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Company of the Year... Monsanto?

Maybe they could hire Charles Manson to be their spokesperson?


(DA NANG, Vietnam) - What a slap in the face. What an insult. What a display of ignorance. What little to no compassion, let alone admission of guilt to the war crimes this company was involved in. No, they were never convicted – because they settled out of court like Dow and the rest of the criminals who created, sold, and made hundreds of millions of dollars creating, selling and reaping the profits from Dioxin – yes, Agent Orange. (

This week, Forbes Magazine named Monsanto its company of the year. Can you believe it? Forbes – sure, a conservative, capitalist magazine – but nominating and approving Monsanto? A killer that was and continues to be, responsible for MILLIONS of deaths, MILLIONS of humans affected with disease as a result of being sprayed and exposed, MILLIONS of offspring whose health (and most of the time, untimely deaths), all caused by the evil poison known as Agent Orange.

They still produce Round-up, a watered down version of Agent Orange. However, the French Courts have found in favor of those who brought suit against them – Monsanto was accused and convicted in the French Courts about the make-up and what actually Round-up is and does – they were convicted of lying to the courts - perjury. Their sentence? A fine – a pittance compared with the BILLIONS of dollars in revenue they achieve each year. But that recent series of court cases in France is indeed significant – Round-up sales have dropped since the court’s decision, and this might just be a start – because Monsanto did in fact earn less than their forecasted revenues in 09 as a result in a drop in sales of Round-up. (

Their CEO did in fact receive less in bonus compensation as a result of much of this being revealed – but he still earned millions of dollars! (

Today, Monsanto is viewed by many as a savior in terms of world hunger – because of its creation of genetically engineered seeds. Two very important facts:

1. GE seeds are in fact NOT better than natural seeds and are, some believe, even worse – in terms of the environment, human lives, spread of new diseases and humanity in general.

2. It has been revealed by the AP as well as other trusted sources, that Monsanto has and continues to use strong-arm tactics in forcing farmers to buy and use their seeds.

3. …and a third, contributed by my fellow writer, Vietnam Combat Vet, and Marine: Gordon D. (

This is a short video about the lie of what Monsanto and others preach about GE crops:

The GE seed issue is certainly a serious one – but brothers and sisters, let us never forget Vietnam, Cambodia, Canada, Korea and other countries where Agent Orange was sprayed in both war and peacetime. Let us not forget all the human tolls it has taken – and continues to take. The lives that have been devastated, the lives removed. The products and GE seeds and eventual crops that wind up on your supermarket shelves have all been brought to you by the profits Monsanto received as a result of the US Government paying them hundreds of millions of dollars for the poison we all despise: Agent Orange.

More about Monsanto, the food industry in general, and the devastation and lies they and others like them are propagating, in this wonderful piece called “Food, Inc.” (theconsci​

This may or may not be available free of charge, depending on what country you reside in, but it IS available to all from Remember, you will need a torrent program to download it. Email me if you need further instructions. (

I urge you all – please log in to Forbes, create an account, and comment about this truly wrong winner this year. Monsanto and its executives belong behind bars – not recipients of Forbes’ Company of the Year Award!

Not a single word about their involvement with the US Government during the Vietnam War. Not one mention of all the death and destruction they have caused and continue to be responsible for. This is the true corporate world – its finest for its shareholders and executives, but its worst for all of us who were exposed to, suffer from, and pass on the devastation we know as Agent Orange. Genetic alteration to seeds? What about the genetic alteration, eventual disease, disability and death from Agent Orange?

Chuck Palazzo is a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran, the Interim Editor for Agent Orange, and a longtime Vietnam Veterans Against the War Member. Chuck Palazzo has spent years since the war studying the impacts and effects of Agent Orange, a defoliant chemical sprayed by the U.S. govt. on the jungles of Vietnam. He says Dioxins have been re-discovered to cause all sorts of damage to humans. These include Heart Disease, Parkinsonism, Diabetes et cetera. Dioxins are already known to produce serious birth defects and a variety of cancers. The chemical is still sold in Third World Countries and is causing the same problems.

We at welcome Chuck aboard and look forward to sharing more of his stories with our readers in the future.

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Heidi-Lore January 9, 2010 1:54 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you so much for this story. I am so glad people are standing up to this monster.

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