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Explosive WTC 7 Evidence Lights Up TV Screens Nationwide

AE911Truth Documentary Excerpt Makes Waves on 100+ PBS Stations

What remained of WTC-7
What remained of WTC-7

(NOVATO, CA) - AE911Truth produced a five minute version of the 15-minute mini-documentary, “Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of Building 7”, for the Spotlight On series broadcast by PBS on dozens of public television stations nationwide.

According to the Nielsen Television Index, the short film was a resounding success, airing 678 times during the first three-month cycle, and was seen by an estimated 2.7 million viewers. The $10,000 that supporters like you donated to this project last year has paid off tremendously.

The Genesis of the Campaign

Two years ago, Wendy Rapkin of Trivue Entertainment contacted AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, to suggest producing a segment for the Spotlight On series.

Spotlight On is an ongoing series of three-to-five minute filler programs for public television that has been airing for over 20 years. Rapkin, a long time supporter of AE911Truth, felt that this would be a good vehicle to increase exposure to the public about the explosive destruction of WTC 7 on the afternoon of September 11, 2001.

“I really wanted to get the word out about Building 7,” Rapkin said, “and the video AE911Truth produced is all about the science of its destruction.”

Gage then met with the senior producer of Trivue Entertainment, Larry Cohen, in New Jersey. An interview was conducted and Cohen was deeply impressed with the AE911Truth message and mission. He decided immediately that he would work with Gage to get a program on Spotlight On.

“This production is certainly the most controversial segment ever distributed by Trivue,” noted Cohen. When asked why he got involved with this contentious subject, he said, “Because I believe what you guys are saying is true – I believe you are right.”

“I was particularly impressed by your refusal to identify culprits, that all you want is a new investigation, Cohen added. “You have no agenda – other than finding the truth.”

The Production of the Documentary

With the ‘green light’ given by Trivue, a team was assembled to produce the film. AE911Truth volunteers Michael Marino, Chris Sarns, Mike Green, and Susie Bonham-Craig all worked tirelessly with Gage to produce the film.

'I have somewhat of a name that I was happy to lend to give credibility to the AE911Truth cause,' Asner added

The project began with the production of a three-minute segment as the goal. This objective was set because the shorter a segment is, the more opportunity it has to be aired, as there are more three-minute windows of time to fill than five-minute windows. However, it turned out to be an impossible task to work within that time constraint. As Sarns put it, “Gage is a perfectionist and couldn’t leave out any of the five main points of WTC 7 demolition.”

This led to the development of the 15-minute “Solving the Mystery of WTC 7” mini-documentary, a highly successful spin-off project with over 700,000 views on YouTube – and the exposure is growing rapidly throughout the 9/11 truth movement. Copies of the “mini-DVD” can also be purchased at our online store. These can be carried in your shirt pocket everywhere you go to be given or sold to interested people you meet.

“Putting together the video was a grueling process that took hundreds of hours,” Sarns added. “It’s amazing how long it can take to compile and edit a 15-minute video that is information-packed as well as entertaining and uniquely captivating.”

Ed Asner, past president of the Screen Actors Guild, is a long time supporter of AE911Truth

Marino was responsible for what was dubbed the “sneak up on you beginning” that opened the film with the building achievements of architects and engineers. Since reputable technical professionals are declaring that we have a big problem with the official conspiracy theory of 9/11, he felt it would be powerful to begin with an introduction to who architects and engineers are and what they have accomplished in history. Then he slowly and surprisingly leads viewers towards the issue of WTC 7 in a surreal plot twist that leaves them with their jaws dropped.

Under the narration of the legendary actor Ed Asner, we hear that “throughout the ages, architects and engineers have designed and built the great structures that have withstood the test of time,” and see dazzling images of the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Taj Mahal along with a thoroughly engaging musical score. The video then goes on to discuss modern steel-framed skyscrapers, and how they are “built to last”. We then see WTC 7 and right after we hear Ed Asner say “This building was also built to last” we see the building drop like a rock.

When asked how he came up with this ingenious twist, Marino said, “It was spontaneous, over the phone, and manifested itself on the fly. That insight was itself quite a moment for all of us.”

