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Egyptians Did What Germans Should've Done Long Ago

“I really don’t care much if the whole world called it a military coup, though it’s not, as long as Egypt rids itself of the nightmare of the Islamists and the MB rule.”

Hitler and Morsi
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(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - What happened on June 30 in Egypt, whom the Egyptians proudly insist on calling the second wave of their revolution, was not a thing that erupted on the spur of the moment; rather it was due to a snowballing buildup of collective dissatisfaction and fear over the last year.

Dissatisfied by the incompetent Muslim Brotherhood ‘MB’ governance and alarmed by their blatant agenda to turn Egypt into another Somalia or Afghanistan, Egyptians revolted again.

But this time they rallied in millions across the country not against a failing president or government, but against a fascist group that peddles religion, feeds on ignorance and prejudice and craves authoritarian power and in doing that the MB respects no civil norms and leaves nothing behind except chaos, violence and ruins of a nation.

I really don’t care much if the whole world called it a military coup, though it’s not, as long as Egypt rids itself of the nightmare of the Islamists and the MB rule.

Revolt like an Egyptian

On June 30, 2013, Egyptians and for the second time in almost two years took to the streets in unprecedented numbers and fashion, mesmerized the world, surprised –or better yet fooled- the observing political circles around the world, and kicked out another incumbent president who failed to deliver on his electoral promises. (watch my video of live rallies in Alexandria on June 30th)

But in fact there is a lot more to this revolution than just broken promises. A lot more actually…

This is a historical precedent, and if we want to grasp the rationale behind this revolution, we ought to examine it in a historical context.

I know a lot of conspiracy theory addicts would rather see it in a Mossad/CIA –orchestrated thriller context, as if the Egyptians were hordes of cows who could not think for themselves which way to go.

As a matter of fact the CIA was regularly receiving affirming reports from the American Embassy in Cairo that Egypt’s state of affairs is well under the control of MB and that they are a sure bet.

Ann Patterson, the US ambassador to Egypt, or the wicked witch as Egyptians like to call her, used to spend more time with the MB supreme guide than with her staff.

Ann patterson

Ann Patterson, US ambassador to Egypt

And even after the fall of the MB, Patterson refused to give up on her bet, and convinced the leaders of the MB to try and mobilize their loyalists and stir up violence to convince the west that Egypt is on the brink of a civil war. Actually, Patterson’s scenario could do well in a tribal country like Syria, or Pakistan, where Patterson served before, but definitely not in Egypt.

I really love it when the west starts peeking at the Egyptian scene, through headlines and clueless TV reports, specially the brotherhoodized Al Jazeera’s, and when things get a little bit out of hand and may be beyond expectations and plans, we begin to hear the reactionary clichés “This is a coup, this is undemocratic. After all, Morsi is an elected president”

Egypt’s military in history

Well, I have news for everybody, Morsi, the clumsiest and weakest in the long history of Egyptian presidency and monarchy, was not the president; he was just a ‘Stebn’- Arabic for a spare flat tire – that’s what the public called him.

The real power and orders came from the office of the Morshid – the supreme guide of the MB group- something similar to the Nazi Fuhrer.

Again and from a historical perspective, perhaps Egypt does import many of the western ready-made products and goods, but when it comes to domestic policy and authority, the land of the pyramids has a very old model of governance the whole world should learn from.

Egypt, the land that witnessed the first powerful central government in the history of mankind (3100 BC), has always relied on a strong and loyal army to protect the Egyptian nation from dangers and threats, be that external or internal.

At the critical moments, and whenever the country took an ugly turn, the Egyptian army and generals have always stepped in and saved the day for the Egyptian nation.

Abdel fattah el Sesi

Abdul Fattah El Sisi, Egypt’s military chief

It is a repeated scenario that could be traced from Colonel Nasser 1952, way back to the time of commander Horemheb 1319 BC, who saved a crumbling empire after the turmoil era of the heretic king, Akhenaten.

