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Israel's Piracy's Sequel: The Silence of The Sheep

Humanitarian gestures such as relief ships and truck convoys may or may not get through, but they cannot alleviate the crisis that is Gaza nor bring Israel to heel.

U.S. Israeli flag

(JACKSON, Miss.) - Israel’s hijacking last week of The Spirit of Humanity on the international high seas was a simple act of piracy. We have seen different reactions elsewhere to piracy, most notably off the coast of Somalia, or even to the kidnapping of embassy staff and humanitarian aid personnel.

In this case, as in previous instances of Israeli violations of international law, nothing has been done. Indeed, there has been almost no coverage of the incident anywhere in the mainstream media, and a shameless silence from sheep-like political leaders almost everywhere – a silence that needs to be examined carefully.


I’m not really surprised at the inaction of the UN and of other countries. The UN is wearied of perpetual US vetoes on even minimal attempts to discipline Israel, and other countries lack either the military ability or the resources (or both) to affect the outcome.

I’m not even surprised at the silence of Arab countries, which is based on a combination of hope and fear: Hope that perhaps the Obama of Cairo might be laying the groundwork now to do something better later; Fear that a thwarted Obama might treat one or more of them like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was treated by his erstwhile friend and ally in Washington, and end up on their own gallows (or as Israeli victims) someday.

And I’m certainly not surprised at the official Palestinian response: Hamas won its election, but is kept at arm’s length by the US and others thanks to Israeli machinations, and the Palestinian Authority today is little more than Israel’s plaything.

The US itself has all but ignored the incident – indeed, for the mainstream media here, it might not have happened. The US State Department press briefing 01 Jul 2009, , relied on details provided by Israel and relayed them without reservation, including the false assertions, that the ship was in Israeli waters and that Israel had arrested the people on board (thus implying Israel had legal police powers there). When asked about the condition and welfare of the prisoners (several of whom are American, including a former member of Congress), the questioner was referred for an answer to the “Government of Israel.” God weeps.

Obama’s silence is especially disappointing. I recall Obama’s strong statements when a US ship’s captain was taken hostage by Somali pirates, and the swift and deadly response of the US military to the incident. I note the impact of his Cairo speech, which laid out a potentially dynamic road-map for the US. And then I see how much Israel continues to leverage US policy, and how utterly lacking in courage and integrity a US President and his Administration must be to allow a different act of piracy not only to succeed, but to become a non-issue.

Almost as bad is not the whole Congress, which simply stayed bought by AIPAC, but the Congressional Black Caucus. In the past, this body has taken a public and near-united stand in support of its members, past and present, flamboyant or not. But here we have a former black Congresswoman taken captive on the high seas and held in an Israeli jail because she refused to admit to a non-existent crime, and the Caucus says – nothing. The reason for this is self-interest: last year, the Israeli lobby flooded McKinney’s district with money and out-of-state volunteers to unseat her, because of her criticism of Israel’s occupation and her support of the Palestinians. Their success sent a clear message to the other members of the Caucus, who evidently decided that even more ignorance than usual is bliss here.

The Tactics of Change

Humanitarian gestures such as relief ships and truck convoys may or may not get through, but they cannot alleviate the crisis that is Gaza nor bring Israel to heel. Letters or petitions to Senators or Representatives are equally useless. Staff members intercept and process them, and they have no effect on a Congress that is already beholden to AIPAC and company.

But politicians themselves are a different matter. In America, AIPAC and a host of associated PACs lobby the government, dominate the mainstream media, provide money and favors to friendly legislators, and punish those who do not conform (like McKinney, and before her an Illinois Senator named Adlai Stevenson III). It works, and the legislators enjoy it: they like the perquisites of office, with staff to insulate them from reality, and the favorable publicity from the national media that helps them in their periodic re-election campaigns.

None of this applies in their home districts. Representatives and Senators hold open meetings for their constituents, usually sparsely attended by voters but with the local media out in force. All give speeches at local organizations, and not just those scheduled by their political party or campaign. They don’t absolutely have to do these things, but not being visible (and therefore accessible) in these situations inevitably opens the way for a challenger. Little is more damning than to be called “out of touch” with constituents, or too busy to be bothered by what happens there.