One of the key elements of the success of the video has to be the participation of Asner himself. He has long been a supporter of the 9/11 Truth movement, and began questioning the official story soon after that tragic day. When asked why he chose to participate with AE911Truth he said that he was delighted by the size and influence of the organization. “I have somewhat of a name that I was happy to lend to give credibility to the cause,” he added.

Transitioning to Public Television

The compelling 15-minute version of the 5-minute WTC7 film is now available as a mini-DVD at the new AE911Truth online store

Once the 15-minute version was completed, the difficult process of paring it down to a five minute version began. In order to meet the time constraints and make it through the approval process for airing on public television by the Spotlight on producer, references to NIST and to 9/11 itself were removed, as was the “call to action”. Even though much of the controversial material was left on the cutting room floor, the Spotlight On segment still has ‘teeth’ and is a powerful message for people who may have been unaware that a third building collapsed on that fateful day. The controversy is “implied” instead of explicitly addressed.

Trivue usually writes, scripts, and films the segments they produce, but this particular segment was produced wholly by AE911Truth. “All we did was take it and add our intro,” Cohen noted, “because they had a vision that we did not want to mess with – and it turned out quite successfully.”

The program was uplinked on August 19th and became accessible to 355 public television stations. Each individual affiliate director decides whether a given Spotlight On segment will air on that station. 131 of the member stations picked up the segment and aired it a total of 678 times during the first Nielsen cycle. The program will forever be within the Spotlight On archives and may continue to be shown in the future. Some segments may be aired for up to three years.

What You Can Do to Help

If you haven’t done so already, sign our petition demanding a new WTC investigation with subpoena power. Everyone can sign. You don’t need to be an architect or engineer to make a difference, and every single signature by a concerned citizen gives greater credibility to our cause.

You can also stop by our online store and purchase materials to educate others about the explosive 9/11 evidence. A particularly good deal is the Special Activist Pack for reaching greater numbers of people. Even just handing out fact cards can have a powerfully influential effect.

Put the 15-minute version of the documentary on your local Cable Access station.

Donate to AE911Truth so that we can air the five-minute documentary to the American public again in even greater measure. The 9/11 truth movement is a grassroots effort that educates the public, one person at a time. It is you, individually, that is going to make the difference. Please do your part to assist us in this critical mission. Support our efforts to get Ed Asner and AE911Truth in front of millions more PBS viewers today!

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Anonymous March 6, 2012 1:11 pm (Pacific time)

Nory it's great to be able to discuss calmly different viewpoints, and what the hey, if what's happened in the past can serve the future in minimizing more problems, then that's important, regardless of the issue(s). Maybe the editor could clarify for me regarding what was meant that the "heat was contained." Because in the Towers it was an increasing heat build up as it went up the stairwells and ventilation system, though some heat/smoke escaped through the roof area and the upper windows as people broke those windows shortly before their tragic deaths. Nory I imagine you have started a fire, and sometimes you may have blown on an ember to increase the heat and get the fire hotter. The saying "where's their smoke, there's fire" is not always true, but in the 911 attack it sure was correct. You no doubt saw the increase in smoke as the jet fuel ignited many flamable items, some that would burn much hotter than the jet fuel, and the increaing air movement blew the flames up even hotter. I have been involved in fighting both a grass/scrub fire in the coastal range in California and noticed quite a wind as the fire increased. But that was like a mild breeze compared to the gale force winds a big forest fire creates. I experienced that just once in a large fire in central Oregon. When the jets hit the Towers, they soon had gale force winds up there. The first tower hit we can call #Experiment 1, and create all these theories on what happened and why. Well the best way to prove those theories is to replicate it. That's what we had in the second tower hit. Both collapsed essentially in the same manner. The first collapse as per firemen/police other witnesses in the underground transit system created some large underground fires, weakening foundations and infrastructures all over the affected area. The softening point in metal is pretty simple, the load capacity of metal is reduced nearly 50% long before it even gets close to the melting point, thus a chain reaction took place and down came building one. Then we had a replication of that process soon after. Building 7 essentially had a similar situation but began in the foundation adjacent the hot molten debri of the two towers.

