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Was Norway's Terrorism Timed to Celebrate Israel's King David Hotel Attack?

"...whenever countries lately exhibit anti-Jew behavior, natural disasters happen, sometimes not so natural..." - Comment on pro-Israel article

Reuters photo of Jonas Gahr Store passing a sign promoting the boycott of goods from Israel's occupation settlers.
Reuters photo of Jonas Gahr Store passing a sign promoting the boycott of goods from Israel's occupation settlers.
Special thanks to: moonofalabama.org

(OSLO /SALEM) - Suspected right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik is reported to have written many posts on the website Aftenposten described as "Islam-critical and Israel-friendly". The attack on Oslo came exactly 65 years to the day after the Israeli Irgun blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem that left over 90 people dead. The violent blast even killed passers by and people in adjacent neighboring buildings. 91 people of various nationalities were killed and 46 were injured This was an attack directed at British soldiers who just the year before, were still fighting the Nazi's.

Dagens Næringsliv, Norway's leading business publication, writes that Breivik sought to start a Norwegian version of the Tea Party movement in Norway.

Sadly, it is not a major surprise for many students of history, to hear that the alleged right wing terrorist responsible for dozens killed in Norway has connections to both fascism movements, and Israel.

That statement may offend the sensibilities of many, but the stark truth is that Israel was literally formed by bands of terrorists in the 1940's who killed many British in their quest to establish a Jewish state.

Beyond the attack on the King David Hotel, the Irgun group is remembered best for the Deir Yassin massacre in Palestine that left several hundred men, women and children slaughtered. The Irgun were known as a group that strongly believed in retaliation against the British and all non-Jewish residents of the area, and even had conflict with Jews who didn't believe in or failed to endorse their violence.

Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Store, says Norway stands ready to recognize a Palestinian state. "We are ready to recognize a Palestinian state. I await the actual resolution text Palestinians will promote the UN General Assembly in September, said the Minister".

This is anything but welcome news in Israel, where the Knesset outlawed involvement in the Israeli boycott. Now anyone in Israel who is caught referencing or promoting the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanction) movement faces charges.

Israeli writer Itamar Eichner wrote the article: Israel: Norway inciting us framing Norway as little less than a dangerous country in regard to Israeli security.

Here is the rest of: Israel: Norway inciting us from the Bob Tuskin Show

Serious diplomatic conflict: Israel is accusing the Norwegian government of funding and encouraging blatant anti-Israel incitement.

According to reports received by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, the Trondheim Municipality is funding a trip to New York for students taking part in the “Gaza Monologues” play, which “deals with the suffering of children in Gaza as a result of the Israeli occupation.”

The play, written by a Palestinian from Gaza, will be presented at the United Nations headquarters. It joins an exhibition by a Norwegian artists displayed in Damascus, Beirut, and Amman, with the help of Norway’s embassies in Syria,Lebanon, and Jordan.

The exhibition shows killed Palestinian babies next to Israel Defense Forces helmets, which are reminiscent of Nazi soldiers’ helmets, and an Israeli flag drenched in blood.

The Norwegians are also helping the distribution of a documentary film called “Tears of Gaza” to festivals across the world. According to the Foreign Ministry, the film deals with the suffering of Gaza’s children as well, without mentioning Hamas, the rockets fired at Israel, and Israel’s right to defend itself.

The film shows Gazans chanting, “Itbah al-Yahud,” but the Norwegian translation says “slaughter the Israelis” instead of “slaughter the Jews”.

In addition, a book written by two Norwegian doctors who were the only foreigners in Gaza to give interviews during Operation Cast Lead was published recently. The book, which accuses IDF soldiers of deliberately killing women and children, is a bestseller in Norway and has been warmly recommended by none other than Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

A comment on the story by Itamar Eichner, published by The Bob Tuskin Show, may be more telling than what the writer himself said:

"I have noticed a pattern, whenever countries lately exhibit anti-Jew behavior, natural disasters happen, sometimes not so natural. Now I can’t help but think that God has allowed this to happen to Norway because of Norways disrespect of God’s Holy People"
- 'Bernadette'

And right on cue, another comment from the same far right-wing Website, but one that seems to have been written by a far less hateful person:

"You’ve got to be kidding. Where has it ever been proven that God had anything to do with the writing of that horrid text of smiting, incest, rape, pillage, and revenge known as the Bible? All we have is the word of the scribes, who placed their own imaginary tribe in a lofty position superior to their imagined 'goyim' enemies. It’s all the delusional paranoia of a group of sociopathic supremacists, and when their black ops agents go around sowing chaos and taking revenge on what you call anti-semitism (which is really just waking up and seeing what’s been going on, and not standing for it), you fall back on your 'God’s chosen people' drivel programming and say God’s taking revenge.