And that is their weakness. Except for a few large cities where the national media and the local media are one, local media outlets have their own agendas, and what AIPAC wants and the ADL tries to forbid are generally not among them. They’ll be more than interested in what Representatives or Senators have to say for themselves – the reporters to make their own reputations, and possible challengers to make their own futures.

This is when to pin members of Congress to the political wall – not with chanted slogans or waving placards (those have their place, and it is not here), but with precise questions from well-dressed, polite but forceful people who do not let the target pass the question to a staff member, defer it for study, or side-step the issue. Pin them down, show them slides or pictures from Gaza, give them details, know how they voted on resolutions or measures put out by AIPAC (e.g., how did they vote on the Congressional resolution endorsing Israel’s attack on Gaza), and demand an explanation. And make sure the local media takes in every detail.

They’ll hate you, but in that local context, showing it or running away is a kiss of political death. Remember – most of AIPAC’s ability to leverage Congress comes not just from money and media influence in Washington, but because most Americans everywhere do not know what has actually been happening in the Middle East, what Israel’s role there and in Washington has been, and how much it has cost us – give them the toll in blood and treasure from the Iraq war, for instance, and lay it at AIPAC’s (and therefore Israel’s) door. And watch them squirm.


Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO'S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky's teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad. You can email Dr. Alan Sabrosky at:

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Henry Ruark July 11, 2009 10:17 am (Pacific time)

To all; We surely owe Dr. K, author of this insightful article, kudos and thanks for its impacts on thinking and good dialog, as evidenced by results here. Albeit not confined to the major areas of the article, much here proves up once again in S-N a strong role for open, honest --and assuredly democratic -- dialog on very relevant areas, keyed and triggered by the article topic and content. For all of us, caught in the remorseless trap of rapidly complexifying society and areas of concern for our own governing plan and protocol, that can only be " a good thing", as it was succinctly described by a famous Founder.

Henry Ruark July 10, 2009 8:10 pm (Pacific time)

To all: Should also point out that the level of IQ across broad audiences is among most important information for the very strong advertising and public relations professions. Check out professionals in each of those to find that the consensus for operating action in each, re general IQ distribution, is precisely as I state. Each communications area has its own chosen ways to appeal to target audiences, but they are based on cultural and social and economic differences, NOT on assumption of varying IQ capacities. Learning media itself, now a huge industry via digital delivery, assuming even more importance via the virtual school trend heavily dependent on "distance learning" must also cope with that assumption and again very equal distribution of IQ levels doth prevail, based on actual sales and practical usage, as well as on similar research. Do NOT mean to be argumentative OR "difficult}, but this is area basic to human rights and should be as perfectly understood as is possible given our current cultural distractions, distortions and intentional perversions. My own understandings rise not only for educational grad training but from 50 working years in learning media production.

Henry Ruark July 10, 2009 7:49 pm (Pacific time)

Sayers et al: Your take on measuring IQ is not too far off much more recent research. BUT point I made re comments here is entirely correct and valid: "Bell Curve", by admission of authors in other work, does indeed preach race differentiation in IQ, now by later, more accurate, larger, more intense,more diverse, and other qualifiers, much more sure of fact that IQ itself, when properly isolated, is basically distributed remarkably equally across all tested. Apologize for not having book itself at hand to name authors (on loan), but will provide data for each point I made via the usual ID to Editor Tim with working phone. Thank you for participation, accurate re IQ measurement to a point, but avoiding any rebuttal re conclusion offered in book, and lacking link or reviews or published data or anything else but your own somewhat outmoded memory, by your own words. Documentation here includes ready list of about fifteen of the latest in this field, as demanded by ongoing other work I still do on occasion. If J.J. still online, cannot he answer for self with further word as to his own reaction to mine ? Interested in any points he feels can be made, given what seems obvious tone and intonation of his.