Anonymous March 5, 2012 6:02 pm (Pacific time)

Weakened steel that has reached the softening point would collapse in a pancake fashion. You saw two building do just that. Molten metal is expected in any hot and prolonged fires. Go to a junk yard and ask to see a car that burned up in a fire. You will see melted metal. World trade building and those areas around them were under both extreme pressures and heat, which is a lot different than a house fire, or even a ten story building. As the height and size goes up, so does the temperature.

Editor: The heat from the fires was contained, the temperatures did not rise to within even a fraction of what would have been required to make the towers fall to the ground at freefall speed, your theory is fine as long as you stick to emotion and dismiss science, which we do not have the capacity to do.  And beyond all of this, Tower 7 - come on...

Nory King March 3, 2012 5:31 pm (Pacific time)

That is definitely a relevant point worthy of discussion. The weakening of steel is absolutely a consideration, as the structural steel would almost certainly weaken and fail before it actually melted. Two points :

A) The problem with the weakened steel suggestion is that would result in a much slower, non-symmetrical collapse. The fact that WTC 7 collapsed at freefall speed in a completely symmetrical fashion.

B) Huge amounts of molten iron were found in the debris of all three WTC towers. So if the steel simply weakened and gave way, then there is no explanation for the large amounts of molten iron (tons of it according to accounts) that were found.

In the film Explosive Evidence : Experts Speak Out produce by AE911Truth that issue is addressed in detail. That feature-length documentary can be found at <a href=""><b></b></a>

I appreciate your comments and questions. A civil debate is the best way to discuss these issues. Please feel free to fire any other questions you may have at me.

Anonymous March 3, 2012 9:50 am (Pacific time)

Nory congrats on your degree in math. I just did the bare minimum I needed to meet my specific core curriculum requirements. Though I did take many statistics courses both as an undergrad and as a graduate student. Nory many of the 911 truthers discuss the melting point of the "girders" and other metal aspects of the Towers' infrastructure. Have you ever looked into the "softening point" and how that greatly diminishes the load capacity of the metal girders? Some of those Phd. metalurgists (sp?) out there have a lot to say on this matter, and I have never seen any of the 911 truthers discuss it. That softening point temp was quickly reached and the load capacity is reduced by nearly half. Considering the weight factor above the floors that were on fire, a lot of weight stress, and the melting points of mental become a non-issue, or at least not as important. You have an opinion on this aspect Nory?

Nory King March 2, 2012 1:24 pm (Pacific time)

It is so easy to simply state that "the scientific methodology rejected it - look at peer reviewed studies," but that doesn't make that statement true. I consider the (at last count) 1,672 licensed architects and engineers who reject the official conspiracy theory to be pretty well peer reviewed.

I am well versed in scientific methodology myself, I have a degree in mathematics with a minor in physics. I again find it so amusing that somebody can be so flippant without ever reviewing the evidence. How can you expect to have an informed opinion when you stalwartly refuse to educate yourself with all available scientific evidence? You clearly have no interest in finding out the truth which is why you stick to your guns and make such false claims. If you were in any way aware of the facts you would be aware that it is the official conspiracy theory that has been rejected scientifically by THOUSANDS of educated individuals who are familiar with the scientific method.

Anonymous March 2, 2012 10:12 am (Pacific time)

911 truthers are fading away. The same is happening with the OWS movement. Certainly there will be brief resurgences of both, but they are fading. Those who want to continue to be tools of the radical marxists/islamists will never learn. It's fun to watch these pathetic morons bump into each other trying to see which one can say the dumbest thing. Fools rush in where wise men...lalalalala...

Editor: Don't you wish, in fact it is the total opposite; morons are closed minded people scared of the truth.

Anonymous March 1, 2012 3:30 pm (Pacific time)

Nory King the scientific methodology rejected it...look at peer review studies. Talk to witnesses in DC, including first responders who saw the jet fly into the Pentagon, and the eye witnesses who saw the jet crash into the field in Pennsylvania. Considering nearly 11 years have gone by, where is just one witness to support the 9/11 conspiracy theories out there who claims to be an inside government terrorist? They do not exist! It's a done deal, Osama is dead, and even many out there think thats false. So what. With 535 elected to congress, why won't one of them request a formal look see for these whacko theories? Duuuh! Hey you think all SEALS are liars regarding Osama? Go on record and put down your home address.