"I ask you, why would you accept a god that plays favorites? You’re either part of the delusional fantasy or beyond brainwashed by Judaic propaganda".
- Akolnidre

It is a fact that children represent a large percentage of Israel's murder victims. In Israel life is highly devalued in regard to Palestinians, a notion that stands in strong contrast to standard western values where we are raised to believe that all men are created equal. Instead human beings die indiscriminately in daily raids on Gaza (Daily raids of planes and drones - by Israel... daily.). Based on many comments and emails sent to Salem-News.com by Israelis and their supporters, there is a belief that killing children in Palestine is acceptable because this prevents them from growing up to be a threat to Israel. It is sad to think that type of philosophy may have been translated to children in Norway whose parents are connected to the Labour Party.

While Israel's writers attack Norway for its sympathy toward the battered Palestinian population, it should be noted that Norway was one of the first countries to recognize Israel, on 4 February 1949. The countries established diplomatic relation later that year. The crumbling relations and now the new terrorist attack, may create hostile conditions for the 553 Israeli citizens in Norway and the 260 or so Norwegians who live in Israel.

As the accompanying photo shows, the PM whose office was targeted in the attacks, was photographed near a sign promoting the growing Boycott movement against Israeli apartheid. He made the statement earlier this week, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway. The remarks were repeated during a debate on Utøya.

Eskil Pedersen, a Norwegian politician and leader of the Workers' Youth League (AUF), the youth-wing of Norway's leading Labour Party, said they expect Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to bring the matter to the UN, where will he ask for UN membership and recognition of a Palestinian state within the borders before the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

He added, "Labour Youth will have a more activist Middle East policy and we have to recognize Palestine. NOK NOK's, now we have to get the peace process into a new track".

Annie Robbins was kind enough to send out the original and translated items below from European media:

Norway horror: 80 die in camp shooting, 7 in blast

OSLO, Norway (AP) — A Norwegian who dressed as a police officer to gun down summer campers killed at least 80 people at an island retreat, horrified police said early Saturday.
The motive was unknown, but both attacks were in areas connected to the ruling Labor Party government. The youth camp, about 20 miles (35 kilometers) northwest of Oslo, is organized by the party's youth wing, and the prime minister had been scheduled to speak there Saturday.

The terrorist was a right wing Christian. Norwegian TV via automated translation:

According to TV2's sources, the arrested belong to the right-extremist groups in eastern Norway, and the man must have registered two weapons on their name - an automatic weapon and a pistol of the type of Glock. ... Breivik listed in their Facebook profile as a conservative and Christian, and he may have a connection to the extreme right environment.

The rightwing Norwegian Progress Party and its surrounding allotment of rightwing groups are historic fascistic, pro-apartheid and today very much in support of a likudnik Israel.

Via Newshoggers a report from a Norwegian TV site on the activities in the Labour Party youth camp may explain the killer's motive.


Automated translation:



Jonas Gahr Store: - The occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now


The Foreign Minister was met with claims that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp Thursday.


AUF WANT BOYCOTT: Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was met by demands that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya Thursday. Here the Minister ushered around in the camp of the AUF leader Eskil Pedersen. (Reuters)


During the second day of Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya got the Labour Party's young hopefuls visit by Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store.

Together with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Sidsel Wold and Norwegian People's Aid Kirsten Belck-Olsen, discussed the Foreign Minister of the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

As foreign minister arrived Utøya he was met with a demand from the AUF that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state.

- The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now, said the Foreign Minister to cheers from the audience.

- Norway is prepared to recognize

Earlier this week, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway, the Minister said to TV 2 news channel that Norway stands ready to recognize a Palestinian state . This he repeated during the debate on Utøya.