Sayers July 10, 2009 2:03 pm (Pacific time)

I read the Bellcurve a long time ago and my take was it reflected the measurement of raw intelligence (IQ) using huge population samples from around the world. For those schooled in statistical analysis and the use of terms like "standard deviation" and "outliers" may be more comfortable reading the material found in the Bellcurve and other IQ theories of measurement. Like all books/studies promoting hypotheses and theories they can easily be critiqued. When you are measuring raw intelligence, it has nothing to do with being prepared for that measurement, that would defeat the purpose for measuring IQ in this way. I have found that there will always be a profound schism when evaluating measurement devices, whether it be IQ, personality inventories or anything else when you have competing theories.

Henry Ruark July 10, 2009 11:17 am (Pacific time)

To all: Careful reading of J.J. comment will show it is very closely related to the same approach used in outmoded, defamed, disjointed book by known libertarian writer(s), called --guess what !-- "The Bell Curve". He emphasizes "performance" as THE criterion, but avoids any reference whatsoever to "equal opportunity", much less "equal preparation", for the participants involved. But without that, carefully made fully available, our own economic, cultural and social system makes "peformance" achievement extremely difficult, for any group of minority status, economically or culturally or socially impoverished. His ref. to certain areas is coded language for racial differentiation in our large cities and surrounds, and he does not confine that approach only to U.S. cities, either. In effect, he is stating that there DOES EXIST a truly distinguishable, race-based difference in intellectual and learning AND "performance" standards, while failing to define on what objective, checkable basis he makes that conclusion. What he offers via U.S. agency stats is entirely limited and does not necessarily translate into what he states, as those well acquainted with education and its measurements will now attest if opportunity offered. SO --again !-- seek full ID and motivation thus revealed from anyone selling this level and kind of "information" --including this comment, too. My background, training,and working experience are on record in STAFF. "See with own eyes" and evaluate relevance with own mind.

Henry Ruark July 9, 2009 8:17 am (Pacific time)

J.J. et al: Alas and alack ! Again that overwhelming factor, known to many across the diverse areas of all communication as "cognitive dissonance", reigns here among some who should be discerning and mentally probing. Once did Edit, famed for its effect on reform of copyright law then under Congressional study, titled "If The Shoe Fits, Hope It Pinches..." Truth here demands that same title. Flat-out fact is that both "intelligence", multiple manifestations and any single concentration included, ALL depend without question and without exception, on many exterior factors --while their existence is very closely parallel across all races, religious groups, and even political cabals. Measurement of both capacity and application is extremely difficult, demanding, diverse and desperately still under scientific study and very costly further research. Until, unless one has made deep, probing study, it is not only dangerous but exceedingly misleading to indulge in what small understandings can be achieved via experience, and casual-clip readings. SO here it may pay all to look upon every comment --even this one-- with more than the usual willingness to learn more from those who have the opportunity to study at depth, with proper tools, time, and funding. Dialog has its absolutely essential place, but only science applied in depth, detail and diversity can give us the factual basis for many of the "conclusions" offered here so freely. Again, alas --I note very few links to "see with own eyes" then evaluate, sources such as called for in this note. Those would surely help serious readers seeking to move further, faster towards true understandings.

John Jenson July 8, 2009 6:16 pm (Pacific time)

The "Bell Curve" analysis applies perfectly in conjuction with the demographics (race and educational backgrounds) found in the Federal Office of Personnel test scores (a huge database comprised of hundreds of thousands of individual tests). One can read all the theories you want, but then the above provides a real world application of "performance." Some may not like the overt conclusions you see in this comparison, but it clearly allows one to see why certain parts of the world and for that matter, certain neighborhoods in Western Civ. are the way they are. Creating a race neutral test or an IQ assessment device can easily be critically pulled apart, but the ultimate fair analysis lies in the "perfomance", that is, what is your situation. Long before colonialism came onto the scene, we can look at what that "situation" was. It is still essentially the same today, regardless of the amount of resources we have used to change/improve it. The arguement of genetics v.s. environment will always continue for some, but scholars in this area have known for quite some time that genetics trumps enviornment, aka nature v.s nurture.

Henry Ruark July 8, 2009 3:34 pm (Pacific time)

To all:
  Among the most basic of all references on multiple intelligences is "Intelligence Reframed";Howard Gardner; Basic, 1999.
  It is ISBN D-465-02611-7.
  Gardner is author of famed, award-winning "Frames of Mind"
and "Creating Minds"; he is one of originators and most respected and cited researcher in this intriguing area, one of best revelations of how communication actually works given Internet and ubiguitous 21st Century cultural, social and economic "advances".