I'm the news editor of, my name is Tim King, and I know without question that bin Laden was killed at Tora Bora in 2001, and that the 'SEAL' team did not kill him in Pakistan, that is a stupid and ridiculous story and anyone who really looked at it would put this together.  The neighbors of that house said they would have known if a high level terrorist was living there, he never did. 

Let's take your story apart just a little  bit; Usama bin Laden, who was a hero of the Mujahideen that defeated the Soviets during the Afghan civil war with US finds brokered through the actions of Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson, via a program the CIA dubbed 'Al Qaeda'.  The most basic historical review demonstrates that bin Laden was dying of kidney failure in 2001. 

He was gaunt and his hair was grey.  You want people to believe that he was hanging out in a cave without electricity in remote Afghanistan, in the mountains outside of the Pesh Valley, and received kidney dialysis treatment for his advanced case?  Bull, that is virtually impossible, just like the rest of the GW Bush 911 story.  The US special forces attacked the area where he was in 2001 and took care of business, but this was part of a rehearsed plan, they had to kill this guy in order to replicate him intermittently over the next eight years.  Every look at the guys who played 'bin Laden'? 

Ever notice how years after he was dying of kidney failure (which does not just go away for any human being) he suddenly looked about 30 years old and had thick black hair and beard?  I loved the way Obama SEAL's "tossed his body overboard" without photographs, after President Saddam Hussein was so fully publicly humiliated.  Americans are sheep, they are conditioned by Israel-friendly media to believe exactly what they are told and in this regard, you get an A+ nameless commenter. 

I've been in bin Laden's training camp in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Ive interviewed the Afghans who live there, who know a thing or two, have you?  There is no believing a stitch of the 'official' story.  As for your threat toward Nory King, I have your IP and you would be surprised how seriously law enforcement takes things like that, so watch your keyboard bravery. 

Nory King March 1, 2012 11:02 am (Pacific time)

I find it very amusing that the theories put forth by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth are branded by 911 apologists as "conspiracy" theories. There is not a single element of a conspiracy in any argument presented by AE911Truth. We provide a building destruction theory based on scientific fact and evidence. We point no fingers, suggest no perpetrators. We only want a new investigation as the evidence available indicates that the official conspiracy theory is blatantly false. I sincerely doubt that the anonymous commenters who brashly support the official conspiracy theory have even allowed themselves to view the evidence that we present. No reasonable person with critical thinking skills can summarily dismiss such evidence.

Anonymous February 27, 2012 10:28 am (Pacific time)

Unfortunately it's not possible for most Canadians to respond. This is a country that has a highly developed "censorship" mentality that many of their citizens have been conditioned to avoid ruffling the feathers with real world analyses, or normal-type responses we Americans take for granted as our God- given rights, like found in all of our the Bill of Rights. Even with a conservative take over, the Tory mentality and brownshirt methodologies of self-censorship may take several generations to vanquish. Canada has a red-hot economy presently (until we lower our corporate tax rates), but they are close to an Orwellian oversight, which diminishes the rewards of success.

Anonymous February 27, 2012 7:12 am (Pacific time)

DJ I see the question by anonymous was about your view on the 9/11 attack. So was it an inside job by Americans, or was it by Islamic terrorists? Anyway that's how I view the comment regarding "brave" and "speaking one's mind." Of course your comment on my country's military experiences is irrelevant, but then I find those who have no military background view history quite differently. Sometimes that "stitch in time" is rather nebulous to the uninformed and untrained. I guess though, considering your non-answer about 9/11 is that you agree with those who have a rational thinking process that what you saw on that day, and the available evidence since that day, clearly shows that the war crime was by Islamic terrorists. Of course it's also clear that these same terrorists finance people to go out and start, as well as perpetuate these conspiracy theories. Thereby providing easy observeable evidence how easy it is to create useful idiots in literally any endeavor. Of course I do not expect a firm opinion by you. Ergo, "brave" and "speaking one's mind" is not a Canadian trait for some Canadians.