- We are ready to recognize a Palestinian state. I await the actual resolution text Palestinians will promote the UN General Assembly in September, said the Minister.

In autumn it is expected that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will bring the matter to the UN. Where will he ask for UN membership and recognition of a Palestinian state within the borders before the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Wednesday said AUF leader Eskil Pedersen that the AUF want a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.

- Labour Youth will have a more activist Middle East policy and we have to recognize Palestine. NOK NOK's, now we have to get the peace process into a new track, said Pedersen.

The foreign minister admitted that the situation is untenable, but believes that the boycott is the wrong tool.

- Boycott will be to move from dialogue to monologue. It is difficult to open the door the day we will talk with Israel, said the Minister.

Special thanks to: moonofalabama.org


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Samir S. Halabi July 31, 2011 1:37 am (Pacific time)

No Israel isn't the worst country on the planet, But Norway definiotely is. The same norwegians whom before the war told all the jews to go back to palestine,showed the nazi invading pigs to where some jews were hiding. Now the same norwegian traitors ie. their descendants want all the jews to get out of Israel. One day before the massacre took place on the norwegian island these young people were promoting anti-israel boycotting and jew cursing hatred.

Editor: The world is down on Israel but feels sorry for the people of  Norway.   Norway made mistakes but they don't live as monsters.  

Oniel July 27, 2011 7:59 am (Pacific time)

:Editor: Freedom of Speech, you believe that a news agency is required to publish what you write?" - No I don't think that at all. But what do know, however is that you have your own agenda, and if someone doesn't agree with you, you cannot accept it, and will not print it. That is what I call propaganda. Enjoy your site, with all the great support you have. I think I will go and have discussions with people (both pro and anto Israel) on websites that actually have a following (seems it is just me and one other person posting here) and somewhere where they openly post readers' messages and not witholding them for fear of looking like the liars you are. Good bye

Editor: Again, to be clear, we don't carry propaganda that serves to benefit a racist government.  Israel has to play fair.

Oniel July 27, 2011 12:46 am (Pacific time)

Isn't freedom of speech and freedom of expression what youre fighting for? Just shows you (and the world) that you and your leftist thug friends are nothing but lying, elitist, smug and self-righteous thugs. good bye

Editor: Freedom of Speech, you believe that a news agency is required to publish what you write?  I've heard it all now, thanks for relaying your understanding of the world.

Oniel July 27, 2011 12:36 am (Pacific time)

You just described the foundations this site was built on. There are people lying on here all day but you still post their messages. You just dont like what I have to say because it hurts you. I will expose this site for the trash that it is

Editor: Promote us all you want, and you know we report the truth or we wouldn't still be here.

Oniel July 26, 2011 5:11 pm (Pacific time)

Why aren't you posting my messages?

Editor: Because you  are a liar and we have rules against carrying false information or fascist propaganda.  Have a good life. .

Rehmat July 25, 2011 8:18 pm (Pacific time)

I heard the news of Friday attack in Norway, targeting government offices and Labour Party Youth camp which left 92 dead and dozens injured. However, what made me curious was the claim (within one hour of incident, like 9/11) that it was as act of revenge by some ‘jihadist’ for 500 Norwegian soldiers fighting in Afghanistan as part of NATO force. So I decided to search who is really mad on Nordic people than ‘jihadi’ Muslim.

Norwegian police said last night that the individual believed responsible for the attack on prime minister Jens Stoltenberg in Utøya, a 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian man, was also spotted in Olso before the bombing there. British daily Guardian (July 23, 2011) reported that the attack had political motive and was not the work of so-called Islamic terrorism.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was quoted as saying: “No one will bomb us to silence. No one will shoot us to silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norway.”

In 2002, Eva Kristen Hansen, leader of Norwegian Labour Party Youth Movement (AUF), called upon the Attorney General of Norway to investigate if Israeli PM Gen. Ariel Sharon can be indicted for crimes against humanity.

In 2010, Egil Drillo Olsen, coach of Norwegian football team wrote in daily Aftenposten that “the call to boycott Israel was in line with what 90% of the world’s population believes. There cannot be many other opinions”.

