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Asia Times- Russia Wises Up... Good News for Syria

Warmongers may be crying in their soup if Russia says, Нет - 'Nyet'.

A sign of the times in Damascus
A sign of the times in Damascus. Photo:

(SALEM) - If present trends continue, Russia will bring a voice of reason to the group of countries rallying for military action against Syria. That, according to a brand new article in Asia Times, which yanks the facade from the western version of the story, shining a light into the cracks and crevices hiding true motives of geo-positioning and posturing for war.

Americans watch the news, they are told that the Syrian government is committing terrible atrocities, which it probably is, yet what is taking place is much broader and involves one more attempt of western nations, this time accompanied by former dreaded enemies Russia and China, to destabilize a government for the sake of control, and in this case, military proximity. It's funny how little fanfare the photos of torn up bodies of Syrian soldiers receive, and that is important to note as this war is waged in part, on YouTube and in Google Images.

Let's see, who are the countries rallying so hard to launch a military invasion of Syria... known as P5+1 - "The Iran Six"? They are the USA, Britain, France, Russia, China plus Germany. With the record of human and earthly destruction that each nation is responsible for, it seems fair to wonder how and why their position in determining the fate of Syria is justified.

United States - Invaded Iraq on bad info., killing up to 1.5 million innocent people, totally destabilizing the Middle east; Americans committed war crimes, retaliated on a soldier who exposed war crimes to Wikileaks, and has increasingly used mercenaries who don't follow established rules of war to conduct its dirty work. A perpetual backer of Israeli apartheid, and South African apartheid when it existed, the U.S. is also responsible for the horrible contamination of Vietnam and its own citizens with Agent Orange, an enduring, multi-generational problem.

Great Britain - This country's colonizing is responsible for almost all of the world's critical problems; Rwanda, Palestine and Sri Lanka witnessed Genocide, in each case, it was because the UK preferred one culture over another. End of colonization = Genocide. England also along with France, failed to prevent Hitler's rise to power. Then there is Northern Ireland...

France - Failed to enforce Versailles Treaty which allowed Hitler's Third Reich to storm Europe, then Vichy France capitulated to Germany. Though it may be the least dangerous of the European countries, France is equally guilty of colonizing tragedies, with Vietnam at the top of the list.

Russia - The only country with a ruler who actually managed to murder more human beings than Hitler, that was Stalin of course, who is still widely celebrated in the former USSR. Russia sided with Nazi Germany in WWII initially, and was burned in that deal, while creating a society known for bread lines; where the wealthiest man was the one who 'turned in' the most neighbors.

China - A country riddled with civil rights and human rights violations; China enforces population control on families and supported the Khmer Rouge when they committed bloody Genocide against several million people in Cambodia, in the years following the U.S. war in Vietnam. Then of course there was Tienanmen Square, where pro-Democracy students were shot down in cold blood.

Germany - Little needs to be explained, the people of Germany with all of their steely precision, followed an absolute madman who murdered ever Jew and Roma that his forces could get their hands on. Always eager to follow suit with western Middle east war plans, Germans show today that their warring, militaristic spirit to crush fake and false enemies is alive and well.

Western media reports blare day and night about the blame for current problems, all resting on the shoulders of the President Bashar al-Assad government in Syria. Yet many experts and analysts believe the entire move is a smokescreen, just like Libya, and that the efforts to build support for a military invasion of Syria are simply a way to put western forces on the doorstep of Iran.

While Russia has been going along with much of this drive for war, Moscow has maintained friendly relations with many countries the U.S. does not speak openly to or with; and it looks like President Medvedev is tapping the brakes, signalling an end to the latest war charade.

An article in the Asia Times, Moscow stirs itself on Syria by Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar, a career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service, drives home the reality of this mirage of western military diplomacy that would supposedly aid the "Friends of Syria" (FOS) group, which is sponsored by the Western powers and their Arab allies. FOS was set to hold its first meeting in Tunis today.

As Bhadrakumar wrote, the west has been preparing furiously for its hopeful showdown with Syria, but as the pace increased, Russian diplomacy also shifted gears, and the Kremlin was a beehive of diplomatic activity this week. It seems the reality of this possible military strike took effect, and now Moscow has entered a proactive mode.

In fact the Russians are looking at the bigger picture, also, they note how Moscow views the developing paradigm, they are increasingly believing that the whole 'Arab Spring" was at least in part, a western-orchestrated plan to take control of governments in the Middle east by encouraging de-stabilization from within. All it takes at that point, as American politicians well know, is a cooperative media and a few hundred million televisions.

Lest we forget that the Arab Spring is indeed real in some parts of the Middle east, Cairo as one example. However look at the sparse coverage U.S. media gave the deadly protests in Bahrain, a U.S. ally...

I hope I have your attention, please visit the Asia Times article, Moscow stirs itself on Syria by Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar, for a concise examination of this important political development.


Tim King, summer 2008, covering the Iraq War

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Gregorio February 25, 2012 10:35 pm (Pacific time)

Criticizing these countries for acts their governments committed half a century ago,
in the Syrian context, is testament to how absurd this article is...

Editor: Iraq, half a century ago?  

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