Henry Ruark July 8, 2009 3:32 pm (Pacific time)

To all: mong most basic of references on multiple intelligences is "Intelligence Reframed";Howard Gardner;Basic, 1999. It is ISBN D-465-02611-7. Gardner is author of award-winning "Frames of Mind" and "Cr4eating Minds"; he is one of originators and most respected and cited researcher in this intriguing area, one of best revelations of how communication actually works given Internet and ubiguitous 21st Century cultural, social and economic "advances".

stk July 8, 2009 2:17 pm (Pacific time)

Besides the IQ and education, I think another factor is the national mentality and system of values. For Jews, it has traditionally been the drive to bypass the rules, bypass the line, and try to get for free what normally is paid for. Walk into the lobby of a state-subsidized home, look at the list of tenants, and you will find 8 out of 10 being Jewish surnames. Look at the history of Jewish migration from USSR to USA, when hundred of thousands of families have "proven" that each was under death threat and thus qualified for all-paid refugee status in the US, while not one victim had been actually killed in decades. And so forth. If someone thinks these are anti-Semitic views, note that I'm not accusing anyone - I think that the desire to take advantage of the situation is absolutely normal human feature, only, from my observations, Jews certainly master this feature better than any other nation. I remember, many years ago I tried to arrange for my stepson to attend local Jewish school, which was believed to deliver higher level of education. There were no vacancies left already. I asked the principal, can something be arranged? his answer was: young man, you see, this is Jewish school; here, absolutely every one is trying to arrange something.

Henry Ruark July 8, 2009 10:51 am (Pacific time)

To all: Latest advances on emotional intelligence now make possible personal efforts to change EQ via learning efforts. Strong new book on technique working process abd tests is "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" ISBN-13:978-0-97432-062-5. Dalai Lama, every major news and business publication, all educational/review sources now cover these developments in depth for those who seek to be informed. Irrational distortion, and perversion for political pander=purposes, thus becomes totally unacceptable for any honest, open,democratic dialog. For 15-title reading list of major books, send ID, working phone no. to Editor Tim. Many ref. demanded by LMA work in communications consultancy.

Henry Ruark July 8, 2009 8:44 am (Pacific time)

Vic et al: As usual your insight sharp and accurate. BOTH have strong effects, as decades of research on "multiple intelligences" now show. Has anyone here really explored this area, not so new, and offering massive new insights into what works and why, for all learnings, and for reactions to life experiences --as in writing comments !! Abstaining with difficulty from citing/quoting/paraphrasing, but may be driven to that radical action yet. Reading list available from last ten years here, if sought via ID to Editor with working phone.

Daniel Johnson July 7, 2009 10:18 pm (Pacific time)

Seth: I can't imagine what kind of a lawyer you are who cannot construct or understand an argument. You said initially that Jews "have higher IQs". This is a racist comment along the same lines as blacks have lower IQs. IQ is not a single dimension of human measurement like height or weight. I'm a journalist and all my life I've constructed or defended arguements, just like a lawyer would do, except over more dimensions. If you don't understand what's going on here, then do us all a favor and withdraw.

Vic July 7, 2009 8:14 pm (Pacific time)

I think the IQ thing has a lot to do with family economics and access to higher learning.

Knight July 7, 2009 6:25 pm (Pacific time)

In due time, even as the Crusaders knew hundreds of years ago, we will have only one choice when dealing with Islam and their cult followers. It's coming, so convert or prepare yourself for what will happen. This is a pernicious cult that will not accept anyone but a true believer and you are a fool not to believe otherwise. You notice how VP Biden said it was a "greenlight" for the jews to attack Iran? Then Obama said no. Yeah some real experienced morons you on the left voted for. You think Rahm Emmanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff who served in the Israeli military as well as an extended family over there is not sandbagging you?