Alan Dershowitz (Harvard Law School), in The Wall Street Journal, wrote on March 29, 2011, that it’s the State of Israel the Norwegian hate the most. Why? Because, the Dean of the Law Faculty at Bergen University told Dershowitz that he would be honoured to have him present a lecture on the O.J. Simpson case – as long as he was willing to promise not to mention Israel. An administrator at the Trondheim school told Dershowitz that Israel was too ‘controversial’ to talk at Campus.

In March 2011 – Socialist Left Party, a junior partner in Norwegian government, called for military action against the Zionist entity if it decide to invade Gaza in the future.

In April 2011 – Norwegian Defense League (NDL) held its first anti-Israel demonstration. Interestingly, its British counterpart, the British Defense League (EDL), has close ties with Israel.

On Monday, Norwegian FM Jonas Gahr Stoere, after meeting Mahmoud Abbas, told reporters that it’s “perfectly legitimate” for Palestinian to take their case for statehood to United Nations in September. Last month, Jonas said in Norwegian parliament that Syria has every right to recapture Golan Heights under Jewish occupation.


Oniel July 25, 2011 5:58 pm (Pacific time)

"Editor: Yeah, no kidding, I think a lot of that man" - Shows you for who you are. You don't want peace at all. You want Israel wiped out. True or not?

Editor: By Israel do you mean Palestine?  Of course I don't want anyone wiped out, but I would like to see a lot of the IDF and Knesset members locked up.  Hamas is not allowed to be a political participant because of the stupid 'terrorist' designation which is ill placed when compared to the acts Israel is and has been responsible for over the years.  The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty is a great example.  Those Israelis attacked and tried very hard to sink a large American navy ship in 1967 and the sick alliance between the U.S. and Israel kept Johnson from avenging those deaths.  The U.S. should have taken out Israel's military at that point, but Johnson lacked integrity also.  So no, I don't buy your hasbara propaganda, I have objections to things Hamas has done but I respect their ability to function with so little, and I respect their dedication to their own people.  

"Editor: Isn't it interesting that the people the Zionists stole from want their stuff back?" - The Jews were there together with the Arabs the whole time, posibly longer. It is impossible to steal something that belongs to you already.

 Editor: Only small numbers of Jews lived in Palestine prior to that idiot Herzl who was little more than a snake oil salesman.  We have modern day accounts, one after another, of thieving Israel stealing people's homes.  Your settlers are a bunch of religious whacko nutjobs anyway, they need their Torah reading subsidies cut off (that my country's taxpayers foot the bill for) and they need to work like other human beings.  First, they need to pack their crap and move out of the homes that really no matter what, belong to the Palestinians.  I do hope that someday some of those luxurious settler homes can be homes for the people who the land actually belongs to..

 "Editor: We have been seeing bigger numbers than ever, and it only grows there Oniel, and a lot of the traffic is from Israel, don't think it isn't." - Hahaha! Your obsession with Israel makes a mockery of you. The israeli's view this site for the same reasons they watch the Comedy Channel.

 Editor: Whatever works, it translates to dollars for us, so thank those Israelis will you?

Oh and regarding your 'growing' fan base - A quick check on a couple of websites show your staggering growth:
Estimated percentage of global internet users who visit salem-news.com: 3 month change in usage:



Sorry, what was that? -25% change in usage in the last 3 months?

There you go with your lies again. Fooling no one but yourselves

Editor: That was coming out of a month that had days with visitor counts of 150k plus, normally we are nowhere near that, more like 20k daily unique visitors.  You fail to state that there are two other numbers on that list that represent growth, you snagged the one that is the 3-month example, the only one to possibly make us look bad, better luck next time!  Anyone reading this, if you care, go to Alexa.com and read about Salem-News..com's number counts, you might find them interesting.   Better luck next time Oniel, and I hope you answer that last comment's questions....

