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Who is Rupert Murdoch?

A Word Or Two on What Isn’t Being Said

Rupert Murdoch

(CINCINNATI ) - Today the British papers not owned by Rupert Murdoch “rumored” that he might be jailed. Americans, even Brits, have little or no idea what is at risk here. There is simply no one who can report it when the individual who, not only controls the world’s largest news organization turns out to be, well, what?

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

What he is not is an Australian “right wing” billionaire. Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish. Why is this important?

Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will. Where did the power come from?

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We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda.

What is his agenda? Ah, there’s the rub.

Was it about selling newspapers using scandals or spying in the name of Israel to push Britain and the United States into wars for Israel? There is a simple answer.

Murdoch’s primary motivation isn’t even that he is “for Israel.” Murdoch is, perhaps, the most influential Israeli, more powerful than Netanyahu. The problem with that is that his beliefs are what we call “ultra-nationalist.”

This makes him a threat. Ultra-nationalists are known to support wars, plan terrorist acts, manipulate populations into strife and racism, foster fear and panic, even financial ruin.

What are we describing here?

If you aren’t totally brain dead, you realize I am describing Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

Murdoch owns Fox News and so much else you may not have a time to look at the list. If he doesn’t own it he doesn’t want it.

Fox is a network and Murdoch, owning so many newspapers across America and being a foreigner shouldn’t be able to control such a thing. How did he do it?

Reagan “appointed” Murdoch an American citizen. Murdoch promised to have Fox News support Republicans and say whatever was needed, no matter how false, how stupid or, as we have seen now for decades, how genuinely evil.

What he really did, however, was use Fox as a base to allow Israel to run spy operations.

These went two ways:

1. Israel got lots of military technology and secrets they could sell to America’s enemies for money. This is good “Murdoch” business sense, as we all see now.

2. Murdoch helped Israel gain control of congress. They literally run the United States. The tools? As in Britain, bribery and blackmail, police, military and congress.

No surprises for anyone.

Murdoch has, in fact, engineered the last 20 plus years of American history, picking politicians, throwing elections, establishing policies. Were the decisions his own?

I don’t think so. I think Murdoch represents a group, mostly financial, making up the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve Banks and organized crime.

There is an Israeli or Jewish aspect to some of this but not in the sense of being “pro” or “anti” Semitic. The Murdoch empire, married to the “lily white” “no Jews allowed” Republican Party simply put their own very powerful spin on the good old “New World Order,” pushing it into drug running, arms and human trafficking, manipulated international currencies and debt on a massive scale, ran America and the European Union into economic collapse, worked with oil companies to set up price fixing schemes…

This is what Murdoch and his friends have done, all the while pointing their fingers at Osama bin Laden and the evil “liberals.”

They divided Britain, starting at first as “conservatives” and then changed to “liberals.” What they did in Britain is undermine legal government, destroy the nation and the public’s trust in the government, Blair, Cameron, it doesn’t matter, Murdoch chose both and ran and runs both like hand puppets as he did with Bush and his friends.

The ideas are simple. Bilk the countries out of every last cent, use a portion to bribe or blackmail politicians, buy police and get even more money.

Then you lie to the people, give them enemies to hate, arrange wars for them to fight and stand back and watch them destroy themselves.

Are there people really this evil?

Yes there are, Murdoch, the gang at his companies, the gang at Fox News, the folks in the US called “neocons,” the Israeli lobby in the US, the ADL, AIPAC and the Likudist faction in Israel run by Netanyahu.

These folks hate the United States.

A similar group hate Britain. Australia has their own, he runs that place entirely, right into the ground. He also runs Germany, Canada, he runs much of what was once the “free world.”

Stranger than fiction Order Now

Am I describing Satan?

Pretty much.

His strongest advocates, those who have stood with his thieves and liars against all that is decent, all that is good, all that is right is the Evangelical and “Zionist” communities in the United States. They were and are the “fertile ground” for his message of hate and deceit.

Who does Murdoch claim to hate?

Muslims for sure, they are all bad. Everything he touches in his hundreds of publications and TV shows or the phony news his gang of cutthroats create, hate of Muslims is always on top. This pleases his Israeli friends. If things keep going as they are, he may need to hide out there and Israel will always protect him, maybe plow down a few Palestinian homes to give him a grand estate. After all, Muslims are an easy target, living in petty dictatorships run by thieves who we have now learned have always run to Washington and Tel Aviv for orders.

Take out a second. Think the word “Palestinian.” Do you also think “terrorist?” Do you see a child being killed by an Israeli helicopter or innocent people killed by a TV villain, almost invariably played by Jewish actors, perhaps a sick “inside joke” of Murdoch’s.

Even the “revolutionary types” did the same. The Islamic people of the world have been played, exploited and crushed since 1919. History will show it carefully planned and financed by a certain European banking family, one that 6 years earlier had established an illegal banking system in the US.

Learn about the real Balfour Declaration and how it was gotten through blackmail, learn who wrote it and to whom it was sent.

The story reads exactly like the things that are coming out in Britain day after day.

Murdoch tells his followers to hate “smart people.” There has to be fear of the educated, the “elites.” You can’t have rampant racism and blind ignorance until you destroy public trust in the natural leaders, until you destroy real culture and replace it with mechanized music, scandal mongering, dirty sex and endless conspiracies.

Murdoch is the real king of conspiracy theories.