Anonymous February 26, 2012 5:49 pm (Pacific time)

I don't believe Daniel will answer your inquiry anonymous. Afterall he wants to continue telling us yanks what's wrong with us. One thing we yanks know, we are brave, and do not lack the courage of our convictions and speak our minds even if it upsets the ol'apple cart.

DJ: Brave? The American history of attacking smaller nations is not enviable. On top of that, the last war that America won was in 1945 and the Americans were not alone, but had a lot of help (Canada played a big part in this). Since then, failure after failure--Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Are you beginning to understand that smaller nations don't want or like your meddling? I will say, though, that you did a good job in Chile in 1973.

Anonymous February 25, 2012 6:09 pm (Pacific time)

It's amazing that after nearly 11 years you 9/11 conspiracy buffs are pushing the same stories, but no traction except for way out dudes like the commie Van Jones. Now there's a guy that diminishes facts. All I can say is good luck. Does Daniel Johnson from Calgary also sit in the same twilight zone vehicle as you 9/11 personnel? What's the prevailing wisdom from Canada Daniel?

Anonymous February 25, 2012 12:57 pm (Pacific time)

to anon at 10:21...there is also a website from pilots truth for 911...they are not aircraft refuelers, they are 25 years veterans of flying planes/architects/engineers..please do your is their website. Please take your refueling and indocrination websites you read and stick them in your ear..Research the truth my friend from REAL pilots..thanks. Just because your weak minded life cant handle truth, doesnt mean we are all weak minded...the truth hurts, but soon it sets you free...

stephen February 25, 2012 1:08 pm (Pacific time)

to anon: how did I know 911 was going to happen 6 weeks before it happened? Answer me that question? Did your REFUELING job know that 911 was going to happen before it did? I did know, and here is proof,:

Anonymous February 24, 2012 10:21 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King: "I was a tactical aircraft refueler." Ergo you were a lightly trained, essentially unskilled low ranked private who has no formal education in physics, or any of the physical sciences, and certainly no prolonged combat experience with aircraft. Thus all these highly trained scientists who have thouroughly debunked these 911 theories are just stupid because Tim King, a person of zero training and no scientific engineering experience says so. Oh sure there will always be people from academia that will go against the grain, but all their absurd ideas of any merit have been peer reviewed and have not held up. Regardless of what you fantasize Tim, it was radical Islamic terrorists who carried out this mission. They have been backtracked training here in the states long before Bush was elected. You may recall that Gore was suppose to be a shoe-in to get elected, so as per your view, it was he who set up this "inside job?" On an ex post facto scenario, there will be some serious blowback on those who provide comfort to these subhumans, serious blowback. My guess is that you theorists have very unhappy lives and band together displaying a collective ignorance that is indeed peerless. Your collective views have no merit and never will.

Tim King: You sure have a lot to say about a person's character when you as an individual, don't even state your name.  If the person you were writing about had a high level of academic expertise you would just dismiss them too, obviously.  People aren't buying it, because the salesmen are hollow men who don't even use names, and present absolutely no credentials of any kind.  I have this thing people comprehend called real life experience, and you are Islamophobic and little else, talk about fantasy.  Even the Islamic people who potentially threaten us are not the ones the U.S. pursues or fights, because the mission overseas is as insincere as your demeaning message, I find it all quite funny really.  The enemies of America are not who you think they are, they aren't Arab, though millions would, after all of the horror the U.S. brought Iraq and Afghanistan, like to see us all suffer a horrible fate, but they never gave a crap about us, interests in the Arab world swing between bathing in oil and kissing American and Israeli ass, and people fighting for their lives under the brutal thumb of Israel's fascist, bigoted government intent on stealing every Palestinian home in existence.  'Islamic terrorists' my ass.  I've been there man, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait, and none of that was necessary to see through this fog.  As for your 'subhuman' comment, you are a sick pickle, and you are not welcome to post comments any longer.  Don't forget to tell your friends that sheering is this Tuesday at six, don't be late, bah bah!. 