Editor: I left your sad pathetic hateful comment in for the entertainment value and nothing else.  I could only imagine that you live under a rock.  Bigotry makes you old and you sound like a cranky old man,  

Seth July 7, 2009 3:51 pm (Pacific time)

Daniel--I simply do not understand what you see as a problem here? Are you contesting my statement that Jewish people have a higher IQ, on average, than the population in general? Do you disbelieve me when I explain that if you test the IQs of 100,000 Jews, average them, and then compare that to the average IQ of 100,000 of the general population, that the average IQ of the Jewish people will be higher? For that is indeed the situation, what ever the reason. See . Do you seriously think that I, I repeat, that I am espousing a belief that Jews are genetically superior? A form of reverse National Socialism?? Good grief! Jews and Arabs are both Semitic people. They are ethnically cousins, just like the Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Romanians, Bulgarians, and Serbs are all ethnically Slavs. I certainly do not think that the Israelis are ethnically superior to the Palestinians [or other Arabs for that matter]. It is my understanding [though I would not bet my life on it], that the Palestinian Arabs as a group have a higher level of educational attainment. I have heard that that Hamas has 400 or 500 members with a doctrinal graduate degree. In regards to their conflict, I do believe that the Israelis are daily demeaning, brutalizing and harassing Palestinians; and that too often they terrorize and murder them. That if Americans [and Canadians] truly love freedom and justice, that we should unite in protest in the Israeli oppression of the Gaza Strip. BTW—my apology regarding the two quotes was tongue in cheek. I was making a point in my comment. I reviewed the FOX comments and picked out several egregious ones. I felt no compulsion to review what you listed. I am surprised that you felt the need to mention it. But then again, I do not fathom your problem regarding IQ. C'est la vie!

gp July 7, 2009 1:20 pm (Pacific time)

I want to be informed, I am interested in change, but the overwhelming sadness and nausea that comes upon me when I read about the continued holocaust being perpetrated by the Israelis upon the Palestinians forces me to only glance at articles like this. Nor do I often read the gory stories about life in Palestine anymore. But when I do notice these articles I am inspired I do something. This month I have been flying a Palestinian flag in my yard. When the neighbors ask what flag it is and why, I tell them it is in solidarity with the Palestinians.Most understand but sometimes I must explain. I am working on the hundredth monkey theory. When we reach a point when enough are opposed to what is happening change will be forced. People just need to be aware of it. I agree with the writer. Go to public meetings with well thought out questions and slides or photos and don't be shunted aside. Especially at those town meetings that a certain Oregon Senator is so fond of sponsoring. He will usually try to control the conversation so you have to be ready to interupt him, politely of course. "Ron, we are not here to talk about lower costs of medicine for poodles, we are here to ask you how you plan to stop the bloodshed of people such as in this photo (here you hold up your giant photo of Palestinain blood and guts)? You may have to go to Kinko's to get the photo enlarged but the kids there know how to do it.

Vic July 7, 2009 7:40 am (Pacific time)

I wonder why, if Jewish people have "higher IQs" why they cannot support themselves after 60 years and must rely on American Gentiles for welfare? Another fact that is being overlooked is the American financing of Israeli education. Any Israeli child who wants a new Dell computer gets one, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Any Israeli who wants to go to college and be a doctor, lawyer, scientist, whaever can...for free, because the US taxpayers are covering it. I remember I had to save for months to buy my daughter a computer, and I know plenty of people who would have gone on to college if they had the means to do so, but didnt. Why is Israel the main recipient of our foreign aid when they have things we stupid Americans can only dream of? Anti-semite? No, just Pro-American. We have families living in their cars, vets living on the streets, record numbers of homeless and foreclosed ex-homeowners...maybe we should start taking care of our own. Those who have such high IQs and are so superior to us should do just fine. And any politician who attends an AIPAC meeting or accept bribes from lobbys for foreign countries should be removed from office and banned from any public positon for life. I believe the word is TREASON.

