Mubarak out. Some say he will resign today. Long live truth, justice and peace!

gp February 10, 2011 10:29 am (Pacific time)

s'bout time someone wrote an anthem to Tim and Ken! Heroes, everyday, extraordinary heroes. And what a great song!

AGRON BELICA February 10, 2011 10:29 am (Pacific time)


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