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Ska-P's Intifada Jams to the Beat of Palestine's Truth

They Can Leave or Die is Israel's Genocidal Message to Palestinians; more bands worldwide are speaking out.


(SALEM, Ore.) - I recently told you about the jumping hip hop music coming out of Palestine. In that report I talked about how rappers in this occupied nation have no time to sing about the things western rappers wrap their words around.

These are serious people; the music is about losing land to political oppression, having family members killed by Israeli police and military, and the destruction of things like family homes and 200-year old olive trees and other crops.

The good news is that these Arab rappers aren't alone in raising their voices about the plight of the Palestinian people. While the Arab hip hop bands dominate Israeli radio, interestingly, other bands like Ska-P are taking the message to the masses.

The band that is easily the top Ska band in the world, at least everywhere but the USA, Ska-P, sounds so good I can hardly describe it.

Of course that explains their immense popularity in places like Spain, the rest of Europe and South America. The band's name by the way, is pronounced esˈkape in English. The band was first formed in 1994.

I see this as a Spanish Ska Rage Against the Machine; very tuned in politically, Ska-P has always been very clear about political views. Their songs often center around the importance and necessity of human rights. They want to see the abolishment of the death penalty, they're very down on social injustice, and they are serious about opposing Zionism, Fascism, capitalism, and laws criminalizing the use of cannabis. The band also takes up animal rights; they are trying to bring about an end to bullfighting in their home country of Spain.

According to Wikipedia:
The band can be categorized, politically, as an anti-establishment musical group. It is one of the most popular ska bands in Spain, Europe, and Latin America.
Musically, despite their fun image, Ska-P has well-rehearsed and tight arrangements, and as of 2002, includes among its members a small but striking brass section which gives the band a powerful sound.
Their nonconformist attitude is also evident in their eccentric haircuts. Some band members have mohawks while others are almost bald-shaven (with a ponytail at the back).
At the end of 2004, they announced work on a new album. After voting 4 against 2, in February 2005, the sudden and unexpected announcement was made that the band would take a break to allow the members to work on side projects, though some considered the band to have dissolved. The band's worldwide farewell tour of 2005 ended in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October of that year. Their farewell concert in Leganés (near Madrid), on September 24 2005, filled the 10,000-seat La Cubierta Stadium.
In April 2008 the band confirmed they were getting back together and on September 5, 2008 released the single "Crimen solicitaciones". This was followed in October 2008 by a new album, Lágrimas y Gozos (Tears and Joys), which was released on October 7, 2008. The release of the album would be followed by a brief tour.
Ska-P returned to La Cubierta Stadium on December 27, 2008 to perform their only concert in Spain of that tour.

Band Members:

  • Pulpul (Roberto Gañán Ojea) - Rhythm guitar and lead vocalist (1994)
  • Joxemi (José Miguel Redin Redin) - Guitar (1996)
  • Julio (Julio Cesar Sanchez) - Bass guitar (1994)
  • Kogote (Alberto Javier Amado) - Keyboards and backing vocals (1994)
  • Luismi - drums (since 1999)
  • Pipi (Ricardo Degaldo de la Obra) - Toaster and backup vocalist (1996)
  • Pako - Manager and previously drums (1994)
  • Toni - Guitar and backing vocals (ex-member 1994)
  • Txikitin (Alberto Iriondo) - Trumpet
  • Gari (Garikoitz Badiola) - Trombone

This is the western-world version of Intifada which by the way, literally means 'to shake off', has English subtitles, though it is performed in Spanish.

Official Site for Ska-P in English

Official Site for Ska-P en Espaniol

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Tim holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Serving the community in very real terms, is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. You can send Tim an email at this address:

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Anonymous July 30, 2010 7:20 pm (Pacific time)

Good job Tim...I posted this song on your comment section a couple of days ago. I almost did not because I wasnt sure it was appropriate, seems it was appropriate. Hey, off topic, sorry, but I have another one for you. I had to bite my tongue on your wiki-leaks article, because I felt it was a CIA front. Since wikileaks had brought great things such as the plane bombing the journalists, I backed off. Well, not sure of all the facts, but I am now sure that the wikileaks latest exposure of the middle east, was nothing but CIA propaganda. propaganda to demonize Pakistan. I knew it from the start, because I have learned to read the leaders of the western world and the media. But I could not say anything til I had more proof. Well, I am telling you now, the wikileaks story came from the CIA to denuclearize , de-islamize Pakistan, and move them away from China. A zionists dream. And now hillary is demonizing pakistan. this is so easy once you get the overall picture! :-)

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