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Video Shows U.S. Gen. Paul E. Vallely Collaborating in Development of FSA

In selling the mercenary jihadist mission of the Free Syrian Army, Vallely and a TV program host suggest the FSA is secular, and that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Gen. Paul E. Vallely
Gen. Paul E. Vallely (center)

(SALEM) - Video from LiveLeak shows U.S. Gen. Paul E. Vallely with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) after he entered Syrian territory by crossing the Turkish border. Almost a year later, they began killing each other.

What is interesting about his words, at the end of the video, is that they are totally false. He characterizes the murderous band of jihadist mercenaries known as the FSA, as if they were a serious legitimate political force, and not just a band of lustful thugs.

Vallely is quoted saying: "... the Muslim Brotherhood are refocusing in Syria hoping to be able to use that as the next jump off point for radical Islam's control of the country, and the Free Syrians will in fact take out the radicals. They don't want them there."

The FSA are Sunni Salafist mercenaries. These killers that the US backs are the radicals; they have murdered and threatened Shi'ites, Christians and Jews in Damascus to the point that most have fled, none are safe.

This is all due to the U.S. support of the FSA which was nothing more than a pawn for Israel's political agenda.

Vallely is either lying through his teeth or incredible deceived when he stated in regard to the FSA, "...they want freedom, they want an open market, they have civilians; professors, engineers, ready to go in and to fill very important jobs in a new government. That's where their focus is, that's what we ought to support."

An interviewer states, "And the secular government will honor treaties with Israel and will establish relations with the US and will be a friendlier government? Will no longer be a satellite of Iran?"

The U.S. general replies, "That's exactly right and the three generals that I talked to, very high level, who defected from the Assad government, will in fact, uh, negotiate the return of the... uh.. umm... and they want the uh, and they are willing to negotiate on the Golan Heights, they love the American people, they see the government as very ineffective..."

We called it a long time ago; the U.S. only backs sellout Muslims willing to toss their support behind apartheid Israel and throw people like the Palestinians under the bus.

The truth is that Bashar al Assad has a secular government, whereas Vallely and the host of the program he appeared on suggest the FSA is secular. That is the farthest thing from the truth.

In fact, according to LiveLeak, the doors of the FSA pickups bear the words, "martyrs of Badr brigade". This is a terrorist group out of Idleb, Syria, responsible for the abduction and murder of Kurdish women and children.

I interviewed a member of the FSA and was sadly disappointed over how he confirmed the worst suspicions about their mission and motives. I asked him how a Muslim jihadist fighter could justify being backed by the US and Israel, which he denied was taking place:

"So if we have concrete evidence of this being the West's and the Zionists' best trick and false propaganda policy in the past why is everyone doubting that they're doing the same thing with Jabhat al Nusra???!!! They're hell bent on vilifying Jabhat al Nusra to the point where they're calling them the tool of the U.S and Israel LoL. For the love of God they're now accusing the Mujahidin of using sarin gas LoL."

I asked "Sandman" about his feelings regarding US support for the FSA, which we can now trace back to General Vallely, "There is no support Tim. The only support (fictional support) that is coming is this joke of guy called 'Idrees' whom they want to raise up an army of 30,000 sahawat as they did in Iraq to fight Jabhat al Nusra the real Muslims to stop them from re-establish the Caliphate and liberate Palestine. So they may send two way radios and food along with light weapons. The plan is let us kill one another until we're exhausted then they get to enforce yet another puppet regime because they think we'll be to exhausted to have a choice in the matter. In the name of God can't you people see that we're telling the truth???!!!"
(EXCLUSIVE Interview with 'Sandman' - Member of the Free Syrian Army)

The U.S. once again has backed the wrong horse, and once again they did it all for Israel. Syria was a stable government with religious freedom. Now jihadist bandits roam the streets with AK 47's looking for Christians, Jews and non-Sunni Muslims to murder. US policy means nothing gained, everything lost.




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