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Americans Only Decry Murders That Aren't Their Own

Americans are surprised when the shoe is on the other foot; at the end of the day the U.S. politicians have no respect for humanity.

Yemenis burning the US flag during a demonstration
File photo from Press TV shows Yemenis burning the US flag during a demonstration in Sana’a on February 28, 2012. They're anger over the sloppy warfare of the U.S. that kills civilians.

(JAMESTOWN, RI) - Perhaps the most striking and revolting aspect of the way Americans fail to speak out over drone attacks, is that so often, the news reports that "suspected terrorists" were killed. This is jarring and a sign of the cold heart of American justice, which is not just. Reading the paragraph below about these victims was a very emotional thing for me today - The Editor

The day a crazed man entered a movie theater in Colorado and murdered 12 innocent people, the nation was horrified. On that very same day a drone dropped two bombs on a neighborhood in Yemen and the following innocents were killed.

A 5-year boy and his 4 year old sister who had been sitting in their doorway, a 36 year old highly respected mother of 4 was killed in a second blast while trying to dig survivors out of the rubble from the first blast, a 78 year old doctor who had quit his practice in a large city to help his village, three brothers ages 15, 13, and 16, who were visiting relatives who had lost their 4 and 6 year old children in an earlier drone attack, and a 47 year old father of 5 who owned his own repair shop.

These deaths and information were gathered by the International Red Cross whose responsibility was to gather body parts spread out over the neighborhood and identify the dead.

Many legal experts have declared drone attacks as “war crimes”.

Think about it.

_________________________________ Writer Joe Clifford, lives in historic Jamestown, Rhode Island, and has contributed a number of articles relating to foreign policy to newspapers in the Rhode Island area for years.

He graduated from Providence College where he earned an undergraduate and graduate degree. After a lengthy career as a high school teacher he turned to the study of US foreign policy, and then to writing, as a means of expressing an alternative perspective. His reading and research on foreign policy is broad and extensive, especially as the policy relates to the Middle East. His interest in foreign policy was inspired by the American misadventure in Vietnam. You can write to Joe at this address:



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Anonymous July 28, 2012 7:47 pm (Pacific time)

To Ralph: You are partially correct, when Libya was invaded I got sick, but not as sick if it was my own child. But when we reduce the atrocities that are put on others, we are opening the door to the atrocities to people close to us. Today Iraq, tomorrow my children. This is what people dont get. When they kill an innocent Iraqi, they are killing my children also. When we get to the point where we are numb to the killing, people will get numb and the genocide will continue. As long as it is not happening to them. But it will if people do not stand up to this tyranny of the rothchild zionists..They are weak, but we are strong, if we use it.

Ralph E. Stone July 28, 2012 6:01 pm (Pacific time)

Isn't it only natural to feel more deeply the terror in your own household than in someone else's?

July 28, 2012 4:37 pm (Pacific time)

Editor: there are already people, a bit smarter than I am in the tech area, finding ways to defeat these things, another waste of tax payer money while the military industrial complex gets rich. Eisenhower warned us about them 50 years ago (give or take) and I agree with your anger. Not sure if you have seen the video about the guy who figured out how to get thru the backscanner cancer screners at the airport. It is all documented and was not difficult at all. The only terrorism is the TSA itself. And all the hype about terror at the olympics? Nothing will happen, they hype the terror, then militarize the entire area, then nothing happens, and they can say

Anonymous July 28, 2012 1:44 pm (Pacific time)

By the way..The Senate has approved money for 30,000 drones over the U.S. Makes ya feel real safe doesnt it?

Editor: Don't you wonder how long it will be until these things are in everyone's hands?  Hell, a person could make one, it is a chickenshit weapon and all people connected to them must have blood dripping from their hands, let them rot in hell.

Anonymous July 28, 2012 1:40 pm (Pacific time)

A million innocent people were killed in Iraq, Christians included. Pharma drugs killed 100,000 people last year. But the pharma industry finances campaigns for those in D.C. Who are the real psychopathic murderers?

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