Daniel Johnson July 7, 2009 7:14 am (Pacific time)

Seth: I can only go by the words you used. You wrote in your 10:41 post: "Jewish families tend to be a better educated, have higher IQs, and be higher achieving than the American population as a whole". Do Jewish families "have higher IQs" as you assert. If you stand by that, it suggests a genetic superiority. I wasn't saying that you were suggesting that blacks are "genetically inferior". I was juxtaposing your statement about higher Jewish IQs with the statement that used to be commonly said, if not believed, that blacks, as a race, had lower IQs. As for your other statements about Jewish people see my 10:58 quote where I said: " I believe that Jews are such high achievers because they come from backgrounds and families that place a high value on learning."

Georgann Marks July 7, 2009 5:49 am (Pacific time)

EDITOR: REMEDIAL INFO: Calling the Editor names does not make you points and certainly will not encourage your words to show up here. Ever. Be aware that we approve comments manually. Perhaps another site with an automated system would be a better choice for you.

Seth July 6, 2009 11:37 pm (Pacific time)

Daniel— I was not suggesting that Jewish people are genetically superior. And I sure as hell was not suggesting that blacks are genetically inferior. IQ tests are absolutely not blind to academic achievement. Here are a couple of links that somebody might want to check regarding the subject matter. I have copied part of the second article below it. Jews constitute about 2/10 of 1% of the world population, and yet constitute 30% of Nobel Laureates. The second of the articles points out that 25% of Jews in the United States have a graduate degree versus 6% of the population as a whole. I had two lawyer friends in Roswell, New Mexico who were married. The husband was an Irish Catholic from Texas, while the wife was Jewish from New York City. One of his favorite things to say was that he used to think that all Jews were smart, that is, until he met some of Judith's relatives. My Catholic former high school debate partner is just short of obtaining his PhD in an engineering discipline. He watches and firmly believes in Fox News. He also has a journalism degree from the University of Utah and worked in television broadcasting for years. He is a right wing ideologue and is therefore blind to all the deficiencies of that network. But he most certainly does not have a low IQ. I do not know if he ever posts, but I agree with you that the level of the Fox News posters is pretty damn low. In a recent article, “Rising Above I.Q.” (NY Time, June 7, 2009), Nicholas Kristof mentioned something that many of us knew for quite some time: there is no genetic or racial contribution to the black-white difference on I.Q. [7] Drawing upon research findings from psychologist Professor Richard Nisbett’s book - “Intelligence and How to Get It”, he says that there also seems to be no genetic difference in intelligence between whites and Asians. It is education and the drive to succeed which are most important factors that translate into success. These findings must come as a shock to all those racists that believed too long in lies and myths spread by Gobineau and other Social Darwinists. In his study on intelligence, Dr. Nisbett studied three groups of people in America – Jews, Chinese-Americans and West Indian (Caribbean) Blacks and found these groups to outperform others. For example, Jews have received about one-third of all Nobel Prizes in science received by Americans. One survey found that a quarter of Jewish adults in the United States have earned a graduate degree, compared with six percent of the population as a whole. Asian-Americans (especially the Chinese-Americans), in general, have earned better grades than other students (much in contrast to Gobineau’s characterization that yellow race tends to mediocrity). West Indian blacks with roots in the Caribbean are one-third more likely to graduate from college than African-Americans as a whole, and their median household income is almost one-third higher. Nisbett says that the evidence is overwhelming that what is distinctive about these three groups is not innate advantage but rather a tendency to get the most out of the firepower they have. A common thread among these three groups may be an emphasis on diligence or education, perhaps linked in part to an immigrant drive.

Daniel Johnson July 6, 2009 10:58 pm (Pacific time)

Seth: I don't think you can say that Jewish people have "have higher IQs". That's equivalent to the old argument that Blacks have lower IQs. I believe that Jews are such high achievers because they come from backgrounds and families that place a high value on learning. Now, here's something I think is true: Of the 42 comments on the Fox story cited earlier, I'll bet *not one* of them is Jewish. There's no way to prove or disprove that statement but if you look at the posts, you just know that Jewish people would write better than the semi-educated crew that turned out. (I just realized that it's a story critical of Jews, so of course none of the posters would be Jewish). Still I think my point would stand for virtually all Fox posters.

July 6, 2009 5:43 pm (Pacific time)


Americans do not need to be killed. Israel is openly hostile to Americans already. There was the intentional death of Rachel Corrie by bulldozer (they ran over her twice for good measure) and the vicious attack on an unarmed American ship the USS Liberty, which killed 34 Americans.

