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Military Psychiatrists with Personality Disorder

Commentary on the New York Times article: Branding Soldiers with Personality Disorders


(MOLALLA, OR) - For almost anybody with more than two brain neurons, the military, especially the Army, is really a weird place. From the bottom up, I was a Private, we knew that Junior Officers passed on orders from above going through one ear and out the other without influencing the two neurons in between as to the ultimate consequences of the order. We lost a lot of men that way.

The NYT featured the article, Branding Soldiers with Personality Disorders This reports the most disgustingly egregious factor coming out of the military for the past several years. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is rampant not only in combat troops but also for many in combat support roles, even Physicians, Nurses and Medical Technicians get it.

The estimate is at least 30%. With about 1.5 million veterans of Iraq, et cetera, that means 450,000 PTSD victims. Not all are severe but time will tell and PTSD can show up even years afterward with some triggering event and even the person does not or will not know if he or she will become afflicted.

It requires a bit of witchcraft and sorcery to define Personality Disorder or to diagnose that in the troubled person. A recruit goes through several medical-type exams before he/she actually gets into the service. If that person is the slightest bit “flakey” they won’t even get in. Basic Training is a real “Ball Buster” and if any recruit doesn’t seem to have some of the order taking gung ho personality to be a real soldier or marine he/she will NEVER get through that training. Even after that they are still under surveillance and can “flunk out” any time.

Visit: Information on Obtaining Benefits for PTSD

Personality Disorder is merely a quirk of some commander’s mind. To think that any commander can command a Psychiatrist to label one of his patients with Personality Disorder is grotesque. For example, if a fighter pilot tells the Doctor, “I can’t do this anymore”, the Doctor and the commander better pay attention. The same goes for Infantrymen but it seems they are given tons of medications which makes them zombies but still able to get around even in a stupefied state.

To think that the military has discharged 31,000 troops since 2001 for Personality Disorder is nothing short of criminal. It is CERTAIN most or many were PTSD “burnouts” but certainly not pre-existing Personality Disorders unless the military admits they themselves cause this “mental disorder”. In such cases there is NO difference between Personality Disorder and PTSD.

The information that Psychiatrists at Lewis-McChord base/Madigan Army Medical Center in Washington State were changing PTSD to Pre-existing Personality Disorder is almost the worst I have heard about but it is not confined there. It seems to be happening at all Army, Navy and VA Hospitals.

It is known those hospitals are using medication which do not work most of the time but make things worse and the veterans become alcoholics or illegal drug users, become psychotic, cause spousal and child abuse, commit crimes and commit suicide in large numbers.

Madigan Hospital has removed the “head doctor” and suspended two fake Psychiatrists one of whom mis-diagnosed Capt. Susan Carlson.

Thomas Berger, Executive Director of Vietnam Veterans of America Health Council, is suing the Defense Department seeking records to prove the scandalous actions of the Psychiatrists in the services and the VA. Congress has held hearings on this matter but as usual has done nothing.


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Anonymous March 9, 2019 8:27 pm (Pacific time)

My Dad came home in 1971, after 18 months in Vietnam....to a closed Neuropsyciatric ward at Walter Reed. Diagnosis: Personality Disorder. This has been going on for decades. It is not okay to forget our affected Vietnam Veterans in this discussion...please do not forget them AGAIN. They matter too.

gil jones March 3, 2014 6:46 pm (Pacific time)

I've had PTSD since Vietnam 67. After two VA and two private programs I thought I'd never get relief. In 73 I stumbled upon Scientology and got relief. Their remedy had nothing to do with the brain, had everything to do with mental image pictures/memories and their ability to 'drain' the charge connected to those memories...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

Dr. Leveque March 6, 2012 1:45 pm (Pacific time)

To Charlene Young: After two years of pre-Army Psychology to figue out what commanders think and do (it didn't help), and two courses of Medical Psychiatry (that didn't help either); I was a subject and victim of military test design which seems to be command by terror and fear. Based on your comment, I will be posting [b]Combat Private the Most Important Man in Battle[/b]. It will be coming soon (former Private, Battalion Scout, Pointman, and Forward Observer and SURVIVOR).

Charlene Young February 29, 2012 8:51 am (Pacific time)

Dr. Leveque have you ever worked in military personnel test design and evaluation recently or even at anytime? Are you trained and certified in psychiatry? And finally, are you qualified to be a professional/expert in judicial proceedings? If not, then your opinions in this matter are just that, opinions that have no weight.

Editor: Charlene, do you have any idea who you are criticizing, and why bother?  I can tell you all about the Doc's background but that's just playing a game, you already know he's a Forensic Toxicologist, he's a former Osteopath and he is a Professor of Pharmacology.  He treated thousands of Veterans as a doctor and approached their problems with a true degree of empathy which is rare for any doctor,, and he did it for a very long time.   This, after serving in one of the most terrible wars in history.  You must enjoy just being critical, and talk about opinions that don't matter, geez.

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