And now we witness the addition of a new name in this long list of honor and glory; General Abdul Fatah El Sisi, commander in chief of Egypt army.

Egypt’s first elected president

The rule of the MB was not just another term in office in a democratic system; it was the beginning of the end of the civil society Egypt has come to know and embrace since 1805 which witnessed the last days of the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

May be the MB resorted to one of the Western Democratic tools, elections that is, to get into the political Egyptian Arena, but that was just a one-time cheap trick not to be needed again; for they came to stay and to stay for good.

Nobody could deny that Mubarak’s rule was tainted with corruption and dictatorship, but that was common practice for Egyptians throughout most of their long history, it was ugly but nothing Egyptians haven’t seen worse before during the colonial or Ottoman era, or even the Roman one for that matter.

But the Muslim Brotherhood and their pathetic puppet, Mohamed Morsi, the so called democratically elected president, were trying to demolish the civil pillars of the country, brotherhoodize the Judiciary, legislative, and administrative institutions, immerse the constitution with controversial and radical Sharia law, wipe out press freedom, terrorize the Christian and Shiite minorities and turn the women into veiled ghosts who could only uncover their upper veils to be fed, and their lower ones to get impregnated.

In short, the MB, an international syndicate of obscenely financed and radically brain-washed islamists, were trying to hijack Egypt and turn it into the model they all treasure as the ideal Islamic Emirate, The Taliban example in Afghanistan.

MB and al Qaeda/Hamas connection

Few months after Morsi took office, he swiftly and regularly released all the Islamist prisoners, who got convicted over terrorist operations, including the murder of the late president Sadat.

And moreover, Al-Qaeda leader, Ayman El-Zawahri, was encouraged to send many of his terrorist cells over to Egypt and to begin operating in North Africa, and the Middle East from their new headquarters, Sinai, which was a few inches close to being declared an Islamic emirate.

Morsi, himself, the so called democratically elected president, turned out to be an ex-convict who was detained in prison on charges of collaboration with foreign intelligence.

Morsi broke out of jail by force on January 28, 2011 amid the security vacuum that ensued after MB gangs attacked and burned down the police stations around the country, at the first days of the 2011 revolution.

And now Morsi is detained, pending investigations over crimes of  collaboration with foreign intelligence, jeopardizing Egypt’s national security and illegally breaking out of jail. And in any respected democracy, runaway convicts don’t run for presidency.

And guess who bulldozed down the walls of the Egyptian prisons and got him out with hundreds of convicted inmates?  … They were the Militias of Hamas (offshoot of the MB) and by the way, Hamas was also democratically elected, or in other words, eternally elected.

And one of the most dramatic consequences of the fall of the MB rule, besides Patterson’s magic going wrong, is that Egyptians grew ever more suspicious of Hamas and its secret connection with MB and began to see it as a potential threat to the Egyptian national security.

I know, at this point, many will jump in, and probably start sniffing around and will conclude by saying ‘ Aha, we smell Mossad’ … But the truth is that the Hamas-MB connection was stinky enough, the Israelis only had to stand back and enjoy the scene getting uglier.

And that’s why Morsi & the MB amazingly turned out to be strategic assets for the Israelis, who envisioned in their secret promises of giving away Sinai to Hamas, a final solution to their eternal conflict the Palestinians.

Redefining Democracy

Morsi, escaped convict facing crimes of high treason

Morsi, escaped convict facing crimes of high treason

Is there a democratic system around the globe that finds out that its incumbent president is a runaway convict and a traitor who is also accused of electoral fraud and let him carry on in office till the end of his term?

Is there a democracy in this world whose presidency endorses and allows mobs of Islamists and MB loyalists to besiege the supreme constitutional court and humiliate its honorable judges to intimidate them into passing their laws and deformed constitution?

