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Shin Bet's Jackwagon of Flawed Facts

Is the arrest of Mussa Hamada and Basem Omri for allegedly collecting weapons and planning to attack a stadium more propaganda?

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(JERUSALEM / SALEM) - As US officials continue to arrest alleged terrorism suspects who never quite get past the 'inert bomb' stage and 'There was never any danger' point, more of this dubious police investigative work is taking place in Israel.

Haaretz reports that Israel's Shin Bet security service has arrested two men suspected of plotting to fire rockets at a major sports stadium in the capital on behalf of Hamas.

No, I didn't think you would find that surprising.

Equally non surprising is this event's similarity to a recent arrest of a young Somali student in Oregon who supposedly planned to detonate a bomb during a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. It turns out that the man's only contacts throughout the whole saga, were FBI agents posing as terrorists. To ensure that the man complied, they had told him that they were religious figures and that the work he was doing was ordained from high above. They were simply shoveling bullsh*t.

The current arrest is garnering headlines in Israel like, Headlines like "Arabs plotted to fire missile at Jerusalem soccer game" from Israel Today and "2 arrested for Hamas plot to fire rockets on stadium" by the Jerusalem Post.

London's Foreign Office told AFP Monday, "I can confirm that two members of the local staff at the consulate general in Jerusalem have been arrested by Israeli authorities"

"We understand from reports that they have been charged with the illegal sale of weapons and we are seeking confirmation of these charges. It is an ongoing legal process."

Two Distinct Problems With Israel's Story

Problem one: Hamas isn't attacking anyone these days except their own brethren in Gaza. People are getting off that jackwagon and also scrubbing Israel's woolen particles away from their eyes.

Problem two: it is an established fact that Hamas halted suicide bombing and rocket attacks years ago. This connection in all likelihood, is completely untrue. Hamas is the government in Gaza by the way; elected but not recognized. For all the talk, Hamas has killed only a small fraction of Israelis over the years. Israel on the other hand, has murdered thousands and thousands of Palestinians.

Haaretz reports that Mussa Hamada and Basem Omri, the men arrested for allegedly planning to carry out the attack on Teddy Stadium during a Premier League soccer game, are both Israeli citizens.

The AFP on the other hand, reports that one of the two men is an Israeli citizen, and that the other a resident of East Jerusalem.

The BBC cited police reports indicating that no rockets were found and the plot was in its preliminary stages. That contradicts the claims published by Haaretz that the men were targeting a specific soccer event.

It's sort of like a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

Haaretz writes, "Both suspects have allegedly been affiliated with terrorist activities organized by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood for a number of years. Their involvement in planning terror attacks began after Israel's offensive on the Gaza Strip two years ago, according to the Shin Bet."

"The two had apparently been scoping out the hills around Teddy Stadium to find a spot from which to launch the rocket and had been gathering information about security in the area, said the Shin Bet."

These men were employed by the British government as part of their consulate staff and Shin Bet's implication that they were long involved in terrorist activities is a real slap in the face to the British. It implies that the British authorities are incapable of performing adequate background checks, or simply knowing that their hired staff are terrorists.

It also is more than noteworthy that this Israeli arrest comes at a time when more and more people in the UK are speaking out about Israel's apartheid laws that regard and punish non-Jews significantly worse than those who are Jewish.

"The Shin Bet said that the suspects had already collected a number of pistols and were working up to a cache of additional weapons and explosive materials to create the rocket device." Haaretz reports, yet everyone who pays attention knows that the Israelis have no problem arresting innocent Arabs, setting them up, torturing and killing them regularly, illegally and immorally.

Other east Jerusalem Arabs were also arrested. So far, the Jerusalem District Court indicted both Hamada and Omri on charges including membership in a terrorist network, illegal possession of weapons and conspiracy to commit a crime.

If I had to guess, this is Israel's attempt to undermine the growing activist community that is becoming more restless within Israel's own borders. Many if not most, are Jewish, and they are sick of the occupation, the bloodshed, and like Americans, they hate having the name of their country drug around and soiled.

There was a time when both Israel and the US, in spite of everything, very much appeared to be well oriented governments. Those days are long behind us as we recognize throughout history that Israelis, like Americans, are endless sponsors of state sponsored terrorism.

The only government doing anything right in this mix is the UK; though that is unrelated to this particular story. No nation has been more solidly behind state terrorism in the past; the pain from the occupation of Northern Ireland still emanates, only the English seem to slowly be getting it figured out. Their ego is strong but unlike Americans, it appears to have the ability to grow, become enlightened, and change.



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