Editor: Poster, these two items have both been referenced in comments immediately preceding yours and it isn't a big deal, but going over the other comments allows the conversation to move forward instead of repeating.  FYI, when I wrote about the U.S.S. Liberty on September 13th, 2006: The Day Israel Attacked the United States -Tim King  actual survivors of the incident commented.  They are below the story.


Seth July 6, 2009 10:41 pm (Pacific time)

To all--Please accept my apology for the error of not referring to Daniel’s earlier posting of the two quotes regarding the ignorance and racism of the Fox News viewers, instead of listing them again. I hope that it did not bother too many people. I will try to do better next time. It is a terrible shame that the members of the Fourth Estate kowtow to the pro-Israeli political interests. Arabs and Muslims have complained for many years about the inordinate power of Jews in America. According to Wikipedia Jewish people constitute between 1.7% to 2.2% of Americans. But it should be noted that 13 of 100 United States senators are Jewish. Jewish families tend to be a better educated, have higher IQs, and be higher achieving than the American population as a whole, and as a result Jewish people constitute significant numbers of the legal, medical, and other professions. The same can be pointed out regarding Scots in the British Isles. Florida is a swing state and has a significant number of retired Jewish voters. I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories, and am fully cognizant of the fact that many ultra orthodox Jews are opposed to the very existence of Israel. But I think it is obvious that both Jews and Evangelical Christians tend to be very supportive of Israel. I would not be terribly surprised to have ‘data mining’ Zionists [I used the term in jest!] responding to this post accusing me of being anti-Semitic. The fact that one of my grandfathers was a Hebrew and that I am not anti-Semitic will made no difference. C'est la vie!

groc22 July 6, 2009 8:01 pm (Pacific time)

I think you are underestimating the size and omnipresence of AIPAC network. Any newspaper, large or small, that uttered a word like you suggest would be immediately overwhelmed by storm of coordinated calls, letters, emails, threats to pull advertising, and so on. As Mearsheimer and Walt wrote in their famous article, "It is hard to imagine any mainstream media outlet in the United States publishing a piece like this one." Any, not just a big one.

Daniel Johnson July 6, 2009 7:46 pm (Pacific time)

Seth: It is useful to read previous comments before posting your own. You ran some quotes from Fox that I referred to two comments before, where I supplied the link so the reader could verify for themselves.

Seth July 6, 2009 7:34 pm (Pacific time)

To all: My maternal grandfather was a member of the Hebrew tribes. I was an undying supporter of Israel for decades. My eyes have since been opened and I am totally disgusted with the improper symbiotic relationship between the USA and Israel. Israel interferes with American affairs and the US interferes with Israeli affairs. I don't remember the year, but Israel once shot down, with everyone killed, an Egyptian civilian airliner which strayed into Israeli airspace. During the war following Israel's independence in 1947 atrocities were committed by both sides. Atrocities continue to be committed by both sides. We allegedly support democracy ‘over there’ so long as the people we like our elected. Hamas won the Palestinian election, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization has improperly kept control of the West Bank. Israel invaded the Gaza Strip when they could have almost certainly stopped the rocket attacks by simply ending their illegal/immoral blockade of Gaza. Obama's public statements asking Israel to allow humanitarian aid are probably is disingenuous as all the numerous broken promises to so many of his constituency groups. It should not be forgotten that Obama's close friend and right-hand man, Rahm Emanuel, is Jewish and holds joint Israeli USA citizenship. He is not a US veteran, but has served in the Israeli Defense Forces. He is also an AIPAC [American Israel Political Action Committee] creature. Click on or cut and paste the following link to contact AIPAC and tell them how they are harming the United States. In the meantime Fox News [Faux Noise?] can take double pride in their viewers being both ignorant and racists. Here are three comments taken from the Fox News website. Truly astounding! i hope they execute her! we have NO use for her here, and she's nothing but an arrogant gorilla who i'm ashamed that she is from Georgia! she the same scum as Marion Barry! Send her to Samalia. When it was found out that she was on the boat, the Israeli Navy should have used it for torpedo practice. McKinney is a traitor and a white-hating racist that believes she is above the law. Reovke her passport, throw a burkha over her skanky Buckwheat face and toss her to the terrorists. She'll feel right at home!

