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Israel used an Imposter and a Belly Dancer to Counteract Flotilla II

The Flotilla II was counter attacked by propaganda stunts.

U.S. boat to Gaza, One of the ships of the freedom flotilla II
U.S. boat to Gaza, a ship of the freedom flotilla II

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - Though Israel has managed to abort the planned course of the freedom flotilla II that was aiming to break the Israeli naval blockade on Gaza, it utterly failed to divert the attention of the international community from the inhumane Israeli siege on Palestinians imprisoned in their own homeland.

The flotilla II may have failed in literally breaking the Israeli blockade on Gaza but the brave activists’ collective efforts have unequivocally exposed the ugly side of the Middle-Eastern Zionist enclave and displayed its brutal apartheid face for the whole world to see.

The Israelis may have managed to muscle the Greek government and freak out practically all the European aviation security authorities and keep the activists grounded in Europe’s airports, but they couldn’t incarcerate the love message and the hope the activists and a lot of free spirited people shared with them around the world.

The mission failed but not the vision.

Israel has managed to sabotage the naval trip of the flotilla II, demolish the democratic right of expression of the free world and audaciously incriminate those who choose to nonviolently boycott Israel for its crimes against humanity.

But the one obvious thing Israel couldn’t do is to prevent the world conscience from feeling guilty and somehow morally blamed over the Israeli flagrant crimes of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in the west bank and Gaza.

The thwarted mission of the “to Gaza with love” flotilla II might be classified as a military and political triumph for Israel but with more scrutiny it wouldn’t be so hard to discover that Israel came out of this world PR campaign as a sore loser.

Israel came out of this flotilla story more isolated than ever and tremendously losing whatever stock it got left of the western public support.

Anti-Israeli sentiments in the Arab and Muslim world, invoked by Israel’s aggressive and colonization policy in Palestine, is something that Israel managed to not only orchestrate but to skillfully employ as a tool for blackmailing the west and justifying whatever crimes it committed in the name of its right to defend itself amongst an alleged sea of Muslim and Arab unjustified hatred.

Following the drama of sabotaging and terrorizing the flotilla II That sea of resentment for the Israeli expansionist and apartheid policies has grown bigger and wider as it encompassed most of Europe and America’s public opinion as clearly expressed on the web blogging.

And it seemed for Israel that the only way to hold back that anti-Israeli tide is to play the card of a nation seeking friendship and peace with its Arab neighbors who in return refuse its friendship and won’t normalize relations with the peace-loving state of Israel.

Arabic anti-normalization with Israel

The Arab nations have unanimously agreed not to normalize relations with the Israeli people as long as the Israeli aggressiveness and occupation of the Arab land in Palestine, as delineated by UN resolution 242, continues.

And this popular consensus of anti-normalization with Israel is particularly and closely observed and respected by all Arabic artists, writers and intellectuals.

Failing to break through this popular consensus in the Arabic world the Israeli Mossad, every now and then and through its operatives of Arabic origin in Europe, try to pull out a propaganda stunt to distract the world public opinion from the real issues of annexing the Arab land in Palestine, kicking out its indigenous people and lately bullying the pro-Palestinian political and humanitarian activists in land, air and sea and instead sell the world a Murdoch style story about the friendly and tolerant side of Israel.

Flotilla II counter attacked by propaganda stunts

The real issue this time was the Gaza freedom flotilla II laden with thousands of love and solidarity letters meant to be delivered to the people of Gaza, only the Zionists in Tel Aviv are no fools, they knew that those letters are mightier than weapons, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to conquer those activists by some commandos raid this time.

This time was different and as the whole world was closely watching, Israel had to fight back the flotilla II with the same tools the activists used and may be send, in advance, a counter propaganda campaign.

Israeli stunt No. 1 /the bellydancer stunt

Kobi Fahri, lead singer of orphaned land, the Israeli heavy metal
band and Johanna Fakhri, the Lebanese bellydancer brandishing
their countries' flags side by side on stage in Hellfest festival.

The latest Israeli propaganda stunts came out on Sunday, June 19 where Israeli heavy metal band “Orphaned Land” performed alongside some unknown Lebanese belly dancer by the name of Johanna Fakhri at the Hellfest music festival in the western French town of Clisson.

This stunt came one day before the launching time for the Gaza Aide flotilla II in a desperate attempt to detract the world attention from the Gaza bound ships and to counteract any negative effect aborting this world humanitarian mission could evoke.

It is strange enough to watch an Arabic belly dancer dancing to the impossible to dance to doom, death and metal music played by an Israeli hard rock band but when the performers choose to brandish their respective countries’ flags side by side on stage; you have all the ingredients, as France 24 put it, for a potentially suspicious and volatile scene.