Anonymous July 25, 2011 5:24 pm (Pacific time)

Oniel..what is it ultimately that you desire and want? For israel to rule the entire planet? If so, please state as such. There are some of us that disagree if that is your goal..Are you just gonna kill us all? Is that fair? Please, state your goals so we all know where you are coming from. What is it, Oniel, that you seek? Please share. I myself, seek peace and people getting along. From my research, there are jews in Iran that wont go back to israel, even tho tempted with money, and before the israeli war that took over the Palestinian community, jews and muslims all lived together in peace..Please, share..what do you want? You want me dead dont ya? It aint gonna happen. I DO NOT want you dead I want you to open your eyes to the truth. I want you to tell me, right here and now, what it is you want..I am waiting. Tell the world what it is you seek. I think it would be interesting. Instead of putting Tim down..tell us all what you want.

Oniel July 25, 2011 4:23 pm (Pacific time)

Editor: Please remove yourself from your deluded thoughts. And while you are a it, get off your high horse. You have lost all credibility by suggesting that Zionism is racism. Your ilk seem to believe that you are being righteous and helpful to a just cause. Do you not realise that the people you are trying to help don't care for you in the slightest? they look at you as puppets while they sit there laughing at you.

Editor: I don't consider myself to be riding any kind of horse, and Zionism is racism and ONLY racism.  It is a brutal Nazi-like entitlement process that will be ended, banned, or should be.  I just learned yesterday that a UN resolution against Zionism existed until 1991!~  The Israelis forced it to be removed, but I am now motivated to learn what it will take to reenact that important Resolution.  You should be ashamed of yourself Oniel, and anyone who agrees with your pitiful self-centered rant, same to you.

"Editor: I think there would be a period where people kept dying but that eventually it would end" - I'll have whatever it is you are smoking, please. Khaled Meshaal - leader of Hamas: “Hamas will keep rejecting the occupation and refuse to recognise the legitimacy of the Zionist entity. Priority will remain building and developing the resistance,” said Meshaal, who lives in Syria along with other Hamas leaders in exile.

Editor: Yeah, no kidding, I think a lot of that man, unlike your Netanyahu..  I happen to know quite a bit about Hamas and you do not.  End the occupation!

“Pressure, siege, temptations and opening doors or communication channels will not fool Hamas, which will not compromise on the rights. Hamas will be only tempted by restoring the land,”
That doesnt sound like the problems will just disappear to me.

Editor: Isn't it interesting that the people the Zionists stole from want their stuff back?

Keep believing your own lies. There is a reason this website has such a low hit rate

Editor: We have been seeing bigger numbers than ever, and it only grows there Oniel, and a lot of the traffic is from Israel, don't think it isn't.

mory July 25, 2011 1:49 pm (Pacific time)

cha cha cha...

Anonymous July 25, 2011 1:37 pm (Pacific time)

Tim: just a side note. It is now proven that israel takes U.S. tax dollars and hires people to blog on websites in support of israel. I wish they would give YOU that money yeah? I suppose all we have, is the truth.

Anonymous July 25, 2011 1:06 pm (Pacific time)

APS...from my research, it is the zionists who did this, using this patsy to continue their agenda. Same as they did Tim McVeigh...They do it all the time..The USS Liberty, the false info to invade Iraq, and 911. These people are evil. I blogged weeks ago that they would use terror and blame a blonde hair person. People are not afraid of the muslims that much anymore, so they need a blonde hair patsy so that we are afraid of everyone. This is their M.O. it has been for thousands of years. I promise, I blogged weeks ago, that a terror attack would happen and they would use a blonde haired, blue eyed patsy to pull it off.. I know these people. I am somewhat of one of those detectives that seek out serial killers..Seen the movies? The detective becomes the serial killer to catch them?.. For those who have ears..listen. Norway was pulling out of Libya, thinking about not using the dollar, and excepting Palestine as a state. Wake the heck up, its obvious. The zionists taught Norway a lesson..the evil fand(cks....sorry, I try to be neutral but sometimes the facts dont let me.

APS July 25, 2011 10:22 am (Pacific time)

Oslo needs to address the root causes here. Sure, this was a disgusting massacre, but the anger stemmed from pent up greviances - weakness on Islamic terror, unfairness to Israel, and mass immigration. Unfortunately, if the government simply maintains its current policies, the people's anger will remain, and we'll see even more tragedies of this sort.

Editor: You sound like you need to see a doctor.