Look at the endless list of wild accusations that came from Fox alone. Then look at the others, the accusations, the wild and insane things that were written into history but likely planned by Murdoch.

9/11 probably had Murdoch’s hand in it as did the London bombings on 7/7.

There could be no great conspiracy without control of the news.

Now we find the news itself controlled the governments and may well have written the scripts to the wars, the rigged elections, the acts of terror and the misdirection that sent America into a decade of cruel and useless bloodletting after terror groups that never existed in the first place.

Now, today, as our British cousins are reeling in the revelations that their government for decades has not been their own, a diseased hybrid of crazy old man, Israeli spies and the paid stooges that the people thought were serving them….

And it goes on in America, full blast, Murdoch and his creatures, planning the future of America.

One of his creatures is Boehner.

Another is Palin.

Then there is Gingrich.

There was the entire Bush administration.

But, to get to the dark heart of evil, first you look at Fox News.

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Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran. A 100% disabled vet. He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. Duff is Senior Editor at one of the most widely read Veterans Online publications Veterans Today

He is an outspoken advocate for veterans and his powerful words have brought about change. Gordon is a lifelong PTSD sufferer from his war experiences and he is empathetic to the plight of today's veterans also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to feature Gordon's timely and critical reports on, a news organization staffed by a number of veterans, particularly former U.S. Marines. You can send Gordon Duff an email at this address:

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Anonymous July 19, 2011 8:33 am (Pacific time)

you realize once your captured , you will be forced to complete a sensitivity training class. you must know israelites have a monopoly on suffering..

David July 15, 2011 12:01 pm (Pacific time)

I remember so clearly the aggressive manner in which the mainstream media investigated every penny that had ever flowed to Barack Obama (including those foreign revenue streams), his Senatorial campaign, his Presidential campaign, how he paid for his college education, his time at Harvard University “studying the law,” showing all of his college transcripts, every article he wrote for the Harvard Law Review [ZERO. In fact he's the only one in the history of the Harvard Review who never wrote anything.], his fine friends like Jerry Wright, Ayers, Dorn, etc., etc./ Way to go mainstream media, do the work for us voters so we can have confidence in your professionalism backed by a high ethical code to report all the news we voters need for our decision-making process. At least Salem-News is exposing the Attorney General! Hey is that why so many hate the FOX Network and certain types of talk radio because they never expose bad behaviors? Sarcasm. Maybe this is the reason the media is just exploding with revenue so more can be hired? Sarcasm. No doubt present standards, coupled with ethnic nepotism has gotten the media where it is today. You think the media will get a bailout with conservatives in control? So is that the reason why a minority feel the need to act out and accuse others of what the far left is doing? Right out of the Communist Manifesto, which Saul Alinsky and others co-opted frequently, and still do. Lastly, can someone name some so-called conspiracies that FOX Network engineered? If they did purposely happen, then why have not their competitors been constantly lambasting them for these egregious acts?

Alberto July 15, 2011 7:18 am (Pacific time)

To Anon., Daniel, et al...I review all news sources, obviously including Salem-News. I make up my own mind as to what I chose to believe, and do additional research to confirm important info. Why should I allow just a few opinions of others decide what news to believe or what is relevant. When I see relentless attacks on various personalities/news sources, it makes me more interested to see why the attacks are going on. The American people are really bright if they go along with some groups, and real dumb if they go against other groups. Having been a recipient myself of false and misleading info (lies), I have become a better critical thinker. I do not see the danger of reviewing multiple sources, but do see the danger of having too few sources. For example, why the worry over either very liberal or very conservative sources? If you find that they have regularly lied, then you know when to move away from them as a source. The general public has been doing that for many years now, as one can see how some news sources are fading away, and/or are being ignored by more successful news organizations. Just look at their subscribers and boosters.

Susan July 14, 2011 6:15 pm (Pacific time)

I salute you Gordon Duff!

Daniel July 14, 2011 6:14 pm (Pacific time)

I agree with anonymous TURN THE TV OFF . Unless you are looking for toxic pills that cover up symptoms of medical problems mostly caused by eating the toxic food stuff they advertise . The TV is very good at selling you those . Mark did you actually read the article or are you just here to make your simple partisan comments .

Anonymous July 14, 2011 3:41 pm (Pacific time)

agree Mark..I have no love for fox news, in fact, all the alphabet news organizations are owned..Gordon is giving too much credit to Murdoch, he is just another minion to the elite, he is low on the totem poll, same as becks "great revelation" exposing soros...I knew he was going to say soros a week before he announced it. I like gordon much, we communicate via email and get along fine, but he is stuck in the loving democrat thing. I am trying to wake him up. Instead of saying "dont watch fox news" I say, turn off your tv is a brainwashing, manipulation tactic that most cannot understand..Just turn the dang thing off. It will change your life completely.

Mark July 14, 2011 12:16 pm (Pacific time)

Gordon you seem to have a serious concern about conservatives participating in government dynamics. So who has more in common with he Founding Fathers, conservatives or big government liberals? I read an earlier piece by you about Vietnam, so who got America involved in that war? Who was throwing the monkey wrench in to our form of democracy then? LBJ lied multiple times. As far as Iraq and Afghanistan just go review the Congressional Quarterly back when Clinton was president (many years before 911) and see who was beating the war drums. A little historical perspective pretty much enlarges your article's thesis to some Q and A, just saying.

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