rodney devereux July 6, 2009 5:41 pm (Pacific time)

You might also point out that Israel also murdered an American peace activist in 2003, Rachal Corrie. In addition, since 2001, over 4000 Palestinians have been murdered by Israel, which includes nearly 1000 children under the age of 18. I was a 3 tours of duty Viet Nam vet, and i took it upon myself to travel to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza in 2003, and bore witness to the daily subjugation, degradation, and humilation inflicted on the Palestinian people 24 hours a day by the Israeli military. The American media refuses to expose the truth about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and therefore the American sheeple have been duped once again.

Editor: Rodney, thank you so much for writing about Rachel Corrie.  I am personally haunted by her story but I never knew her, and yet I love her.  I have a whole file of images of her and I've spent lots of time with it.  In fact I thought I had written the piece but checked and I hadn't.  I have included images of her in other reporter's stories here at  Your name is familiar, my name is Tim King.  If you ever want to send in any stories about your time in Palestine I would be happy to publish them.  thanks for keeping Rachel Corrie's name out there, I will do the same:

Daniel Johnson July 6, 2009 5:19 pm (Pacific time)

On further reflection, I see this story as a perfect example of self-censorship I covered in my story I'm sure there are many individuals in the mainstream media who want to cover the Spirit of Humanity story. In some cases, self-censorship happens--the journalist knows their medium will not take the story and they might damage their own careers in some indefinable way. Then there are the editors and producers who know that if they try to run it, the senior bosses will veto it with the same effect as on the front line journalists. Bottom line: Rupert Murdoch (as one example) doesn't want it covered in any critical way. I just went to and found the latest story which "appeared" to be fair and balanced. Then I read teh 42 comments--all of them over the top. Not a single positive comment. It was mostly anti-McKinney stuff: "Feed her to the sharks, then apologoze to the sharks. What a skank!!!! ", "Keep the witch, how the #ell did she afford a boat like this??? ACORN FRAUD!!!feed her to the sharks!", "i hope they execute her! we have NO use for her here". Check it out for yourself:

Daniel Johnson July 6, 2009 4:11 pm (Pacific time)

I just googled "spirit of humanity" and it came up with dozens of stories--all in obscure places like Irish Times, CounterPunch and, of course, Al Jazeera. This is a good example of what Kissinger called RealPolitik. The mainstream media have been given their marching orders when it comes to Israel. I don't, of course, wish any particular individuals any harm, but maybe what needs to happen is that a few Americans are killed by the Israelis, accidentally or otherwise. Then it could not be ignored.

Editor: I know you are aware of this DJ and offering a point, but I wanted to be sure our readers know Israeli's did kill American sailors and injure dozens aboard the U.S.S. Liberty in repeated attacks during the Six-Day-War of aggression against its neighbors in '67.  The United States hardly batted an eye over it.  U.S. sailors serving this nation under the American flag were targeted by Israeli fighter jets and naval attack vessels when they were clearly marked as being from this country. 

I guess it just reinforces your first point, but maybe you are right, maybe someone in the U.S. would care if American sailors were killed a second time in a murderous, dastardly act from Israel, maybe. Americans lose their minds if an Arab descent person steps two inches out of line.  They lock them up illegally in places like Gitmo and torture them, but Israel has a free ticket to savage people, and their crimes are always pardoned by American politicians. 

In their hypocritical way, with what appears to be NO true show of no real patriotism to the red white and blue flag, these politicians in Washington excuse anything Israel does with their broken record and very old chant, "It's for the safety and security of Israel."  It is a sad & horrid story and Israel is the gamemaster calling all the shots.  The Internet is the tool that is allowing people to get a handle on this, finally. 

I also wonder how many of our readers know that Israeli soldiers sit in ultra-secure towers in Gaza City and take pot shots at little kids and old people walking down the street, to school or to work?  A fast growing number of people worldwide are now saying the occupation is wrong, and that the people of Gaza are treated like caged animals, along with visiting dignitaries like former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

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