Oniel July 25, 2011 4:02 am (Pacific time)

"It is undeniable that Zionists believe they are superior, that is how it is written, 'Chosen People' means better than thou, right? That is how it is widely interpreted by Israelis, it is not? "
That is correct - it is written in the bible. However for you try to suggest that the governement(in your own words - we are discussing governmental issues here, right?) use this as reasoning for their actions is just absurd. One bit of proof of that doesn't exist. That is simply an excuse for you to spread lies and slander. Your anti-Zionism is a clear result of your incessant anti-semitism. Anyone who can not see that is either blind or deluded

Editor: Zionism is racism and if you support it, you are a racist.  People are well ahead of you Oniel.

Oniel July 25, 2011 3:55 am (Pacific time)

"Oniel, my objections are to the current time, the present day" - So you agree that in the early days of legitimate Israeli existence, the Israelis were just fighting for survival against a group of terrorists who did not beleive that Israel had any right being there (that is the major difference between Israel and the Nazi's. You people and rour references to similarities between Israel and the Nazi's is wrong on so many levels apart from being entirely fictional/deceiptfut propoganda)

So if that is accepted, we now know who the agressors are and what their intentions are. They do not want peace with Israel (proven many many times - just ask their current leaders, Hamas) and on that basis, how do expect the Israeli people or government to act in an entirely self defending way? It would be nice if everone could drop their arms and live peacefully, but answer me this - and honestly: If Israel were to drop their arms today, what do think would happen?

Editor: I think there would be a period where people kept dying but that eventually it would end.  What is interesting is that the Israelis treat the Palestinians the same way the British treated the Jewish settlers in the earliest years of Israel's existence.   It doesn't matter either way, because Israelis don't have more of a right to defense and to simply survive, than other people, whether you like it or not. 

Anonymous July 24, 2011 7:21 pm (Pacific time)

Tim..tomorrow wil be another day with its own problems. how about a smile...just a one minute video fun...enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGeKSiCQkPw

Anonymous July 24, 2011 6:18 pm (Pacific time)

Steve: my research shows that Jesus was not a jew. I respect your comment, but disagree. If you can send any documentation, that would be great. Please dont send jim hagge or israeli owned media tho,its quite bias. Maybe I can talk Tim into having a link where we can discuss this..I try to stay away from religious stuff, but some of it is our history.. It would be an interesting conversation maybe? Look up "edomites" look up "khazars" the "twelve tribes" etc...I am just too tired tonite to discuss. Get back to ya soon steve..Thanks for the comment, and thanks to salem-news for posting. I disagree with you tho Steve. By the way..is your name Steve? or Stephen? and you use Steve for short? My name is Stephen, and I stick with it. My Mother named me well..look up Stephen in the book of Acts..but then again, you probably dont believe in the New Testament huh? Steve, here is a 2 minute video...listen what they say about Jesus, and their mindset. warning; strong language: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3iHtoAg6cc

Oniel July 24, 2011 5:57 pm (Pacific time)

PS. This has nothing to do with anyone "thinking they are better than the Palestinians". Those completely unfounded comments clearly display you in the anti-semetic light that you seem to enjoy basking in

Tim King: Come on Oniel, I'm Goyam, right?  Admit it, or are you honestly going to tell me you don't think there is a superiority complex at play here?  Remember... oppressor and oppressed.  You know, the Nazi's went after suspected underground Jewish fighters and you know what they called them, yup: terrorists.  It is undeniable that Zionists believe they are superior, that is how it is written, 'Chose People' means better than thou, right?  That is how it is widely interpreted by Israelis, it is not?

Oniel July 24, 2011 5:53 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, you still haven't addressed the fact that the land was given to the Jews AND the Arabs. When the arabs decided they wanted to attack the Jews because they weren't happy with the 'deal', they lost that war. And the one afer that. Simple as. What did you expect? That Israel would lie back and take a beating? The most basic of human instincts is srvival. And that is what they have done - against all the odds.

Please just answer me one thing - because you (and others like you) seem to ignore this point... What would you have done in Israel's shoes in 1948?

Tim King: Oniel, my objections are to the current time, the present day.  Human fairness needs to exist, the children of Palestine have human rights that are being denied.  I know the terrible story of the Holocaust, I know far too much, but how that equates to the treatment of Palestinians is lost.  There are members of the early Jewish forces who simply quit and instead opted to care for the Palestinians.  Surely you have heard of Juliano Mer-Khamis, the son of Arna Mer-Khamis? 