I personally have nothing against bellydancing of which I enjoy the folklore side but it is a common knowledge in the Arab World that bellydancers are not that politically educated and may be are not the most likely ones to venture into the grounds of the controversial Arab-Israeli politics whereas tabloid news and sex scandals is the arena where they are most active.

And for an Arab bellydancer- based in France- to make such a daring statement, in a live performance on the stage, one must think twice about who were orchestrating this whole propaganda stunt from backstage.

Israeli Stunt No.2 / the gay activist stunt

Realizing that the bellydancer’s stunt created a wave of controversial backfire and at the same time failed to elicit neither the expected response nor the media coverage Israel went ahead with stunt no.2

This time Israel chose to go online and specifically use the worldwide-watched YouTube and once again tried to blackmail the western sensitivity by displaying a pathetic act for an alleged American gay activist by the name of Marc Pax, who is so keen to mobilize an army of western gay activists to join the Gaza flotilla II only he was turned down by the organizers.

But that did not turn out to be a bad thing for him for after all, for as he was doing his online homework concerning the purpose of the flotilla II he miraculously discovered that the flotilla activists were trying to help the people of Gaza who were ruled by Hamas, a terrorist and anti-gay rights organization, as defined by Israel and the Zionist organizations around the world.

The man in the video was later identified as Omer Gershon, a Tel Aviv actor involved in marketing, by the Electronic Intifada, a pro-Palestinian Web site.

Playing the world for a bunch of fools

In both previous propaganda stunts Israel has considerably underestimated the intelligence of the viewer’s perception.

In the Hellfest stunt the Mossad somehow forgot that most Arabs knew for a fact that a belly dancer would do almost anything, in public or in private, for the right price and that a vulnerable migrant Arab dancer could very well be the perfect recruit for the Israeli Mossad.

In the YouTube stunt the Mossad agents somehow forgot that they were supposed to download an amateurish video shot by some webcam and not the professional production this imposter video turned out to be with all the high-tech lighting and editing including the use of B-roll technique used only by professional video production crews.

Another Israeli blatant theft

Karem Mahmoud 1925-1995,
renowned Egyptian musician and

As for the bellydancer stunt everything about it was phony and unauthentic and that goes too for the heavy metal band, orphaned land, who while waving the Israeli flag close to the Lebanese one were in the midst of performing their most popular hit track, Norra El Norra, a distorted metal reproduction of, Samra ya samra, one of the most popular pop Egyptian songs by the late singer, Karem Mahmoud.

Only the highly acclaimed Israeli band replicated the music of the famous Egyptian song without any reference to the Egyptian original song or the publishing rights of its composer and moreover they adapted to it new Hebrew lyrics that mostly praise the lord of the torah who I don’t think would be pleased by this blatant musical theft carried out for his glory and by few of his chosen people.

But on second thought, I don’t think Yahweh would be that offended or surprised considering the long line of other historical thefts his chosen people had perpetrated over the years.

Though the gay activist and the bellydancer stunts proved to be a total failure but they brought to light the duplicity of the Jewish state and how presumptuously Israel played the world for a bunch of fools.


The only thing that made sense to me in this whole affair of the Israeli Mossad stunts is the name of the Israeli heavy metal band, Orphaned Land, which through their highjacked music kept an old Jewish tradition of tampering with history and also proved what the modern Israeli archeologist have asserted, that decades of excavations in the so-called Jews historical homeland revealed mostly ancient Egyptian and Arabic archeological findings but scarcely any Jewish remains… and may be that is why the land, even after the establishment of the Jewish state and the home return of millions of the children of God, still feels alienated and orphaned.

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Dr. Ashraf Ezzat is an Egyptian medical doctor whose passion has always been writing. He says of all the human-related studies, he finds himself attracted to history. Ashraf stresses that history helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be.

He says Egyptology holds a special place in his heart, for Egypt is where the human conscience sprouted. In ancient Egypt all things civilized began to evolve.

"I write articles and share posts of interest to me and hopefully to a lot of people."

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat says you can drop him a line any time at:

"I like to exchange knowledge and experience, I think that`s what Blogging is all about."

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Eliyahu July 27, 2011 8:10 am (Pacific time)

You're definitely Egyptian, noone can quite match the Egyptian penchant for outlandish Zionist conspiracy theories. Mossad shark, anyone? Regarding archaeological evidence, Jewish presence in the land of Israel is well established. We were here long before the Arabs stopped worshiping their moon-gods and mutilating their daughters. You're welcome to come to the Israel museum in Jerusalem and peruse some of the evidence first hand.

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