May be Morsi was democratically elected-his campaign is accused of electoral fraud; fake ballot papers, and tampering with the national register of electors- but he surely did not govern democratically afterwards.

This is part and parcel of the Islamists’ scheme, justified by their beliefs and theorists; play the infidels’ game until you have a good grip on power, then it’s a whole new game with a whole new rules; the Islamists’ emirate and their twisted interpretation of Islam and Sharia.

The road to Iran

Of course, the USA and Israel were quite pleased by the way things were turning, or better yet deteriorating, in Egypt under the rule of a religious fascism like that of the MB, a group with affiliates all around Israel; in Jordan, Syria, Hamas and down to Sudan. A group like that could be conveniently employed as a Sunni belt to encircle and help take down the Shiite nation of Iran.

The MB was going to be exploited to take down Iran, the current enemy of Israel and the USA, but only to be hunted down and dealt with as a terrorist organization soon afterwards exactly like what happened to Osama Bin Laden, a used to be CIA-agent.

And believe me the Mujahideen, and MB recruits and members have the same dogmatic mentality that, never learn from history, and will always qualify them as flies ready to be trapped in any foreign intelligence web.

One look at the Syrian circus of Mujahideens’ warfare will suffice as a living proof of how easy it is to turn any part of the Middle East into a sectarian inferno with the help of groups that peddles religion like Hamas and MB and of course the Jewish state of Israel- the founder of modern day religious fanaticism and the world sponsor for insanely mixing religion and politics.

The second wave of the Egyptian revolution, protected and endorsed by the Egyptian army is not a blow to democracy, rather the contrary; it is reestablishing democracy that should be based on separating the synagogue, the mosque and the church from state.

It might be a blow to the US/Israel plan to turn the Middle East into a dreadful Sunni vs. Shiite war zone, in preparation to take down Iran. And it is also a severe blow to the US credibility in the Middle East which witnessed throughout the last couple of years the fall and the forsaking of all US allies in the region.

The Regime of the MB, stripped of his so called political Islam cloak, is a fascist one exactly like that of German Nazism.

And ironically enough, and also from a historical point of view, Hitler was a democratically elected president who, like Morsi and his radical group, was trying to Hijack a great nation and take it on a downhill cruise to the dark ages.

Only we, Egyptians, did what the Germans should have done long time ago. We kicked the Morshid/ Fuhrer out of office.

Please visit Dr. Ezzat's Website: Pyramidion Politics & Faith – Egyptology & Art


Dr. Ashraf Ezzat is an Egyptian medical doctor whose passion has always been writing. He says of all the human-related studies, he finds himself attracted to history. Ashraf stresses that history helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be.

He says Egyptology holds a special place in his heart, for Egypt is where the human conscience sprouted. In ancient Egypt all things civilized began to evolve.

"I write articles and share posts of interest to me and hopefully to a lot of people." Dr. Ashraf Ezzat says you can drop him a line any time at: "I like to exchange knowledge and experience, I think that`s what Blogging is all about."



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pinkfloyd July 28, 2013 12:38 pm (Pacific time)

October 2011, my sources mentioned to me that the west was planning and putting together this " middle east uprising". Wall street bankers were going to speculate on the price of food, driving the prices higher. In the U.S. it wasnt such a big deal having higher food prices, but in Egypt it WAS/IS a big deal. The west planned to get them disgruntled, then send in mercenaries (alCIAda), to get the chaos going. Then, put in the muslim brotherhood and make elbaradei president. Well, the elbaradei thing fell thru, but the MB did not. Then again, I think the west got elbaradei as vice president recently? So, my info proved to be correct. But the people of Egypt are not easily fooled, this the civil war between the Egyptians loyal to their country, and the western backed mercenaries. Thanks obama. And even tho I know you are nothing but a banker owned puppet who reads teleprompters written by the bankers, the deaths of all these innocent civilians still lies on you. Enjoy while you are on vacation.

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