Mer fought with the Palmach and Israel Defense Forces during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, but then during the First Intifada, as part of a project to support the education of children in the West Bank, she established the organisation In the Defence of Children under Occupation/Care and Learning, and later the now-famous Freedom Theatre in the Jenin refugee camp.  It is entirely possible to stand for the rights of the Palestinian people, regardless of your culture..   

Hekuba July 24, 2011 4:39 pm (Pacific time)

You are vile monsters from the deepest pit of hell. Anyone who agrees with you is as well.

Tim King: Jump in a lake and cool off Hekuba

Oniel July 24, 2011 4:29 pm (Pacific time)

Wow, do you actually believe the drivel you type?

I quote: But you have to look at the bigger picture and stick with the political and governmental side of it, and the actions, and not hang the actions on specific people and then group them according to religion. You can easily look up the breakdown of Jewish groups and see that there is a vast range as there are with Christians. Same thing with Islam. We're all just people, and if one group thinks it is better and keeps waging war on the innocent, it is truly going to bring the roof down"

I assume you think that Hamas (the leaders the Palestinians voted for) are people who mean well? Israel is willing to compromise on the land. (bear in mind that in the 40's the land was owned by the british and was offered as 2 states to the Jews and Arabs that were living there - Arabs declined - funny that. There will never be peace and Israel will simply never give any land to the Palestinians unless they ACCEPT ISRAELS RIGHT TO EXIST.

Wake up already - your ideological views are embarrasingly naive

Tim King: There is a profound difference between a 'right to exist' and rampant state terrorism.  There is also a large difference between legitimately purchasing land and stealing it from families because you think you're better than they are.  Israel's version of 'justice' is the classic example of 'just us'..  

Steve July 24, 2011 4:01 pm (Pacific time)

Anonymous, Jesus Christ was a Jew; an Israelite. Today, Jesus would be what we call a Zionist. Messiah is will be in and with Israel; he will ultimately come to Jerusalem. Christians believe messiah already came and will return. Jews believe messiah is yet to come. Suffice it to say, he is one in the same man. As with any people, there are good Jews and there are bad Jews. The Jews are Jesus' people, make no mistake about it. He was and is a Jew.

Anonymous July 24, 2011 3:21 pm (Pacific time)

I have to get to chores, and am tired, so wont be back til tomorrow, but Tim, I know you dont like alex jones, and I know he can be an arse..but he has good info..go to infowars.com, click on the windows link to listen..He agrees with you and also has more info..

Anonymous July 24, 2011 2:22 pm (Pacific time)

"I agree Tim. I have had discussions with good friends that attack the jews. I simply dont agree with them. Over the centuries we dont even know what a jew is anymore. This is such a complicated subject. Or maybe it isnt, maybe just "all men are created equal" settles it all as you mentioned. All I know, is that there is a group of people, very powerful, bound and determined to control the planet, and they are not nice people...but they have all the guns, own the media, control the education system etc. After researching this stuff for over a decade, there was nothing I could do except realize that maybe there is something good out there (I choose Jesus Christ), that will make a change from the lies, murder and destruction that is currently taking place. Sorry for bringing religion into this, I am not a religious person, I just seek truth the best I can.
We are close to the same age Tim, remember this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh4nNdNJ_U8

Tim King: I remember it well.

Steve July 24, 2011 1:34 pm (Pacific time)

Is it the editor's opinion Anders Behring Breivik is Jewish?

Editor: Authorities describe Anders Behring Breivik as a Christian right-wing extremist.  This is the first and largest subculture of Zionist backers. 

Anonymous July 24, 2011 1:33 pm (Pacific time)

I also want to add, my deep respect for Tim to allow comments, as disgusting as they are. Tim swore to uphold the Constitution, and he, among a few these days, tends to keep his oath. Thanks Tim.

