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Israel's 'KKK'nesset' gets new Anti-Boycott Law - Will they Lynch the West Bank?

“…any settler who feels that he has been harmed by the boycott can demand unlimited compensation from any person or organization calling for the boycott – without having to prove any actual damage.”

Zionists Plan Kristallnacht II for the West Bank
Zionists Plan Kristallnacht II for the West Bank

(ATLANTA, Ga.) - The Radical Zionists have really outdone themselves this time. Just when you wonder what else they can do to bring disgrace upon themselves and their blind Diaspora followers they dig down deep and show they have more contempt for us than we realized. Now they have voted a crime against humanity…into law. That’s chutzpah!!

It is a Kristallnacht II for the West Bank. They pulled the first one when they ethnically cleansed the areas they wanted of Palestinians during their 1948. Bye, bye Palestine. You never existed (Golda Meir).

Their own archives refer to it as creating ‘lebensraum’ (growing space)…just like you know who had referred to lands they wanted. The original plan was to bring all the world’s Jews there, with all their cash, and build a major power nuclear state.

They wanted the Palestinians removed for growing room. Instead of herding them up to the edge of the pit and putting a bullet into their heads, they herded them into the desert with the Zionist goodbye,”Go to King Abdullah (of Jordan)!”

Are you sitting down? Here is their Neo-Kristallnactht:

“According to the law, any settler who feels that he has been harmed by the boycott can demand unlimited compensation from any person or organization calling for the boycott – without having to prove any actual damage. This means that each of the 300,000 settlers can claim millions from every single peace activist associated with the call for boycott, thus destroying the peace movement altogether.”

BenGurion and Uri Avnery in early Knessett

If there is a people who have used boycotts more ruthlessly than the Jewish Lobbies in the Diaspora they have escaped my attention. Here in the U.S. they will close ranks to destroy you in every way possible, your job, your business, your political career, your reputation.

All you have to do is disagree with them on a core issue and they become an instant KGB. They want to make an example of you to scare the others into self submission. It is the longest running terrorist operation in America, and I am not aware of a single arrest. That is what you call being wired in tight.

Correspondingly, anyone attempting similar tactics toward a Jewish person is universally denounced. So why the double standard? Why do the ‘go out and be a light among all peoples’ folks not see the horrible track record this creates for them. Is such conduct not the most extreme form of anti-semitism on the planet, and an embarrassment to all righteous Jews?

How Far Does Murdoch Empire Spying Go?

Thankfully there are Jews like Uri Avnery who have fought these outrages for decades. We have some righteous Jews here in America, but they also live in fear of being lynched by Abe Foxman, Norman Dershowitz, or Rabbi Heir, who have done more damage to the Jewish community that all the so called non Jewish anti-semites put together.

We have our own version of a Murdoch scandal here in the America. And that is the scandal of the terror of Jewish headhunters cruising the newsrooms of the national media centers…pulling a Murdoch on them. “You either play ball with us or you will suffer the consequences.” This has gone on for decades as it has in Britain. We allowed it because our institutions were just as corrupt and for sale to these people as they were in Britain.

But the big story has not come out yet, the espionage scandal waiting to explode like a nuclear mine under the Murdoch empire. If any of you think that these ‘operatives’ were using spy techniques just to get news stories you deserve the naivety Oscar for 2011.

The ability that Murdoch had to swing elections, obtain oaths of eternal fealty to Israel, exploit getting ‘off the record’ information, blackmail, having secret confidential sources, etc. is legendary.

It is not something that would be wasted exclusively on T&A celebrity stories. The media empire was a front for something else.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Newsrooms are a bread and butter espionage targets all over the world. The Anti-Defamation League in the U.S. beat a spying case in California by having a tooth fairy judge anoint them a ‘news organization’ which miraculously made their spying sources protected. Are you getting a handle yet on how this all works…the game??

Have you ever wondered why Abe Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League is heading up the posse getting Jonathan Pollard released?? Have you ever wondered why the ADL seems unconcerned about any public relations blowback from it despite what our senior editor Gordon Duff revealed last week:

Estimates indicate that 1,100 people died because of Pollard, tortured and executed or died in Soviet gulags. These people were America’s “eyes and ears,” the heart of our intelligence community during the most dangerous period, thus far, in the history of the world.

Billions of dollars of technology was transferred to the Soviet Union, pushing some of their defense sectors forward more than a decade. Pollard nearly caused World War III.

And yet our Jewish Lobby friends have no concerns about what their neighbors think? Only people who are wired in have no concern like this. They even have ex-CIA director James Woolsey on board, a disgrace to the Intel community. Take a lesson here folks as to where the loyalties lie. This is not rocket science.

When the dust settles on the Murdoch operation they will find that it was a self funding espionage operation, with political espionage being at the top of the list. Have you noticed how the media will not mention Murdoch’s being Jewish, a citizen of Israel, and THE most powerful person there? Our sources tell us, “He does not work for them…He tells them what to do!”

The worst part of the scandal will be that the major counter intelligence organizations in the target countries have been fully aware of this and violated their oaths by not warning their respective publics or really doing anything to bust up these networks.

Uri Avnery Still Fighting in His 80's

There are a lot of reasons why they don’t, and not the least of them is fear. Once you have the top politicians in the bag it is just a phone call to have an investigation stopped.

Once the top politicians have had under the table dealings with a media mogul they are in a blackmail position. I bet even money that if the screws really get turned on Murdoch he might tell some interesting tales. He has plenty of keep out of jail cards, and here is why.

All major criminal organizations, the slick ones, have to have protection to stay in business. There is only one place to do to get the magic dust sprinkled on your head…intelligence agencies.

Once you have have banked some good deeds, you are good to go. I will remind you of the $60 billion dollar Afghanistan heroin traffic as just one example.  Murdoch has more than one ace up his sleeve.

But now onto Uri, as he lays out the Likudites’ latest atrocity campaign. To all you Christian Zionists out there, if you have a morsel of shame in you, maybe this will help bring you to your senses over supporting these settler terrorists. Those in the Knessett even have immunity!!

Your penance should require you spending the rest of your lives and your tithes compensating those whom you have oppressed so cruelly. I pray that I live to see the day, and if I don’t…that some of you do.

Jim Dean, Heritage TV…Atlanta and Veterans Today, editor

Americans for a Stronger Israel

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