Anonymous February 24, 2012 6:21 pm (Pacific time)

In all senses, the collapse sequence was quite ordinary and natural. The World Trade Centre towers were designed to absorb an aircraft impact, but an accidental one with much less fuel and speed. It is widely acknowledged that the impacts on September 11th were extraordinary, which led to consequences well in excess of the design capacity for the buildings. The original design of both towers must be praised for standing as long as they did, saving more lives than might have been expected. While building 7 wasn't hit by an airliner, it was hit by the large perimeter columns of the Tower collapse. It was 400 ft away but the towers were more than 1300 ft tall. As the tower peeled open, it easily tilted over to reach building 7. Building 7 had unfought fires and the massive load of 40 stories above them. Conspiracy theorists will continue to spin their theories until they die, and no one will care, except the other conspiracy theorists, and no one will care, except other conspiracy theorists, ad nauseum/infintium.

Editor: I like the way you state, "It is well known"... as you jot down government friendly propaganda.  I wonder, do you reference that dwindling number of non-critical thinkers that even you guys are losing touch with?  The thing with the 'official' whitewash... I mean story, is that not a single part of it adds up or makes sense.  The most crucial and unforgettable clue came in the first hours, when a crash so severe that the flight recorders were again "officially" not recovered (New York firefighters damned well found them, handed them off to federal agent and they were never seen again)  yielded the supposed 'Arab terrorist' passports on the ground, what a load in the pants that was.  Then you have this guy whose name is Usama bin Laden, he immediately issued a statement claiming that he had absolutely nothing to do with 911 and that he was tired of having every act somebody committed in the world blamed on him.  Huh?  Yeah that's right and I have every detail of this, every part of it, hell bin Laden's statement was carried by mainstream media. 

And even if some Muslim guys were involved with it, they were from SAUDI ARABIA, that country that has long been a buddy ally to the U.S.  The Wahabi aspect of Islam - our national ally's particular form of extremism, is exactly where the whole burqa thing and women banned from driving, comes from.  Why does everyone miss this?  And let's remember that al Qaeda is the name of a U.S. CIA operation to fund the Afghan Mujahideen while they battled the Soviets from '79 to '89.  I've been in bin Laden's training camp in Jalalabad, I have talked to many Afghan civilians and an endless list of U.S. and ISAF and Afghan military personnel.  They only know of Taliban in reality, and their knowledge of al Qaeda comes from western media.

Before I entered the field of journalism, I was a U.S. Marine stationed mostly at MCAS El Toro in California, and my MOS (military Occupational Specialty) was 1391; 'Bulk Fuel Specialist" and specifically, I was a tactical aircraft refueler.  We refueled  fixed wing planes and helicopters, with tactical or 'portable' refuel systems.  We received the fuel, we analyzed and monitored the fuel, we filled the tanks of jet fighters, mostly, and helicopters, and we were responsible for their lives if we failed in our role, so we did not. We worked mostly with JP-5, which I believe the US Navy still uses on aircraft carriers, and we maintained a small amount of JP-4.  Today's jet fuel is the kerosene-based JP-8, or F-34, which was first used by NATO in 1978.  All of this to say that this stuff does not, by any standard, or any honest account, burn at a temperature even remotely close to being hot enough to melt those buildings.  And the sad thing is that even if you were right, you can't even begin to account for building 7, and your 'perimeter columns' - blah blah.  WTC-7 is, for any thinking person, the most blatant and obvious aspect.  I guess I need to get back into this subject, it is one deserving all of the attention it can get, and I really appreciate  the effort of Nory King and Richard Gage at this juncture.  No buildings have ever collapsed from fire in history, they have burned from top to bottom and not fallen.  Besides, the statements from NY firefighters about the fire being nearly under control just before the first one was imploded, I mean fell... is all anyone needs to know.       

 I can state with absolute clarity that the American citizens have been bamboozled and whatever it is inside the minds of people who ever believed anything the Bush administration said leaves only more unanswered questions.  People like this nameless salesman/commenter are being paid, that is easy to at least grasp, but the ones making up the greater majority, it is they who must be reached and convinced.  If you don't question it Americans, then you are not awake.       

stephen February 24, 2012 6:46 am (Pacific time)

It is of my opinion, after a few years of research, that AE911truth is a legitimate, honest, and extremely knowledgeable organization. I trust them 100% and applaud their efforts to get the truth out. February 24, 2012 5:26 am (Pacific time)

thank you

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