Anonymous July 24, 2011 1:29 pm (Pacific time)

tipoll..I disagree. Even tho I understand what you are saying, and that the owners of israel have taken over most everything over the last century, and there are many times I agree with you that this will not change, I still know, in my heart, that good will outdo evil. I think about the story of David and goliath. I hope I am right, and you are wrong, because, if you research what happened in WW2, they dont care about you either. You can support them, but they will kill you too. I hope you are wrong for the sake of all humanity. Your post does not disappoint me, I still have faith in love and truth. The owners of israel are very powerful, but they are not God.

Tim King: I often try to slow down and think about how people in Israel see this.  All I can say is that the goal is for all is or at least should be, to live in peace.  It seems that there is a big difference between my multicultural view and the view of the Israeli govt. which is a monocultural approach.  I'm just stuck in that 'all men are created equal mode'.  Let me ask you, do you think it is wrong to refer to the Palestinians as 'they'?  Would it be equally wrong if I lumped all Jewish people into my reports?  You see I can not and will not do that because I know for a fact that there is an endless list of great Jewish people who also believe in peace and justice.  There are Palestinian people who are not good, sure, of course.  But you have to look at the bigger picture and stick with the political and governmental side of it, and the actions, and not hang the actions on specific people and then group them according to religion.  You can easily look up the breakdown of Jewish groups and see that there is a vast range as there are with Christians. Same thing with Islam.  We're all just people, and if one group thinks it is better and keeps waging war on the innocent, it is truly going to bring the roof down.       

Tippol Aleihem July 24, 2011 5:32 am (Pacific time)

To Salem editor and Annonymous:
Sorry to disappoint both of you, but Israel is here to stay whether you like it or not. Deal with it!

July 24, 2011 1:34 am (Pacific time)

how lucky of you that this terrible headline ocurred the same date of the king-david hotel so you can use it to promote anti-israel hatred.  Technically, you can't call the Irgun "Israeli" since it was founded before the state of Israel (unless you twist the timelines just a bit so it serves your intentions of attacking Israel).  The king Davivl Hotel bombing was aimed at the building and its archives, not the british soldiers (the Irgun warned about the bomb before the explosion, however the building was not evacuated).  You quickly describe the bombing and in less than one parragraph you go from norways tragedy to anti-Israel propaganda.  This is not journalism...you are looking for excuses to spread hatred.

Tim King: Really, so you think I just stumbled upon a total coincidence?  One that timed out 65 years to the day later?  One that was against a country speaking out over Israel's atrocities?  

Mike July 24, 2011 12:07 pm (Pacific time)

"Was Norway's Terrorism Timed to Celebrate Israel's King David Hotel Attack?" No professional journalist will ever question your ability to report the news.

brynababy July 24, 2011 11:25 am (Pacific time)

This ugly fable is filled with lies and absurdities and responded to by the same ignorant, uninformed and hate-filled people. Disgusting!

Anonymous July 23, 2011 6:05 pm (Pacific time)

Igor...i have read about the talmud, and how, whoever it is, some call it jews, some call it israel..I dont care anymore..But igor, I am a good person, I take good care of my family, I try my best..I make sometimes yes, but overall am ok with myself..But it seems as tho the owners of israel, and the U.S. want to kill me...Same as they are the Palestinians..I just don't think its fair.. We are good people, and we dont deserve to die with depleted uranium, phosphorus bombs and remote controlled drones..
Come on Igor, I would never call you a sick animal, nor would I throw white phosphorus on you, sorry about the spelling, I am kinda tired tonite..

igor July 23, 2011 5:04 pm (Pacific time)

you are sick animals

Editor: Thanks igor, now go tend to the master in the castle you little servant of vampires...

Anonymous July 23, 2011 4:54 pm (Pacific time)

One more comment..Tim, this was a good one.. I research much and am usually ahead of the game, but this was awesome..you are getting better and better every day..
Keep it up...Dont be deterred by even those closest to you...you have it my friend. Hold on to it...

Tim King: I appreciate that very much, thanks.

Anonymous July 23, 2011 4:13 pm (Pacific time)

even tho israel is probably the worst country on the planet, and I wish they would just go away..I am more interested in their owners... 1. Zionism started in the 1880's 2. israel was not a state until the 1940's. 3. Then who was andrew jackson fighting against? The bankers.. 4. Even Jesus turned over the tables of the bankers.. This all goes back quite far in history..

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