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Give It Up For Ya Boy: Muhsin 'The Technician' Corbbrey

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Jamal 'JB' Belica and Muhsin 'The Technician' Corbbrey
Jamal 'JB' Belica and Muhsin 'The Technician' Corbbrey

(EAST JERUSALEM / SAVANNAH) - The spirit of Palestine is one of great strength, so it is logical that this attribute would represent Palestinians everywhere, and it does.

This article is about a sports athlete that embraces the example of a fighter in and outside of the ring, Mohammed Ali. Muhsin Corbbrey is a full contact-fighting world champion in multiple organizations with experience competing in the Shidokan, ISCF, and UFC.

Recently, he shocked the MMA world by his display of skills against UFC champion Nick Diaz in which Corbbrey slipped and countered the champion with perfect timing and outstanding technique.

Skilled in Muay Thai kickboxing with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background buttressed with solid boxing talent, having trained with greats such as Angelo Dundee (Mohammed Ali's trainer), he is set to break the doors of cage fighting with his fighters at the Champions'

Training Center (CTC) in Savannah, Georgia. He also has a black belt under Judo expert Doug Matsuoka, trained with the talented and skillful grappler Lloyd Irvin, was blessed with the privilege of training under Muay Thai legend Manu Ntoh, and more.

He is an African-American Muslim fighter who started his interest in competitive fighting at the local community center in his neighborhood during his youth.

He is an example of how sports can provide a conduit for the youth of the inner streets to channel their energy into something productive, instead of mischievous acts.

In Muhsin's case, he has made fighting a career in addition to raising a beautiful family and following his dreams of finishing his college aspirations. He juggles all of these responsibilities as brilliantly as he throws combinations of kicks and punches. He is the pinnacle of a true hero-story and without doubt, we will see more of this young man.

Besides the preceding accolades we have mentioned with brevity, he has another importance which warrants attention in this article. In addition to balancing all of his responsibilities of a family, college dream, and chasing his inclination of channeling his energy toward a career in martial arts; he is a human rights activist outside of the ring! He made it to the first AAPER (American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights) march in Columbia, South Carolina and still continues to do many things for peace in Palestine.

Recognizing how force can sometimes be disproportionate in a conflict while simultaneously accepting the right of self defense, he still acknowledges that more restraint on the part of Israel is exigent in order to procure a meaningful and long term peace in what some consider an impossible Middle Eastern dilemma to resolve. His future interest is bringing a VOICE to the PALESTINIAN CAUSE in sports.

He and his fighters are determined to do this and they are committed to not stopping until this attempt is successful. Muhsin Corbbrey and his fighters are the BEAUTIFUL HOPE of what Mohammed Ali, African-American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the 1986 Olympics, and the ping-pong diplomacy of Sino-American re-approachment accomplished.

TJP and Collective Consciousness introduces one of our own who post guards with a top-notch elite group of fighters who have the courage of a lion in the ring, represent the conscience of a human rights activist, and epitomize the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It is our prediction, heart-felt desire, and objective observations that we will see these fighters of the CTC in Savannah, Georgia help bring that voice to Palestine in sports we so much need.

As the next goals for Palestine are focusing on replacing aid with trade and considering or rejecting Palestinian statehood, bringing a voice for Palestine in every aspect of people's lives is a part of the future plans for Palestine. Ladies and gentlemen, Salem-News only brings news of true people and events that define character and hope for a positive future.

Here is a real story of a group of REAL heroic fighters and human rights activists! We expect these fighters at the CTC to make huge accomplishments for Palestine in the sports arena and hope others will give them support to ascertain these goals.

They are the perfect storm comprised of characters in the world who are real actors, sacrificing while making the aspirations of peace and justice for Palestine, a part of their lives. Keep an eye on Muhsin and his fighters because we will see positive things from this top echelon of warriors for peace in Palestine.

By Siraj Davis (MiddleEast)

Give It Up For Your Boy: Muhsin Corbbrey by Jamal Belica Aldin Entertainment Special

Produced by Nine Diamond & Jamal Belica

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Muhsin "The Technician" Corbbrey

MMA: 15-7-1

Muay Thai: 13-1     Boxing:** **6-2-1***


2009 World Champion - ICF

2005 World Champion - Shidokan MMA

2005 US Champion - Shidokan MMA

2002 Champion -  ISCF South Eastern Regional Grappling

2003 Champion - NAGA All American Grappling-AdvancedDivision

2002 Champion-NAGA Georgia State Grappling Advanced Division

2001 Gold Medalist - 2nd Annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open

2001 Champion - Georgia Games Amateur Boxing - Open Division

Accomplished Pro Boxer, Muay Thai Kickboxer & MMA Fighter


Black Belt Under Judo Expert Doug Matsuoka

Trained Under Master Grappler Lloyd Irvin

Trained Under Muay Thai Legend Manu Ntoh

Muhsin Corbbrey currently fights out of *Champions Training Center* in Savannah, Georgia. Muhsin started to develop his craft at the early age of 8, when his father enrolled him in boxing and Tae Kwon Do classes at his local community center.

While there are a lot of MMA fighters coming up, Muhsin is a veteran of the sport. He is now ready to make his mark on the 155 lb weight division internationally and is looking to take no prisoners on the way. With the support of Team Lloyd Irvin and Muay Thai legend Manu Ntoh, Corbbrey

intends to have UFC gold wrapped around his waist in the immediate future.

Muhsin's dedication and relentlessness pursuit of the title makes him a

dynamic fighter in the ring. His style, his boldness and his willingness to

be a role model; all combined indicates he is the future of MMA.

Siraj Davis

Siraj Davis

Founder and president of Collective Consciousness Human Rights Organization
Clemson University Student Human Rights organization and beyond
AAPER Coordinator
Amnesty International Organizer
Asian Student Association Co-founder
American Families United Constituent

US/World History teacher Modern American School
ESL English and TOEFL/IELTS instructor
Dedicated human rights activist




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JB July 28, 2012 5:41 pm (Pacific time)


Agron Belica July 28, 2012 2:33 pm (Pacific time)

100% Support for Muhsin Cobbrey and his team...FREEDOM FOR PALESTINE! C'MON SON!!!!!!TJP

Siraj Davis July 28, 2012 12:34 pm (Pacific time)

Muhsin Corbbrey is no doubt going to make big moves and we support him in his future ambitions in his soon to be UFC debut.

Editor: Great piece Siraj!

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